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Roy Orbison & Faron Young

Sing Elvis Presley And Others! Album

Jahr: 2009


CD MRS MRS20006656 () / EAN 5024545558623


TOP Titel

  1. Heartbreak Radio Roy Orbison
    CHARTENTRY: 25.01.1993
    PEAK: 69
  2. I Drove All Night Roy Orbison
    CHARTENTRY: 16.03.1992
    PEAK: 52
  3. California Blue Roy Orbison
    CHARTENTRY: 21.08.1989
    PEAK: 34
  4. You Got It Roy Orbison
    CHARTENTRY: 20.02.1989
    PEAK: 9
  5. Goodnight Roy Orbison
    CHARTENTRY: 01.04.1965
    PEAK: 29
  6. Pretty Paper Roy Orbison
    CHARTENTRY: 01.02.1965
    PEAK: 28
  7. Oh, Pretty Woman Roy Orbison
    CHARTENTRY: 01.11.1964
    PEAK: 1


  1. Heartbreak Radio Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with Cam
  2. Only The Lonely Roy Orbison with Helmut Lotti & the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  3. I Drove All Night Roy Orbison feat. Ward Thomas with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  4. I Will Always Roy Orbison
  5. After Tonight Roy Orbison
  6. Little Girl (In The Big City) Roy Orbison
  7. The Defector Roy Orbison
  8. Give Up Roy Orbison
  9. Child Woman, Woman Child Roy Orbison
  10. One Of The Lonely Ones Roy Orbison
  11. Laurie Roy Orbison
  12. Sweet Memories Roy Orbison
  13. Leaving Makes The Rain Come Down Roy Orbison
  14. Say No More Roy Orbison
  15. You'll Never Walk Alone Roy Orbison
  16. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Roy Orbison
  17. Working For The Man Roy Orbison
  18. Rock And Roll (Fais Do Do) Jerry Lee Lewis / Roy Orbison
  19. The Way Is Love Roy Orbison
  20. Wings Of Glory Roy Orbison
  21. Sooner Or Later Roy Orbison
  22. One More Time Roy Orbison
  23. If I Had A Woman Like You Roy Orbison
  24. I Was A Fool Roy Orbison
  25. I Can Read Between The Lines Roy Orbison
  26. How Do You Start Over Again Roy Orbison
  27. Drifting Away Roy Orbison
  28. I Belong To Him Jessi Colter feat. Roy Orbison & Waylon Jennings
  29. Where Have All The Flowers Gone Roy Orbison
  30. In Dreams [Live] Roy Orbison
  31. Close Again Roy Orbison
  32. (Love Me Like You Did It) Last Night Roy Orbison
  33. Wild Hearts (...Time) Roy Orbison
  34. Flowers Roy Orbison
  35. Sugar Man Roy Orbison
  36. Shy Away Roy Orbison
  37. Born To Be Loved By You Roy Orbison
  38. So Good Roy Orbison
  39. Love In Time Roy Orbison
  40. She Cheats On Me Roy Orbison
  41. Friday Night Roy Orbison
  42. Tears Roy Orbison
  43. Warm Spot Hot Roy Orbison
  44. Poor Baby Roy Orbison
  45. Movin' Roy Orbison
  46. We're Into Something Good Roy Orbison
  47. I Care Roy Orbison
  48. Lay It Down Roy Orbison
  49. Love Is A Cold Wind Roy Orbison
  50. Easy Way Out Roy Orbison
  51. Something They Can't Take Away Roy Orbison
  52. Old Love Song Roy Orbison
  53. I'm A Southern Man Roy Orbison
  54. All I Need Is Time Roy Orbison
  55. Circle Roy Orbison
  56. Hung Up On You Roy Orbison
  57. Still Roy Orbison
  58. Crying Time Roy Orbison
  59. It's Lonely Roy Orbison
  60. Rainbow Love Roy Orbison
  61. Spanish Nights Roy Orbison
  62. Pledging My Love Roy Orbison
  63. The Morning After Roy Orbison
  64. I've Been Loving You Too Long Roy Orbison
  65. Sweet Caroline Roy Orbison
  66. The World You Live In Roy Orbison
  67. You Lay So Easy On My Mind Roy Orbison
  68. Words Roy Orbison
  69. California Sunshine Girl Roy Orbison
  70. You Don't Know Me Roy Orbison
  71. I Wanna Live Roy Orbison
  72. The Three Bells Roy Orbison
  73. I Fought The Law Roy Orbison
  74. It Ain't No Big Thing (But It's Growing) Roy Orbison
  75. Run The Engines Up High Roy Orbison
  76. I'm The Man On Susie's Mind Roy Orbison
  77. Take Care Of Your Woman Roy Orbison
  78. Run, Baby, Run (Back Into My Arms) Roy Orbison
  79. Why A Woman Cries Roy Orbison
  80. Memphis Tennessee Roy Orbison
  81. Remember The Good Roy Orbison
  82. Changes Roy Orbison
  83. Cheyenne Roy Orbison
  84. Harlem Woman Roy Orbison
  85. Plain Jane Country Roy Orbison
  86. Help Me Roy Orbison
  87. Rings Of Gold Roy Orbison
  88. If Only For Awhile Roy Orbison
  89. Beaujolais Roy Orbison
  90. God Love You Roy Orbison
  91. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Roy Orbison
  92. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight Roy Orbison
  93. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) Roy Orbison
  94. A Mansion On The Hill Roy Orbison
  95. Cold, Cold Heart Roy Orbison
  96. Your Cheatin' Heart Roy Orbison
  97. You Win Again Roy Orbison
  98. (Last Night) I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep Roy Orbison
  99. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) Roy Orbison
  100. Hey Good Lookin' Roy Orbison
  101. Kaw-Liga Roy Orbison
  102. My Friend Roy Orbison
  103. Southbound Jericho Parkway Roy Orbison
  104. Casting My Spell On You Roy Orbison
  105. She Won't Hang Her Love Out (On The Line) Roy Orbison
  106. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair) Roy Orbison
  107. Land Of 1000 Dances Roy Orbison
  108. Loving Touch Roy Orbison
  109. When I Stop Dreaming Roy Orbison
  110. Money Roy Orbison
  111. Only You Roy Orbison
  112. Help Me, Rhonda Roy Orbison
  113. Break My Mind Roy Orbison
  114. Try To Remember Roy Orbison
  115. Yesterday's Child Roy Orbison
  116. What Now, My Love Roy Orbison
  117. Good Morning, Dear Roy Orbison
  118. Amy Roy Orbison
  119. Heartache Roy Orbison
  120. More Roy Orbison
  121. I Recommend Her Roy Orbison
  122. Truly, Truly True Roy Orbison
  123. Only Alive Roy Orbison
  124. Time To Cry Roy Orbison
  125. Memories Roy Orbison
  126. That's A No-No Roy Orbison
  127. Here Comes The Rain, Baby Roy Orbison
  128. Just Let Me Make Believe Roy Orbison
  129. It Takes One (To Know One) Roy Orbison
  130. Girl Like Mine Roy Orbison
  131. She Roy Orbison
  132. There Won't Be Many Coming Home Roy Orbison
  133. Heading South Roy Orbison
  134. Good Time Party Roy Orbison
  135. Rollin' On Roy Orbison
  136. River Roy Orbison
  137. Medicine Man, Medicine Man Roy Orbison
  138. Whirlwind Roy Orbison
  139. Never Love Again Roy Orbison
  140. Just Another Name For Rock And Roll Roy Orbison
  141. Going Back To Gloria Roy Orbison
  142. (No) I'll Never Get Over You Roy Orbison
  143. Where Is Tomorrow Roy Orbison
  144. Growing Up Roy Orbison
  145. City Life Roy Orbison
  146. Losing You Roy Orbison
  147. Twinkle Toes Roy Orbison
  148. Pantomime Roy Orbison
  149. You'll Never Be Sixteen Again Roy Orbison
  150. It Ain't No Big Thing (That I'm Crying) Roy Orbison
  151. (I Get So) Sentimental Roy Orbison
  152. My Prayer Roy Orbison
  153. House Without Windows Roy Orbison
  154. Sunset Roy Orbison
  155. No One Will Ever Know Roy Orbison
  156. Lonely Wine Roy Orbison
  157. Love Star Roy Orbison
  158. Let's Make A Memory Roy Orbison
  159. Loneliness Roy Orbison
  160. 22 Days Roy Orbison
  161. Come Back To Me (My Love) Roy Orbison
  162. Raindrops Roy Orbison
  163. Blue Avenue Roy Orbison
  164. Bye Bye Love Roy Orbison
  165. She Wears My Ring Roy Orbison
  166. I'll Say It's My Fault Roy Orbison
  167. Cry Roy Orbison
  168. The Great Pretender Roy Orbison
  169. Summer Love Roy Orbison
  170. Sugar And Honey Roy Orbison
  171. Afraid To Sleep Roy Orbison
  172. If You Can't Say Something Nice Roy Orbison
  173. I'm In A Blue, Blue Mood Roy Orbison
  174. This Is Your Song Roy Orbison
  175. Two Of A Kind Roy Orbison
  176. You Fool You Roy Orbison
  177. Chicken-Hearted Roy Orbison
  178. It Takes All Kinds Of People Roy Orbison
  179. Zigzag Roy Orbison
  180. Something You Can't Take Away Roy Orbison
  181. I Don't Really Want You Roy Orbison
  182. Can't Wait Roy Orbison
  183. Dance Roy Orbison
  184. Under Suspicion Roy Orbison
  185. No Chain At All Roy Orbison
  186. Summer Song Roy Orbison
  187. Beautiful Dreamer Roy Orbison
  188. I Can't Stop Loving You Roy Orbison
  189. I'll Never Tell Roy Orbison
  190. Lonesome Number One Roy Orbison
  191. Give Myself A Party Roy Orbison
  192. What About Me Roy Orbison
  193. Blue, Blue Day Roy Orbison
  194. Oh, Such A Stranger Roy Orbison
  195. Sweet Dreams Roy Orbison
  196. Big Hearted Me Roy Orbison
  197. Far Far Away Roy Orbison
  198. (Yes) I'm Hurting Roy Orbison
  199. Why Hurt The One Who Loves You Roy Orbison
  200. It Wasn't Very Long Ago Roy Orbison
  201. Go Away Roy Orbison
  202. Maybe Roy Orbison
  203. This Is My Land Roy Orbison
  204. Time Changed Everything Roy Orbison
  205. Move On Down The Line Roy Orbison
  206. Dream Roy Orbison
  207. You May Feel Me Crying Roy Orbison
  208. After The Love Has Gone Roy Orbison
  209. You're The One Roy Orbison
  210. Coming Home Roy Orbison
  211. Hound Dog Man Roy Orbison
  212. Born To Love Me Roy Orbison
  213. Blues In My Mind Roy Orbison
  214. The Fastest Guitar Alive Roy Orbison
  215. Big As I Can Dream Roy Orbison
  216. Blue Rain (Coming Down) Roy Orbison
  217. So Young Roy Orbison
  218. Yo te amo Maria Roy Orbison
  219. Evergreen Roy Orbison
  220. Wedding Day Roy Orbison
  221. (They Call You) Gigolette Roy Orbison
  222. Night Life Roy Orbison
  223. Pretty One Roy Orbison
  224. With The Bug Roy Orbison
  225. You're Gonna Cry Roy Orbison
  226. Problem Child Roy Orbison
  227. You're My Baby Roy Orbison / Teen Kings
  228. Guitar Pull Medley Roy Orbison
  229. Cat Called Domino Roy Orbison
  230. Tutti Frutti The Teen Kings
  231. Trying To Get You The Teen Kings
  232. An Empty Cup And A Broken Date The Teen Kings
  233. A True Love Goodbye The Teen Kings
  234. Hey! Miss Fannie The Wink Westerners
  235. Ooby Dooby Roy Orbison And Teen Kings
  236. San Fernando Roy Orbison
  237. Communication Breakdown Roy Orbison
  238. The Cause Of It All Roy Orbison
  239. Fools Hall Of Fame Roy Orbison
  240. I Like Love Roy Orbison
  241. Seems To Me Roy Orbison
  242. Tennessee Owns My Soul Roy Orbison
  243. Pistolero Roy Orbison
  244. Shahdaroba Roy Orbison
  245. What'd I Say Roy Orbison
  246. The Actress Roy Orbison
  247. Here Comes That Song Again Roy Orbison
  248. Today's Teardrops Roy Orbison
  249. Sweet And Innocent Roy Orbison
  250. Penny Arcade Roy Orbison
  251. Cry Softly Lonely One Roy Orbison
  252. Distant Drums Roy Orbison
  253. Life Fades Away Roy Orbison
  254. Walk On Roy Orbison
  255. Best Friend Roy Orbison
  256. Sweet And Easy To Love Roy Orbison
  257. This Kind Of Love Roy Orbison
  258. We'll Take The Night Roy Orbison
  259. Oh Pretty Woman [1989] Roy Orbison
  260. Big Train (From Memphis) Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis
  261. Rock And Roll (Fais-Do-Do) Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis
  262. We Remember The King Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis
  263. Unchained Melody Roy Orbison
  264. You'll Never Be Sixteen Roy Orbison
  265. Mama Roy Orbison
  266. Wait Roy Orbison
  267. Indian Wedding Roy Orbison
  268. Corinna, Corinna Roy Orbison
  269. Wondering Roy Orbison
  270. Ride Away Roy Orbison
  271. Down The Line Roy Orbison
  272. Sleepy Hollow Roy Orbison
  273. Only With You Roy Orbison
  274. Jolie Roy Orbison
  275. Lovestruck Roy Orbison
  276. I Will Rock And Roll With You Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis
  277. Keep My Motor Running Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis
  278. Coming Home Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis
  279. Waymore's Blues Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis
  280. Class Of '55 Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis
  281. Birth Of Rock And Roll Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis
  282. Sixteen Candles Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis
  283. Léah Roy Orbison
  284. This Magic Moment Roy Orbison
  285. I Never Knew Roy Orbison
  286. Almost Eighteen Roy Orbison
  287. Candy Man Roy Orbison
  288. Drift Away Roy Orbison
  289. Belinda Roy Orbison
  290. Let The Good Times Roll Roy Orbison
  291. (Say) You're My Girl Roy Orbison
  292. Borne On The Wind Roy Orbison
  293. The Crowd Roy Orbison
  294. Up Town Roy Orbison
  295. Paper Boy Roy Orbison
  296. Windsurfer Roy Orbison
  297. The Comedians Roy Orbison
  298. A Love So Beautiful Roy Orbison
  299. (All I Can Do Is) Dream You Roy Orbison
  300. In The Real World Roy Orbison
  301. Sweet Mamma Blue Roy Orbison
  302. That Lovin' You Feelin' Again Roy Orbison & Emmylou Harris
  303. Danny Boy Roy Orbison
  304. (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time Roy Orbison
  305. The Loner Roy Orbison
  306. Never Roy Orbison
  307. A New Star Roy Orbison
  308. Go! Go! Go! Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings
  309. Devil Doll Roy Orbison And The Roses
  310. It's Too Late Roy Orbison
  311. I Give Up Roy Orbison
  312. Crawling Back Roy Orbison
  313. Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart Roy Orbison
  314. The Same Street Roy Orbison
  315. Careless Heart Roy Orbison
  316. Dream Baby Roy Orbison
  317. I'm Hurtin' Roy Orbison
  318. Too Soon To Know Roy Orbison
  319. Mean Woman Blues Roy Orbison
  320. Claudette Roy Orbison
  321. Running Scared Roy Orbison
  322. Workin' For The Man Roy Orbison With Bob Moore's Orchestra
  323. Blue Angel Roy Orbison
  324. Domino Roy Orbison
  325. Mean Little Mama Roy Orbison
  326. Rockhouse Roy Orbison / Teen Kings
  327. Falling Roy Orbison
  328. The Only One Roy Orbison
  329. Love Hurts Roy Orbison
  330. She's A Mystery To Me Roy Orbison
  331. Lana Roy Orbison
  332. All I Have To Do Is Dream Roy Orbison
  333. Crying Roy Orbison with k.d. lang
  334. Crying Roy Orbison With Bob Moore's Orchestra
  335. It's Over Roy Orbison
  336. In Dreams Roy Orbison
  337. Only The Lonely Roy Orbison
  338. Blue Bayou Roy Orbison

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    CHARTENTRY: 02.10.2000
    PEAK: 77
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  1. A Love So Beautiful & Unchained Melodies Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  2. The Powerful Voice Roy Orbison
  3. Unchained Melodies Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  4. The World Of Greatest Hits Roy Orbison
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  38. Almost Eightteen Roy Orbison
  39. Greatest Hits Roy Orbison
  40. The Last Concert Roy Orbison
  41. Greatest Hits - In Dreams Roy Orbison
  42. Dream Baby Roy Orbison
  43. Only! Roy Orbison
  44. Only The Lonely - 32 Hits & Rarities Roy Orbison
  45. Crying The Magic Of Roy Orbison Roy Orbison
  46. A True Love Goodbye Roy Orbison
  47. The Loneliest Man 1956-1961 Roy Orbison
  48. Roy Orbison Sings Lonely And Blues / At The Rock House Roy Orbison
  49. Orbiting With Roy Orbison Roy Orbison & Bristow Hopper
  50. Rocker Roy Orbison
  51. Only The Lonely - Live Roy Orbison
  52. It's Over [3CD Box] Roy Orbison
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  82. Laminar Flow Roy Orbison
  83. Regeneration Roy Orbison
  84. I'm Still In Love With You Roy Orbison
  85. Milestones Roy Orbison
  86. Memphis Roy Orbison
  87. Roy Orbison Sings Roy Orbison
  88. Hank Williams The Roy Orbison Way Roy Orbison
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  108. The Best Of The Soul Of Rock And Roll Roy Orbison
  109. The Soul Of Rock And Roll Roy Orbison
  110. Cry Softly Lonely One Roy Orbison
  111. There Is Only One Roy Orbison Roy Orbison
  112. The Orbison Way Roy Orbison
  113. Black & White Night / King Of Hearts Roy Orbison
  114. Only The Lonely Roy Orbison
  115. In Dreams - The Greatest Hits Roy Orbison
  116. Presenting... Roy Orbison
  117. King Of Hearts Roy Orbison
  118. The Legend Lives On Roy Orbison
  119. The Solid Gold Collection Roy Orbison
  120. Oh Pretty Woman & I Like Love Roy Orbison
  121. The Platinum Collection Roy Orbison
  122. Class Of '55: Memphis Rock & Roll Homecoming Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis
  123. Norske favoritter Roy Orbison
  124. Gold Roy Orbison
  125. Black & White Night Roy Orbison And Friends
  126. The All-Time Greatest Hits Of Roy Orbison Roy Orbison
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  130. 16 Great Songs Roy Orbison
  131. Sweets For Sweden - The Very Best Of Roy Orbison
  132. Love Songs Roy Orbison
  133. The Austrian Collection - The Very Best Of Roy Orbison Roy Orbison


  1. Time Is The Only Thing I'm After Faron Young
  2. Gentle On My Mind Faron Young
  3. Love Sweet Love Faron Young
  4. Galveston Faron Young
  5. Love Will Make It Alright Faron Young
  6. A Game For Believers Faron Young
  7. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town Faron Young
  8. Little Green Apples Faron Young
  9. How Long Has It Been Faron Young
  10. Mansion Over The Hilltop Faron Young
  11. Settin' The Woods On Fire Faron Young
  12. Abilene Faron Young
  13. Detroit City Faron Young
  14. Hello Walls Willie Nelson with Faron Young
  15. Tennessee Waltz Faron Young
  16. Slowly Faron Young
  17. Bouquet Of Roses Faron Young
  18. Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy Faron Young
  19. I Don't Hurt Anymore Faron Young
  20. Mom And Dad's Waltz Faron Young
  21. Almost Faron Young
  22. I'll Go On Alone Faron Young
  23. Making Believe Faron Young
  24. Hey Good Lookin' Faron Young
  25. Bimbo Faron Young
  26. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes Faron Young
  27. After The Fire Is Gone Faron Young
  28. Let's Be Alone Together Faron Young
  29. I Can't See Me Without You Faron Young
  30. What Good Would It Do Faron Young
  31. Even The Bad Times Are Good Faron Young
  32. It's Warm With Love In Here Faron Young
  33. She's Too Good To Be True Faron Young
  34. Love Is The Foundation Faron Young
  35. I Don't Want To Be Around When It Rains Faron Young
  36. To See My Angel Cry Faron Young
  37. Make The World Go Away Faron Young
  38. The Arms Of A Fool Faron Young
  39. Without Regret, I'd Love You Again Faron Young
  40. You Can't Lose What You Never Had Faron Young
  41. Imagination Running Wild Faron Young
  42. The Love I Couldn't Give Faron Young
  43. Who's Leaving Who Faron Young
  44. There's Something About A Lady Faron Young
  45. Play Now, Pay Later Faron Young
  46. Left To Right Or Right To Wrong Faron Young
  47. Fools Faron Young
  48. Whatever's Left Faron Young
  49. Such A Waste Of Mind Faron Young
  50. One Of My Sad Days Faron Young
  51. To Get To You Faron Young
  52. Forever Was The Name Of Our Sunshine Faron Young
  53. Guns Of Johnny Rondo Faron Young
  54. She Can't Be Faron Young
  55. Welcome To My World Faron Young
  56. Mexican Joe Faron Young
  57. According To My Heart Faron Young
  58. I'm Gonna Change Everything Faron Young
  59. Is It Really Over? Faron Young
  60. Four Walls Faron Young
  61. I Guess I'm Crazy Faron Young
  62. Is This Me? Faron Young
  63. Guilty Faron Young
  64. This Is It Faron Young
  65. He'll Have To Go Faron Young
  66. Gentleman Jim Faron Young
  67. Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way Faron Young
  68. Out Of My Heart Faron Young
  69. Believing It Yourself Faron Young
  70. I Made A Fool Of Myself Faron Young
  71. World So Full Of Love Faron Young
  72. Anything Your Heart Desires Faron Young
  73. Big Shoes Faron Young
  74. Things To Remember Faron Young
  75. Moments To Remember Faron Young
  76. A Moment Isn't Very Long Faron Young
  77. Trail Of Tears Faron Young
  78. How Can I Forget You Faron Young
  79. Part Where I Cry Faron Young
  80. Let's Pretend We're Lovers Again Faron Young
  81. The Last Waltz Faron Young
  82. San Antonio Rose Faron Young
  83. I Can't Stop Loving You Faron Young
  84. Till I Waltz Again With You Faron Young
  85. Faded Love Faron Young
  86. She Thinks I Still Care Faron Young
  87. Am I That Easy To Forget? Faron Young
  88. Dance Her By Me (One More Time) Faron Young
  89. Release Me Faron Young
  90. Honky Tonk Song Faron Young
  91. You Don't Know Me Faron Young
  92. Ya'll Come Faron Young
  93. Black Land Farmer Faron Young
  94. Mama Sang A Song Faron Young
  95. Po Folks Faron Young
  96. Sharecropper Family Faron Young
  97. Busted Faron Young
  98. Pickin' Time Faron Young
  99. Company's Comin' Faron Young
  100. Family Bible Faron Young
  101. Saw Mill Faron Young
  102. New Mexico Faron Young
  103. Don't Take Your Guns To Town Faron Young
  104. The Rev. Mr. Black Faron Young
  105. The Lilies Grow High Faron Young
  106. The Rebel-Johnny Yuma Faron Young
  107. A Dead Man Ago Faron Young
  108. Bonanaza Faron Young
  109. The Streets Of Laredo Faron Young
  110. The Ballad Of Paladin Faron Young
  111. Rawhide Faron Young
  112. A Waste Of Love Faron Young
  113. Baxter Hill Faron Young
  114. Let Me Walk Faron Young
  115. After The Lovin' Faron Young
  116. White Christmas Faron Young
  117. Christmas Song Faron Young
  118. Now She's In Paris Faron Young & Ray Price
  119. Too Big To Fight Faron Young & Ray Price
  120. A Whole Lot Of You Faron Young & Ray Price
  121. Memories That Last Faron Young & Ray Price
  122. (Lobo Loggins) Ain't No Cow In Texas Faron Young
  123. Just An Ol' Heartache Faron Young
  124. You're Just Another Beer Drinking Song Faron Young
  125. Here's To You Faron Young
  126. Misty Morning Rain Faron Young
  127. Stop And Take The Time Faron Young
  128. Ain't Your Memory Got No Pride At All Faron Young
  129. Pull Up A Pillow Faron Young
  130. Motel With No Phone Faron Young
  131. Until The Bitter End Faron Young
  132. I May Lose You Tomorrow Faron Young
  133. Tearjoint Faron Young
  134. Free And Easy Faron Young
  135. (If I'd Only Known) It Was The Last Time Faron Young
  136. Second Hand Emotion Faron Young
  137. That Over Thirty Look Faron Young
  138. Old Songs Faron Young
  139. The Great Chicago Fire Faron Young
  140. City Lights Faron Young
  141. Loving Here And Living There And Lying In Between Faron Young
  142. The Last Goodbye Faron Young
  143. Crutches Faron Young
  144. You Get The Feelin' Faron Young
  145. (The Worst You Ever Gave Me Was) The Best I Ever Had Faron Young
  146. What You See Is What You Get Faron Young
  147. I'd Just Be Fool Enough Faron Young
  148. Some Old Rainy Mornin' Faron Young
  149. Feel Again Faron Young
  150. Too Much Of Not Enough Of You Faron Young
  151. Here I Am In Dallas Faron Young
  152. God's Been Good To Me Faron Young
  153. Another You Faron Young
  154. Almost Dawn In Denver Faron Young
  155. The Wrong In Loving You Faron Young
  156. Again Today Faron Young
  157. Some Kind Of A Woman Faron Young
  158. All At Once It's Forever Faron Young
  159. Just What I Had In Mind Faron Young
  160. I'm In Love With Everything Faron Young
  161. She Fights That Lovin' Feeling Faron Young
  162. A Woman's Touch Faron Young
  163. She Was The Color Of Love Faron Young
  164. Leavin' And Sayin' Goodbye Faron Young
  165. Seems Like I'm Always Leaving Faron Young
  166. Step Aside Faron Young
  167. That's My Way Faron Young
  168. A Bunch Of Young Ideas Faron Young
  169. If I Ever Fall In Love (With A Honky Tonk Girl) Faron Young
  170. The Guns Of Johnny Rondo Faron Young
  171. Occasional Wife Faron Young
  172. Painted Girls And Wine Faron Young
  173. Your Time's Coming Faron Young
  174. You Stayed Just Long Enough (For Me To Fall In Love) Faron Young
  175. I've Got Precious Memories Faron Young
  176. Missing You Was All I Did Today Faron Young
  177. I Just Came To Get My Baby Faron Young
  178. Stay, Love Faron Young
  179. She Went A Little Bit Farther Faron Young
  180. All I Can Stand Faron Young
  181. Wonderful World Of Women Faron Young
  182. I Just Don't Know How To Say No Faron Young
  183. I Guess I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night Faron Young
  184. Some Of Your Memories (Hurt Me All Of The Time) Faron Young
  185. Unmitigated Gall Faron Young
  186. Sweet Love And Happiness Faron Young
  187. You Don't Treat Me Right Faron Young
  188. You Had A Call Faron Young
  189. My Dreams Faron Young
  190. Dingaka (The Witch Doctor) Faron Young
  191. Nothing Left To Lose Faron Young
  192. Heartbreak Valley Faron Young
  193. Weakness Of The Man Faron Young
  194. Walk Tall Faron Young
  195. Honky Tonk Angel Margie Singleton & Faron Young
  196. Another Woman's Man, Another Man's Woman Margie Singleton & Faron Young
  197. Rosalie (Is Gonna Get Married) Faron Young
  198. Honey Stop! (And Think Of Me) Faron Young
  199. I'll Be Satisfied With Love Faron Young
  200. Turn Her Down Faron Young
  201. Until I Met You Faron Young
  202. You're Still Mine Faron Young
  203. I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night Faron Young
  204. For The Love Of A Woman Like You Faron Young
  205. It's A Great Life (If You Don't Weaken) Faron Young
  206. You're Right Faron Young
  207. They Made Me Fall In Love With You Faron Young
  208. I Hardly Know It Was You Faron Young
  209. Just Married Faron Young
  210. You're The Angel On My Christmas Tree Faron Young
  211. I'm Gonna Tell Santa Claus On You Faron Young
  212. Baby My Heart Faron Young
  213. That's What I'd Do For You Faron Young
  214. What Can I Do With My Sorrow Faron Young
  215. Saving My Tears For Tomorrow Faron Young
  216. I Knew You When Faron Young
  217. Foolish Pride Faron Young
  218. Tattle Tale Tears Faron Young
  219. I Heard The Juke Box Playing Faron Young
  220. Have I Waited Too Long Faron Young
  221. You're Just Imagination Faron Young
  222. Hi-Tone Poppa Tillman Franks And His Rainbow Boys / Faron Young
  223. Hot Rod-Shotgun Boogie No. 2 Tillman Franks And His Rainbow Boys / Faron Young
  224. No Thanks, I Just Had One Margie Singleton & Faron Young
  225. Keeping Up With The Joneses Margie Singleton & Faron Young
  226. Old Courthouse Faron Young
  227. Rhinestones Faron Young
  228. The World's Greatest Love Faron Young
  229. My Friend On The Right Faron Young
  230. What Will I Tell My Darling Faron Young
  231. You'll Drive Me Back (Into Her Arms Again) Faron Young
  232. Think About The Old Days Faron Young
  233. We've Got Something In Common Faron Young
  234. How Much I Must Have Loved You Faron Young
  235. The Yellow Bandana Faron Young
  236. Nightmare Faron Young
  237. I've Come To Say Goodbye Faron Young
  238. Let It Slip Away Faron Young
  239. Three Days Faron Young
  240. Over Lonely And Under Kissed Faron Young
  241. The Comeback Faron Young
  242. Safely In Love Again Faron Young
  243. Down By The River Faron Young
  244. I Can't Find The Time Faron Young
  245. Backtrack Faron Young
  246. I'll Be Alright (In The Morning) Faron Young
  247. Your Old Used To Be Faron Young
  248. Is She All You Thought She'd Be Faron Young
  249. There's Not Any Like You Left Faron Young
  250. A World So Full Of Love Faron Young
  251. Forget The Past Faron Young
  252. We're Talking It Over Faron Young
  253. That's The Way It's Gotta Be Faron Young
  254. Face To The Wall Faron Young
  255. Riverboat Faron Young
  256. A Long Time Ago Faron Young
  257. Last Night At A Party Faron Young
  258. I Hate Myself Faron Young
  259. That's The Way I Feel Faron Young
  260. I Can't Dance Faron Young
  261. Vacation's Over Faron Young
  262. He Was There Faron Young
  263. Snowball Faron Young
  264. The Locket Faron Young
  265. Moonlight Mountain Faron Young
  266. Love Has Finally Come My Way Faron Young
  267. I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die Faron Young / The Young Sheriff And His Country Deputies
  268. It Hurts So Good Faron Young
  269. Every Time I'm Kissing You Faron Young
  270. Alone With You Faron Young
  271. All Right Faron Young
  272. Go Back, You Fool Faron Young
  273. Forgive Me, Dear Faron Young
  274. If That's The Fashion Faron Young
  275. If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin') Faron Young
  276. In The Chapel In The Moonlight Faron Young
  277. A Place For Girls Like You Faron Young
  278. What's The Use To Love You Faron Young
  279. I Can't Wait (For The Sun To Go Down) Faron Young
  280. Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms) Faron Young
  281. Goin' Steady Faron Young
  282. That's Where My Baby Feels At Home Faron Young
  283. Congratulations Faron Young
  284. I Hear You Talkin' Faron Young
  285. Waterloo Faron Young
  286. You Are My Sunshine Faron Young
  287. That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome Faron Young
  288. I'll Be Yours Faron Young
  289. Worried Mind Faron Young
  290. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) Faron Young
  291. I'm A Poor Boy Faron Young
  292. You Call Everybody Darling Faron Young
  293. Better Things Than These Faron Young
  294. I Can't Tell My Heart Faron Young
  295. Shame On You Faron Young
  296. Sweethearts Or Strangers Faron Young
  297. I'm A Free Man Now Faron Young
  298. Your Cheatin' Heart Faron Young
  299. I Fall To Pieces Faron Young
  300. O Little Town Of Bethlehem Faron Young
  301. Winter Wonderland Faron Young
  302. Apartment No. 9 Faron Young
  303. Always On My Mind Faron Young
  304. This Little Girl Of Mine Faron Young
  305. The Shrine Of Saint Cecelia Faron Young
  306. Talk Back Tremblin' Lips Faron Young
  307. Save The Last Dance For Me Faron Young
  308. Wine Me Up Faron Young
  309. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down Faron Young
  310. I Miss You Already And You're Not Even Gone Faron Young / The Young Sheriff And His Country Deputies
  311. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young Faron Young
  312. Country Girl Faron Young
  313. High Noon Faron Young
  314. Sweet Dreams Faron Young
  315. Hello Walls Faron Young
  316. It's Four In The Morning Faron Young
  317. There Goes My Everything Faron Young


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