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Christian Burns, Paul Oakenfold & JES

As We Collide Single

Jahr: 2013


  1. As We Collide Christian Burns, Paul Oakenfold & JES


  1. Barber's Adagio For Strings Paul Oakenfold
  2. Deep Space Paul Oakenfold
  3. Fame Scott Weiland feat. Paul Oakenfold
  4. Otherside Paul Oakenfold
  5. Touch Me Paul Oakenfold feat. Cassandra Fox
  6. Café del mar Paul Oakenfold
  7. Beautiful World Paul Oakenfold & Disfunktion feat. Spitfire
  8. As We Collide Christian Burns, Paul Oakenfold & JES
  9. The Way I Feel Paul Oakenfold feat. Ryan Tedder
  10. Full Moon Party Paul Oakenfold
  11. Planet Rock Remixes Paul Oakenfold presents Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force
  12. Firefly Paul Oakenfold feat. Matt Goss
  13. Right Here, Right Now Paul Oakenfold & Ice Cube
  14. Leave Planet Earth Paul Oakenfold
  15. Hold Your Hand Paul Oakenfold feat. Emilíana Torrini
  16. The Harder They Come Paul Oakenfold feat. Nelly Furtado
  17. Beautiful Goal Paul Oakenfold
  18. The Prophet Oakenfold
  19. The Harder They Come Paul Oakenfold
  20. Ready Steady Go Paul Oakenfold
  21. Soul Of An Angel Paul Oakenfold
  22. Get Out Of My Life Now Paul Oakenfold & Planet Perfecto
  23. 1975 Oakenfold
  24. Faster Kill Pussycat Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy
  25. Feed Your Mind Paul Oakenfold
  26. Vulnerable Paul Oakenfold
  27. Not Over Paul Oakenfold
  28. Save The Last Trance For Me Paul Oakenfold
  29. Praise The Lord Paul Oakenfold
  30. The Way I Feel Paul Oakenfold
  31. Set It Off Paul Oakenfold
  32. Amsterdam Paul Oakenfold
  33. Switch On Paul Oakenfold
  34. Sex 'n' Money Oakenfold feat. Pharrell Williams
  35. No Compromise Paul Oakenfold
  36. Dread Rock Oakenfold
  37. Southern Sun Oakenfold
  38. Mortal Paul Oakenfold
  39. Zed's Dead Perfecto Allstarz
  40. Starry Eyed Surprise Oakenfold
  41. Hypnotised Paul Oakenfold
  42. Reach Up (Pig Bag) Perfecto Allstarz


  1. Mount Everest - The Base Camp Mix Paul Oakenfold
  2. Back To My House Paul Oakenfold
  3. Back To My House - #Wappvol5 Paul Oakenfold
  4. Presents 25 Years Of Perfecto Records Paul Oakenfold
  5. We Are Planet Perfecto - Volume 4 Paul Oakenfold
  6. Trance Mission Paul Oakenfold
  7. Cream 21 Paul Oakenfold
  8. We Are Planet Perfecto Volume 03 Paul Oakenfold
  9. Four Seasons Paul Oakenfold
  10. We Are Planet Perfecto Volume 02 Paul Oakenfold
  11. We Are Planet Perfecto Volume 01 Paul Oakenfold
  12. Never Mind The Bollocks Here's Paul Oakenfold Paul Oakenfold
  13. Perfecto Vegas Oakenfold
  14. Greatest Hits & Remixes Paul Oakenfold
  15. Travelling Paul Oakenfold
  16. Bunkka Oakenfold
  17. Great Wall Paul Oakenfold
  18. A Lively Mind Paul Oakenfold


  1. If Not Now Cosmic Gate & JES
  2. We Belong To The Night JES
  3. Show Me The Way Jes
  4. Komm und rock mein Herz JES
  5. People Will Go (M.I.K.E. Push Remix) Jes
  6. Fall Into You Cosmic Gate & Jes
  7. Yai (Here We Go Again) Cosmic Gate & Jes
  8. Two Souls Jes
  9. Right Back To You atb and York feat. Jes
  10. Hard To Cure atb and Jes
  11. Together atb and Jes
  12. As We Collide Christian Burns, Paul Oakenfold & JES
  13. Flying Blind Cosmic Gate feat. Jes
  14. It's Too Late Jes
  15. Awaken Jes
  16. Closer Jes
  17. Chanson d'amour Jes
  18. Lovesong JES
  19. Every Other Way BT feat. Jes
  20. My Love Airscape feat. Jes
  21. See You Soon Jes
  22. My Blue Heart Jes
  23. Stronger Jes
  24. Around You Jes
  25. Disconnect Jes
  26. In Ohm Jes
  27. You And Me Belong Jes
  28. Want My Love Jes
  29. One Moon Circling Jes
  30. Heaven Jes
  31. Imagination Jes
  32. Ghost Jes
  33. People Will Go Jes
  34. Like A Waterfall Solarstone And Jes


  1. Something About You Inhaler feat. Christian Burns
  2. Everybody Wants to Rule the World Christian Burns
  3. Supersonic Swanky Tunes feat. Christian Burns
  4. In The Dark (First State Remix) Tiësto feat. Christian Burns
  5. All I See Is You Omnia feat. Christian Burns
  6. One More Time Alexander Popov & Christian Burns
  7. Where The Lights Are Arston feat. Christian Burns
  8. Photograph Chicane feat. Christian Burns
  9. On The Line The On The Line All-Stars feat. Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Mandy Moore, Christian Burns from BBMak & T
  10. Paralyzed BT feat. Christian Burns
  11. Shimmer Tiësto feat. Christian Burns
  12. We Are Tonight Christian Burns & Paul van Dyk
  13. One Thousand Suns Chicane & Ferry Corsten feat. Christian Burns
  14. Perfectly Christian Burns with Maison & Dragen
  15. As We Collide Christian Burns, Paul Oakenfold & JES
  16. Bullet Christian Burns & Stefan Dabruck
  17. Silver Splits The Blue Manufactured Superstars & Jeziel Quintela feat. Christian Burns
  18. On The Wire Allure feat. Christian Burns
  19. Tokyo Cries Glenn Morrison feat. Christian Burns
  20. This Light Between Us Armin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns
  21. In The Dark Tiësto feat. Christian Burns


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