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Fast Eddie, Tyree & Chic

The Whop Single

Jahr: 1987


  1. The Whop Fast Eddie, Tyree & Chic

TOP Titel

  1. Your Love Chic
    CHARTENTRY: 29.06.1992
    PEAK: 91
  2. Chic Mystique Chic
    CHARTENTRY: 02.03.1992
    PEAK: 25
  3. My Forbidden Lover Chic
    CHARTENTRY: 19.11.1979
    PEAK: 47
  4. Good Times Chic
    CHARTENTRY: 27.08.1979
    PEAK: 36
  5. I Want Your Love Chic
    CHARTENTRY: 23.04.1979
    PEAK: 27
  6. Le Freak Chic
    CHARTENTRY: 15.01.1979
    PEAK: 5
  7. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) Chic
    CHARTENTRY: 06.03.1978
    PEAK: 40


  1. Le Freak (Oliver Heldens Remix) Chic
  2. I Want Your Love Nile Rodgers & Chic feat. Lady Gaga
  3. Queen Nile Rodgers & Chic feat. Elton John & Emeli Sandé
  4. State Of Mine (It's About Time) Nile Rodgers & Chic feat. Philippe Saisse
  5. I Dance My Dance Nile Rodgers & Chic
  6. Dance With Me Nile Rodgers & Chic feat. Hailee Steinfeld
  7. Do You Wanna Party Nile Rodgers & Chic feat. Lunchmoney Lewis
  8. Sober Nile Rodgers & Chic feat. Craig David & Stefflon Don
  9. Boogie All Night Nile Rodgers & Chic feat. Nao
  10. Till The World Falls Nile Rodgers & Chic / Mura Masa / Cosha / Vic Mensa
  11. Good Times Havana Maestros feat. Chic
  12. Just Call Me Chic
  13. I'll Change My Game Fonzi Thornton feat. Chic
  14. Back In The Old School Chic
  15. I'll Be There Chic feat. Nile Rodgers
  16. Tavern On The Green Chic
  17. Good Times (New Single Mix '88) Chic
  18. City Lights Chic
  19. Sharing Love Chic
  20. Hey Fool Chic
  21. Chic (Everybody Say) Chic
  22. When You Love Someone Chic
  23. I Feel Your Love Comin' On Chic
  24. Baby Doll Chic
  25. Just Out Of Reach Chic
  26. Take It Off Chic
  27. Would You Be My Baby Chic
  28. Your Love Is Cancelled Chic
  29. Telling Lies Chic
  30. Flash Back Chic
  31. So Fine Chic
  32. Burn Hard Chic
  33. Hangin' Chic
  34. Le Freak Wackside feat. Chic
  35. You Can't Do It Alone Chic
  36. Chip Off The Old Block Chic
  37. Stage Fright Chic
  38. I Got Protection Chic
  39. I Loved You More Chic
  40. Real People Chic
  41. Open Up Chic
  42. At Last I Am Free Chic
  43. Happy Man Chic
  44. Falling In Love With You Chic
  45. Est-ce que c'est Chic Chic
  46. You Can Get By Chic
  47. 26 Chic
  48. Megachic Chic
  49. São Paulo Chic
  50. Rebels Are We Chic
  51. M.M.F.T.C.F. Chic
  52. High Chic
  53. Take My Love Chic
  54. My Love's For Real Chic
  55. In It To Win It Chic
  56. Chicism Chic
  57. Doin' That Thing To Me Chic
  58. One And Only One Chic
  59. Something You Can Feel Chic
  60. Jusagroove Chic
  61. The Whop Fast Eddie, Tyree & Chic
  62. Sensitivity The Shapeshifters & Chic
  63. Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song) Chic
  64. Can't Stand To Love You Chic
  65. Party Everybody Chic
  66. In Love With Music Chic
  67. Show Me Your Light Chic
  68. Give Me The Lovin' Chic
  69. Take A Closer Look Chic
  70. Believer Chic
  71. Why Chic
  72. Soup For One Chic
  73. My Feet Keep Dancing Chic
  74. Strike Up The Band Chic
  75. Chic Cheer Chic
  76. Sometimes You Win Chic
  77. Everybody Dance Chic
  78. You Got Some Love For Me Chic
  79. What About Me Chic
  80. A Warm Summer Night Chic
  81. (Funny) Bone Chic
  82. Savoir faire Chic
  83. Jack Le Freak Chic
  84. You Are Beautiful Chic


  1. Everything Fast Eddie
  2. I Can Dance DJ Fast Eddie
  3. Can U Jack Kenny Jammin' Jason & Fast Eddie
  4. S.O.T.U. Nicky Romero & Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano feat. Fast Eddie
  5. Jack To The Sound DJ Fast Eddie
  6. Let Me Sip My Drink Robbie Rivera feat. Fast Eddie
  7. Can U Dance Kenny Jammin' Jason & Fast Eddie
  8. Be My Queen Molella feat. Fast Eddie
  9. Yo Yo Get Funky Fast Eddie
  10. With This Ring Let Me Go Molella & Phil Jay pres. Heaven 17 meets Fast Eddie
  11. The D.J. Fast Eddie, The Man, The Music, The Master Mix (mixed by Double Trouble) Fast Eddie
  12. My Melody Fast Eddie
  13. Hip House DJ Fast Eddie
  14. The Whop Fast Eddie, Tyree & Chic
  15. Ain't It Funky Fast Eddie
  16. Let's Go Fast Eddie
  17. I Can Dance Fast Eddie
  18. Funk Makes You Move Fast Eddie
  19. Clap Your Hands Fast Eddie
  20. Jack 2 The Sound Fast Eddie
  21. Can U Still Dance Fast Eddie
  22. Git On Up Fast Eddie feat. Sundance
  23. Throw Your Hands Up (Yo Yo Get Funky - The Sequel) Jason Nevins vs. Fast Eddie
  24. Throw Your Hands Up Jason Nevins vs. Fast Eddie
  25. Acid Thunder Fast Eddie


  1. Acid Crash Tyree
  2. Smooth Jackin' Joint Tyree Cooper
  3. Let's Jack Thomilla feat. Tyree Cooper
  4. T.J.G.P. Tyree Cooper
  5. I Need A Girl Tyree
  6. Move Your Body Tyree feat. J.M.D.
  7. Green Peppermint Sticks Tyree Cooper
  8. Wonderland Denis Naidanow feat. Tyree Cooper
  9. Acid Is My Life Tyree Cooper
  10. Hip House Is A Style Tyree Cooper
  11. House Line Tyree Cooper
  12. This Is How It Should Be Done Tyree Cooper
  13. Let The Music Take Control Tyree Cooper
  14. Sehr Gut Tyree Cooper
  15. Life Tyree Cooper
  16. Tonight Tyree Cooper
  17. Let's Get Together Tyree Cooper
  18. Never Let You Go Tyree Cooper
  19. Night Time Tyree Cooper
  20. Hard Core - Hip House Tyree
  21. Ladies And Gentlemen Tyree feat. Kardinal Offishall and Deach
  22. The Whop Fast Eddie, Tyree & Chic
  23. Turn Up The Bass Tyree Cooper
  24. Acid Over Tyree


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