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Cassius and Jocelyn Brown

I'm A Woman Single

Jahr: 2002


CD-Maxi Virgin 5465790 (EMI) / EAN 0724354657900

  1. I'm A Woman - Cassius and Jocelyn Brown   3:56
  2. I'm A Woman - Cassius and Jocelyn Brown (Cassius Remix)  3:32
  3. I'm A Woman - Cassius and Jocelyn Brown (Extended)  7:55


  1. I'm A Woman Cassius and Jocelyn Brown

TOP Titel

  1. Feeling For You Cassius
    CHARTENTRY: 17.05.1999
    PEAK: 76


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  4. The Sound Of Love Cassius feat. Jaw
  5. Blue Jean Smile Cassius feat. John Gourley
  6. Feel Like Me Cassius feat. Cat Power
  7. Hey You! Cassius feat. Ryan Tedder
  8. Ibifornia Cassius
  9. Love Parade Cassius feat. Mike D
  10. The Missing Cassius feat. Ryan Tedder & Jaw
  11. Go Up Cassius feat. Cat Power & Pharrell Williams
  12. Action Cassius feat. Cat Power & Mike D
  13. Sunchild Cassius
  14. I <3 U So Cassius
  15. Youth Speed Trouble Cigarettes Cassius
  16. Chase Cassius
  17. Invisible Cassius
  18. Interlude Cassius
  19. Cassius 1999 Cassius
  20. Cria cuervos Cassius
  21. Cactus Cassius
  22. Jackrock Cassius
  23. A Mile From Here Cassius
  24. See Me Now Cassius
  25. Eye Water Cassius feat. Pharrell Williams
  26. All I Want Cassius
  27. 15 Again Cassius
  28. This Song Cassius
  29. Rock Number One Cassius
  30. La notte Cassius
  31. Toop Toop Cassius
  32. Au rêve Cassius
  33. On Cassius
  34. Barocco Cassius
  35. Nothing Cassius
  36. 20 Years (How Do You See Me Now) Cassius
  37. Till We Got You And Me Cassius
  38. Protection Cassius
  39. Telephone Love Cassius
  40. Thrilla Cassius
  41. Room Tone Cassius
  42. Under Influence Cassius
  43. Hi Water Cassius
  44. Supa Crush Cassius
  45. Club Soixante Quinze Cassius
  46. Somebody Cassius
  47. Nulife Cassius
  48. Mister Eveready Cassius
  49. Hey Babe Cassius
  50. Planetz Cassius
  51. Foxxy Cassius
  52. La mouche Cassius
  53. Crazy Legs Cassius
  54. The Sound Of Violence (Feel Like I Wanna Be Inside Of You) Cassius with Steve Edwards
  55. I'm A Woman Cassius and Jocelyn Brown


  1. Ibifornia Cassius
  2. The Rawkers E.P. Cassius
  3. I Love Techno 2011 Cassius
  4. The Rawkers Cassius
  5. Au rêve Cassius
  6. 15 Again Cassius
  7. 1999 Cassius

TOP Titel

  1. Something Goin' On Todd Terry feat. Martha Wash And Jocelyn Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 22.09.1997
    PEAK: 93
  2. Always There Incognito feat. Jocelyn Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 05.08.1991
    PEAK: 20


  1. O sole mio Demis Roussos feat. Jocelyn Brown
  2. Here's My Heart Mason feat. Jocelyn Brown
  3. Feel Free Oliver Cheatham feat. Amel & Jocelyn Brown
  4. Amazing Grace Russell Watson feat. Jocelyn Brown
  5. Worthy Richard Earnshaw feat. Jocelyn Brown
  6. That's How Good Your Love Is Il Padrinos feat. Jocelyn Brown
  7. Gimme All Your Lovin' Kym Mazelle & Jocelyn Brown
  8. It's Alright, I Feel It! Nuyorican Soul feat. Jocelyn Brown
  9. Got To Get Away Off-Shore Featuring Jocelyn Brown
  10. Somebody Else's Guy 2009 D.O.N.S. vs. Jocelyn Brown
  11. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun Nuyorican Soul feat. Jocelyn Brown
  12. Believe Ministers De-La-Funk vs Antoine Clamaran & Sandy Vee feat. Jocelyn Brown
  13. Better Life Jocelyn Brown feat. Neo
  14. My Sun Will Get You Raúl Orellana feat. Jocelyn Brown
  15. I Believe Jamestown feat. Jocelyn Brown
  16. I Wish You Would Jocelyn Brown
  17. Feel Like Making Love Heatwave feat. Jocelyn Brown
  18. Jumpin Todd Terry feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown
  19. It's All Good Da Mob feat. Jocelyn Brown
  20. Fun Da Mob feat. Jocelyn Brown
  21. Hold Me Up Glory feat. Jocelyn Brown
  22. I Just Wanna Make Love To You Population feat. Jocelyn Brown
  23. Beautiful Day Hardage feat. Jocelyn Brown
  24. Sing Roni Size feat. Jocelyn Brown
  25. Hooked On You Cerrone feat. Jocelyn Brown
  26. No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) Kym Mazelle & Jocelyn Brown
  27. Mysterious Phill Edwards feat. Jocelyn Brown
  28. Show You Love A.K. Soul feat. Jocelyn Brown
  29. Believe Ministers De-La-Funk feat. Jocelyn Brown
  30. Gotta Be J.B. Jocelyn Brown
  31. A Star Is Born Jocelyn Brown
  32. The Gospel Truth (Trilogy) Jocelyn Brown
  33. Journey Into Sunlight Incognito feat. Jocelyn Brown
  34. Happiness Kamasutra feat. Jocelyn Brown
  35. Special Love Jestofunk feat. Jocelyn Brown
  36. Real Man Melodie MC feat. Jocelyn Brown
  37. Reach Out Jocelyn Brown feat. Voodoo Possee
  38. I Wanna Know What Love Is Jocelyn Brown feat. Voodoo Possee
  39. Freedom Jocelyn Brown
  40. Turn Out The Lights Jocelyn Brown & Oliver Cheatham
  41. Embrace The Power Melodie MC feat. Jocelyn Brown
  42. I Like It Like That Inner Life feat. Jocelyn Brown
  43. Keep On Jumpin' Todd Terry feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown
  44. Free A.K Soul feat. Jocelyn Brown
  45. Take Me Up Sonic Surfers feat. Jocelyn Brown
  46. Gypsy Rhythm Raúl Orellana feat. Jocelyn Brown
  47. She Got Soul Jamestown feat. Jocelyn Brown
  48. Somebody Else's Guy Jocelyn Brown
  49. Whatever Satisfies You Jocelyn Brown
  50. True Love Jocelyn Brown
  51. My Time Will Come Jocelyn Brown
  52. Caught In The Act Jocelyn Brown
  53. I Cry Real Tears Jocelyn Brown
  54. Living Without Your Love Jocelyn Brown
  55. Love's Gonna Get You Jocelyn Brown
  56. Ego Maniac Jocelyn Brown
  57. Ain't No Mountain High Enough Jocelyn Brown
  58. I'm A Woman Cassius and Jocelyn Brown


  1. Somebody Else's Guy Jocelyn Brown
  2. Essential Dance Floor Artists Volume 6 Jocelyn Brown
  3. She's Got Soul - The Best Of Jocelyn Brown & Friends
  4. Turn On The Hits Jocelyn Brown
  5. One From The Heart Jocelyn Brown


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