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Gary U.S. Bonds & Ben. E. King

Young Blood Single

Jahr: 1996


  1. Young Blood Gary U.S. Bonds & Ben. E. King

TOP Titel

  1. Save The Last Dance For Me Ben E. King
    CHARTENTRY: 03.08.1987
    PEAK: 60
  2. Stand By Me Ben E. King
    CHARTENTRY: 09.03.1987
    PEAK: 2
  3. Supernatural Thing Ben E. King
    CHARTENTRY: 28.04.1975
    PEAK: 49


  1. Poison In My Mind Ben E. King
  2. Stand By Me Havana Maestros feat. Ben E. King
  3. The Way You Shake It Ben E. King
  4. Not Now (I'll Tell You When) Ben E. King
  5. Tears, Tears, Tears Ben E. King
  6. What Is Soul Ben E. King, Bobby Womack, Don Covay, Paul Shaffer, Wilson Pickett
  7. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) Ben E. King
  8. River Of Tears Ben E. King
  9. It's All Over Ben E. King
  10. Dance With Me Ben E. King
  11. Don't Let Me Down Ben E. King
  12. Brace Yourself Ben E. King
  13. I Promise Love Ben E. King
  14. Here Comes The Night Ben E. King
  15. Show Me The Way Ben E. King
  16. Don't Drive Me Away Ben E. King
  17. So Much Love Ben E. King
  18. Teeny Weeny Little Bit Ben E. King
  19. Get In A Hurry Ben E. King
  20. Can't Break The News To Myself Ben E. King
  21. Katherine Ben E. King
  22. Cry No More Ben E. King
  23. There's No Place To Hide Ben E. King
  24. The Record (Baby I Love You) Ben E. King
  25. Because Of Last Night Ben E. King
  26. Lover's Question Ben E. King
  27. What Can A Man Do Ben E. King
  28. Si señor Ben E. King
  29. Halfway To Paradise Ben E. King
  30. Spread Myself Around Ben E. King
  31. Do It Now Ben E. King
  32. All Of Your Sorrows Ben E. King
  33. White Moon Ben E. King
  34. She's Gone Again Ben E. King
  35. Quel tuo bacio Ben E. King
  36. Amore quando Ben E. King
  37. Gloria Gloria Ben E. King
  38. Walking In The Footsteps Of A Fool Ben E. King
  39. Where's The Girl Ben E. King
  40. It's Amazing Ben E. King
  41. I Swear By Stars Above Ben E. King
  42. They Don't Give Medals To Yesterday's Heros Ben E. King
  43. Groovin' Ben E. King
  44. What Now My Love Ben E. King
  45. The Beginning Of Time Ben E. King
  46. Gypsy Ben E. King
  47. Too Bad Ben E. King
  48. Tell Daddy Ben E. King
  49. Yes Ben E. King
  50. The Hermit Of Misty Mountain Ben E. King
  51. I Guess It's Goodbye Ben E. King
  52. It Ain't Fair Ben E. King
  53. Till I Can't Take It Anymore Ben E. King
  54. We Got A Thing Going On Ben E. King & Dee Dee Sharp
  55. What'cha Gonna Do About It Ben E. King & Dee Dee Sharp
  56. Young Blood Gary U.S. Bonds & Ben. E. King
  57. Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear Ben E. King
  58. How Can I Forget Ben E. King
  59. I Could Have Danced All Night Ben E. King
  60. Around The Corner Ben E. King
  61. That's When It Hurts Ben E. King
  62. Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams Ben E. King
  63. Wheel Of Love Ben E. King
  64. Street Tough Ben E. King
  65. Lonely Winds Ben E. King
  66. Work That Body Ben E. King
  67. Everyday Ben E. King
  68. Hired Gun Ben E. King
  69. You've Only Got One Chance To Be Young Ben E. King
  70. Touched By Your Love Ben E. King
  71. And This Is Love Ben E. King
  72. Fifty Years Ben E. King
  73. Spoiled Ben E. King
  74. Sweet Rhapsody Ben E. King
  75. Family Jewels Ben E. King
  76. Dark Storm On The Horizon Ben E. King
  77. Fly Away (To My Wonderland) Ben E. King
  78. I See The Light Ben E. King
  79. Let Me Live Your Life Ben E. King
  80. Wonder Woman Ben E. King
  81. Tippin' Ben E. King
  82. What Do You Want Me To Do Ben E. King
  83. Do You Wanna Do A Thing Ben E. King
  84. Happiness Is Where You Find It Ben E. King
  85. Extra, Extra Ben E. King
  86. Drop My Heart Off Ben E. King
  87. Your Lovin' Ain't Good Enough Ben E. King
  88. Ecstasy Ben E. King
  89. On The Horizon Ben E. King
  90. It's All In The Game Ben E. King
  91. On The Street Where You Live Ben E. King
  92. At Last Ben E. King
  93. Because Of You Ben E. King
  94. What a Difference A Day Made Ben E. King
  95. Moon River Ben E. King
  96. Fever Ben E. King
  97. My Foolish Heart Ben E. King
  98. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Ben E. King
  99. Dream Lover Ben E. King
  100. He Will Break Your Heart Ben E. King
  101. My Heart Cries For You Ben E. King
  102. Love Me, Love Me Ben E. King
  103. Bésame mucho Ben E. King
  104. Souvenir Of Mexico Ben E. King
  105. Frenesi Ben E. King
  106. Quisás, quisás, quisás (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) Ben E. King
  107. Sweet And Gentle Ben E. King
  108. Granada Ben E. King
  109. Perfodia Ben E. King
  110. Come Closer To Me Ben E. King
  111. Sway Ben E. King
  112. Imagination Ben E. King
  113. If You Need A Miracle Ben E. King
  114. Keepin' It To Myself Ben E. King
  115. Amor Ben E. King
  116. I'm Standing By Ben E. King
  117. Seven Letters Ben E. King
  118. First Taste Of Love Ben E. King
  119. What Is Soul? Ben E. King
  120. What A Difference A Day Makes Ben E. King
  121. I (Who Have Nothing) Ben E. King
  122. Young Boy Blues Ben E. King
  123. Do It In The Name Of Love Ben E. King
  124. Keepin' It To Myself Average White Band & Ben E. King
  125. Imagine Average White Band & Ben E. King
  126. Someday We'll All Be Free Average White Band & Ben E. King
  127. What Is Soul Average White Band & Ben E. King
  128. The Message Average White Band & Ben E. King
  129. Star In The Ghetto Average White Band & Ben E. King
  130. Fool For You Anyway Average White Band & Ben E. King
  131. Take Me To The Pilot Ben E. King
  132. The Christmas Song Ben E. King
  133. Get It Up For Love Average White Band & Ben E. King
  134. Music Trance Ben E. King
  135. Don't Play That Song (You Lied) Ben E. King
  136. Spanish Harlem Ben E. King

TOP Alben

  1. Stand By Me - The Ultimate Collection Ben E. King
    CHARTENTRY: 20.04.1987
    PEAK: 35


  1. The Rise Of Ben E. King 1959-1963 Ben E. King
  2. An Introduction To Ben E. King Ben E. King
  3. The Absolutely Essential 3CD Collection Ben E. King & The Drifters
  4. The Beginning Of It All Ben E. King
  5. Stand By Me - Forever Ben E. King
  6. 3 Original Albums Ben E. King
  7. The Complete Atco / Atlantic Singles Vol. 1: 1960-1966 Ben E. King
  8. The Very Best Of Percy Sledge & Ben E. King Percy Sledge & Ben E. King
  9. The Very Best Of Ben E. King Ben E. King
  10. Don't Play That Song! Ben E. King
  11. What Is Soul? Ben E. King
  12. Star-Collection Ben E. King
  13. Greatest Hits Ben E. King
  14. The Very Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters Ben E. King & The Drifters
  15. The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters Ben E. King & The Drifters
  16. Three Classic Albums Plus Bonus Singles Ben E. King
  17. Their Greatest Hits The Drifters & Ben E. King
  18. Dance With Me Ben E. King & The Drifters
  19. 16 Original Hits Ben E. King
  20. Original Album Series Ben E. King
  21. Music Trance Ben E. King
  22. Let Me Live In Your Life Ben E. King
  23. Ben E. King Sings For Soulful Lovers Ben E. King
  24. Spanish Harlem Ben E. King
  25. Supernatural / Benny & Us Ben E. King
  26. Anthology One - Spanish Harlem Ben E. King
  27. Anthology Four - Seven Letters Ben E. King
  28. Anthology Three - Don't Play That Song Ben E. King
  29. Anthology Two - Sings For Soulful Lovers Ben E. King
  30. Best Of Ben E. King
  31. Stand By Me - The Ben E. King Collection Ben E. King
  32. Warnerplatinumdoubles Ben E. King / The Drifters
  33. Benny & Us Average White Band & Ben E. King
  34. Supernatural Ben E. King


  1. Blue Grass Gary U.S. Bonds
  2. My Love Song Gary U.S. Bonds
  3. Can't Use You In My Business Gary U.S. Bonds
  4. One Broken Heart Gary U.S. Bonds
  5. Due To Circumstances Under My Control Gary U.S. Bonds
  6. Slow Motion Gary U.S. Bonds
  7. Beaches, U.S.A. (Thats Where The Action Is) Gary U.S. Bonds
  8. Let Me Go, Lover Gary U.S. Bonds
  9. King Kong's Monkey Gary U.S. Bonds
  10. She's Alright Gary U.S. Bonds
  11. Gettin' A Groove Gary U.S. Bonds
  12. Do The Limbo With Me Gary U.S. Bonds
  13. Mixed Up Faculty Gary U.S. Bonds
  14. I Dig This Station Gary U.S. Bonds
  15. I'll Change That, Too Gary U.S. Bonds
  16. Shake A Hand Gary U.S. Bonds
  17. Burden Gary U.S. Bonds
  18. I Forgot How Bad My Good Woman Could Be Gary U.S. Bonds
  19. I Got Love Gary U.S. Bonds
  20. She's A Woman Gary U.S. Bonds
  21. I'm Gone Gary U.S. Bonds
  22. Have Mercy Gary U.S. Bonds
  23. Get It Together Gary U.S. Bonds
  24. Let Them Talk Gary U.S. Bonds
  25. If I Live Through This Gary U.S. Bonds
  26. Pour Me Gary U.S. Bonds
  27. Wine Gary U.S. Bonds
  28. Don't You Do It Here Gary U.S. Bonds
  29. Every Time I Roll The Dice Gary U.S. Bonds
  30. Too Much, Too Little, Too Late Gary U.S. Bonds
  31. She Chose To Be My Lady Gary U.S. Bonds
  32. Nothing But Blue Gary U.S. Bonds
  33. I've Got Dreams To Remember Gary U.S. Bonds
  34. Bitch / Dumb Ass Gary U.S. Bonds
  35. Fannie Mae Gary U.S. Bonds
  36. She Just Wants To Dance Gary U.S. Bonds
  37. Take Me Back Gary U.S. Bonds
  38. Murder In The First Degree Gary U.S. Bonds
  39. Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks Gary U.S. Bonds
  40. Vagabond Man Gary U.S. Bonds
  41. Search & Seize Her Gary U.S. Bonds
  42. I Don't Need More Than That Gary U.S. Bonds
  43. Young Blood Gary U.S. Bonds & Ben. E. King
  44. Souvenirs Gary U.S. Bonds
  45. 1950's Kind Of Mood Gary U.S. Bonds
  46. Can't Win For Losing Gary U.S. Bonds
  47. Give Me The Love Gary U.S. Bonds
  48. Nothing Left To Lose Gary U.S. Bonds
  49. You Are The One Gary U.S. Bonds
  50. Come On Let's Go Gary U.S. Bonds
  51. City Lights Gary U.S. Bonds
  52. Take A Chance Gary U.S. Bonds
  53. Dance Gary U.S. Bonds
  54. Wild Nights Gary U.S. Bonds
  55. Workin' Man Gary U.S. Bonds
  56. I Wish I Could Dance Like Fred Astaire Gary U.S. Bonds
  57. Sneakin' Away Gary U.S. Bonds
  58. Standing In The Line Of Fire Gary U.S. Bonds
  59. Last Time Gary U.S. Bonds
  60. Bring Her Back Gary U.S. Bonds
  61. All I Need Gary U.S. Bonds
  62. Turn The Music Down Gary U.S. Bonds
  63. Club Soul City Gary U.S. Bonds
  64. Just Like A Child Gary U.S. Bonds
  65. Way Back When Gary U.S. Bonds
  66. The Pretender Gary U.S. Bonds
  67. Daddy's Come Home Gary U.S. Bonds
  68. Dedication Gary U.S. Bonds
  69. Your Love Gary U.S. Bonds
  70. Day-O Gary U.S. Bonds
  71. Cordelia Brown Gary U.S. Bonds
  72. Coconut Woman Gary U.S. Bonds
  73. Man Smart, Woman Smarter Gary U.S. Bonds
  74. Scratch, Scratch Me Back Gary U.S. Bonds
  75. Mama Look A Booboo Gary U.S. Bonds
  76. Stop The Music Gary U.S. Bonds
  77. Naughty Little Flea Gary U.S. Bonds
  78. Minnie The Moocher Gary U.S. Bonds
  79. That's All Right Gary U.S. Bonds
  80. Cecilia Gary U.S. Bonds
  81. A Trip To The Moon Gary U.S. Bonds
  82. From A Buick 6 Gary U.S. Bonds
  83. I Don't Wanna Wait (Why Wait 'Til Saturday Night?) Gary U.S. Bonds
  84. I Love You So Gary U.S. Bonds
  85. The Nearness Of You Gary U.S. Bonds
  86. Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Gary U.S. Bonds
  87. I Walk The Line Gary U.S. Bonds
  88. I Know Why Dreamers Cry Gary U.S. Bonds
  89. My Sweet Ruby Rose Gary U.S. Bonds
  90. Time Ole Story Gary U.S. Bonds
  91. One Million Tears Gary U.S. Bonds
  92. Guida's Romeo & Juliet Gary U.S. Bonds
  93. Call Me For Christmas Gary U.S. Bonds
  94. I'm That Kind Of Guy Gary U.S. Bonds
  95. What A Crazy World Gary U.S. Bonds
  96. The Girl Next Door Gary U.S. Bonds
  97. Food Of Love Gary U.S. Bonds
  98. Don't Go To Strangers Gary U.S. Bonds
  99. What A Dream Gary U.S. Bonds
  100. My Little Room Gary U.S. Bonds
  101. Give Me One More Chance Gary U.S. Bonds
  102. Workin' For My Baby Gary U.S. Bonds
  103. Please Forgive Me Gary U.S. Bonds
  104. Shine On, Lover's Moon Gary U.S. Bonds
  105. Send Her To Me Gary U.S. Bonds
  106. Rendezvous Gary U.S. Bonds
  107. Love's On The Line Gary U.S. Bonds
  108. Hold On (To What You Got) Gary U.S. Bonds
  109. Angelyne Gary U.S. Bonds
  110. Where Did The Naughty Little Girl Go? Gary U.S. Bonds
  111. Not Me Gary U.S. Bonds
  112. Lover's Moon Gary U.S. Bonds
  113. I Wanna Holler (But The Town's Too Small) Gary U.S. Bonds
  114. Copy Cat Gary U.S. Bonds
  115. Soul Food Gary U.S. Bonds
  116. Seven Day Weekend Gary U.S. Bonds
  117. Perdido (Part 1 & 2) Gary U.S. Bonds
  118. Do The Bumpsie Gary U.S. Bonds
  119. Having So Much Fun Gary U.S. Bonds
  120. School Is In Gary U.S. Bonds
  121. No More Homework Gary U.S. Bonds
  122. Take Me Back To New Orleans Gary U.S. Bonds
  123. Twist, Twist, Señora Gary U.S. Bonds
  124. Dear Lady Twist Gary U.S. Bonds
  125. Out Of Work Gary U.S. Bonds
  126. New Orleans Neil Sedaka with Gary 'U.S.' Bonds
  127. School Is Out Gary U.S. Bonds
  128. Quarter To Three Gary U.S. Bonds
  129. Jole Blon Gary U.S. Bonds
  130. It's Only Love Gary U.S. Bonds
  131. This Little Girl Gary U.S. Bonds
  132. New Orleans Gary U.S. Bonds
  133. Soul Deep Gary U.S. Bonds


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