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Pitbull feat. Chris Brown

Fun Single

Chartentry: 05.06.2015 (93)
Letzte Chartposition: 04.09.2015 (88)
Höchstposition: 36 (1 Wochen)
Anzahl Wochen: 14
Jahr: 2014


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CD-Single RCA 88875122302 (Sony) / EAN 0888751223028

  1. Fun - Pitbull feat. Chris Brown (Album Version)  3:22 play stop
  2. Fun - Pitbull feat. Chris Brown (Damaged Goods Remix)  4:19

TOP Titel

  1. Fun Pitbull feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 05.06.2015
    PEAK: 36
  2. International Love Pitbull feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 24.02.2012
    PEAK: 21


  1. Hope We Meet Again Pitbull feat. Chris Brown

TOP Titel

  1. Hey Ma Pitbull & J Balvin feat. Camila Cabello
    CHARTENTRY: 21.04.2017
    PEAK: 64
  2. Greenlight Pitbull feat. Flo Rida & LunchMoney Lewis
    CHARTENTRY: 29.07.2016
    PEAK: 90
  3. Fun Pitbull feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 05.06.2015
    PEAK: 36
  4. Time Of Our Lives Pitbull & Ne-Yo
    CHARTENTRY: 06.03.2015
    PEAK: 22
  5. Fireball Pitbull feat. John Ryan
    CHARTENTRY: 29.08.2014
    PEAK: 22
  6. Lepo Lepo Psirico / Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 22.08.2014
    PEAK: 67
  7. Mmm Yeah Austin Mahone feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 02.05.2014
    PEAK: 72
  8. We Are One (Ole Ola) Pitbull feat. Jennifer Lopez & Cláudia Leitte
    CHARTENTRY: 18.04.2014
    PEAK: 6
  9. I'm A Freak Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 21.03.2014
    PEAK: 56
  10. Timber Pitbull feat. Ke$ha
    CHARTENTRY: 18.10.2013
    PEAK: 1
  11. Fire Jason Derulo feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 04.10.2013
    PEAK: 91
  12. Can't Believe It Flo Rida feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 06.09.2013
    PEAK: 4
  13. Outta Nowhere Pitbull feat. Danny Mercer
    CHARTENTRY: 09.08.2013
    PEAK: 67
  14. Live It Up Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 24.05.2013
    PEAK: 36
  15. Spring Love 2013 Stevie B feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 29.03.2013
    PEAK: 87
  16. Feel This Moment Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera
    CHARTENTRY: 01.02.2013
    PEAK: 9
  17. Don't Stop The Party Pitbull feat. TJR
    CHARTENTRY: 12.10.2012
    PEAK: 23
  18. I'm All Yours Jay Sean feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 20.07.2012
    PEAK: 40
  19. Get It Started Pitbull feat. Shakira
    CHARTENTRY: 13.07.2012
    PEAK: 31
  20. Dance Again Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 01.06.2012
    PEAK: 14
  21. Back In Time Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 11.05.2012
    PEAK: 5
  22. There She Goes Taio Cruz feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 04.05.2012
    PEAK: 5
  23. Bedroom Redd feat. Qwote & Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 30.03.2012
    PEAK: 40
  24. Rock The Boat Bob Sinclar feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly & Fatman Scoop
    CHARTENTRY: 30.03.2012
    PEAK: 45
  25. International Love Pitbull feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 24.02.2012
    PEAK: 21
  26. U Know It Ain't Love RJ feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 16.12.2011
    PEAK: 49
  27. Rain Over Me Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony
    CHARTENTRY: 04.11.2011
    PEAK: 7
  28. Pass At Me Timbaland feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 28.10.2011
    PEAK: 27
  29. Rabiosa Shakira feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 17.06.2011
    PEAK: 26
  30. Bon, bon Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 27.05.2011
    PEAK: 39
  31. Give Me Everything Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer
    CHARTENTRY: 06.05.2011
    PEAK: 2
  32. On The Floor Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 25.03.2011
    PEAK: 1
  33. Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) Pitbull feat. T-Pain
    CHARTENTRY: 24.12.2010
    PEAK: 24
  34. DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love Usher feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 22.10.2010
    PEAK: 5
  35. I Like It Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 27.08.2010
    PEAK: 10
  36. Shut It Down Pitbull feat. Akon
    CHARTENTRY: 12.03.2010
    PEAK: 30
  37. Hotel Room Service Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 25.09.2009
    PEAK: 22
  38. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 26.06.2009
    PEAK: 8
  39. The Anthem Pitbull feat. Lil Jon
    CHARTENTRY: 21.03.2008
    PEAK: 72
  40. Crazy Lumidee feat. Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 06.07.2007
    PEAK: 35


  1. No lo trates Pitbull / Daddy Yankee / Natti Natasha
  2. Stuck On U DJ Antoine & ASF feat. Pitbull & David Rush
  3. Hey You Girl Pitbull
  4. Dame tu cosita El Chombo / Pitbull / Karol G feat. Cutty Ranks
  5. Echa pa aca Juan Magan / Pitbull x Rich The Kid x RJ Word
  6. Mourning Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  7. The Trial Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  8. The Shelf Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  9. The Plot Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  10. The Decision Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  11. Cosa Nostra Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  12. I Know You Know Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  13. Still Here Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  14. The Mistake Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  15. Somebody To Be Pitbull
  16. Advice Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  17. Father Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  18. Enough Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  19. The Meeting Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  20. Don't Say Another Word Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  21. Carpe Diem Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  22. Father & Son Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  23. So Sorry Pitbull
  24. Amore Pitbull feat. Leona Lewis
  25. Free Free Free Pitbull feat. Theron Theron
  26. Move To Miami Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull
  27. Another Round Nicola Fasano & Alex Guesta feat. Mohombi & Pitbull
  28. Ojos q no ven Stephen Oaks & Jaykay feat. Pitbull
  29. Muévelo loca boom boom Pitbull
  30. Mucho Booty Pitbull / Farruko & Micha
  31. Locas Pitbull feat. Lil Jon
  32. Jungle Pitbull & Stereotypes feat. E-40 & Abraham Mateo
  33. Por favor Pitbull x Fifth Harmony
  34. Walking On Air Lotus & Jessy feat. Pitbull
  35. All Of The Girls Cris Cab feat. Pitbull
  36. No llores Gloria Estefan feat. Pitbull
  37. Hey Ma (Spanish Version) Pitbull & J Balvin feat. Camila Cabello
  38. Lady Austin Mahone feat. Pitbull
  39. Better On Me Pitbull feat. Ty Dolla $ign
  40. Sexy Body Pitbull & Jennifer Lopez
  41. Dedicated Pitbull feat. R. Kelly & Austin Mahone
  42. Only Ones To Know Pitbull feat. Leona Lewis
  43. Educate ya Pitbull feat. Jason Derulo
  44. We Are Strong Pitbull feat. Kiesza
  45. Good Time Charlie Wilson feat. Pitbull
  46. Options Pitbull feat. Stephen Marley
  47. La vida es una Lil Jon feat. Pitbull
  48. Can't Have Pitbull feat. Steven A. Clark & Ape Drums
  49. Sun Don't Let Me Down Keith Urban feat. Nile Rodgers & Pitbull
  50. Suavemente Nayer ft. Pitbull & Mohombi
  51. Ay mi dios IAmChino feat. Pitbull, Yandel & Chacal
  52. When She Dances Stephen Ragga Marley feat. Pitbull
  53. El taxi Pitbull feat. Makassy & Osmani Garcia
  54. Messin' Around Pitbull feat. Enrique Iglesias
  55. Bad Man Pitbull feat. Robin Thicke, Joe Perry & Travis Barker
  56. Dammit Man Pitbull
  57. Freedom Pitbull
  58. SummerThing! Afrojack feat. Pitbull & Mike Taylor
  59. I Love You... Te quiero Belinda feat. Pitbull
  60. FREE.K Pitbull
  61. No Doubt About It Empire Cast feat. Jussie Smollett and Pitbull
  62. Only Love Shaggy feat. Pitbull & Gene Noble
  63. Que lo que Sensato feat. Pitbull, El Chevo & Papayo
  64. No puedo más Pitbull feat. Yandel
  65. Hoy se bebe Pitbull feat. Farruko
  66. Haciendo ruido Pitbull feat. Ricky Martin
  67. Chi chi bon bon Pitbull feat. Osmani García
  68. Mami mami Pitbull feat. Fuego
  69. El party Pitbull feat. Micha
  70. Yo quiero Gente De Zona feat. Pitbull
  71. Como yo le doy Pitbull feat. Don Miguelo
  72. Shake That Samantha Jade feat. Pitbull
  73. Baddest Girl In Town Pitbull feat. Mohombi & Wisin
  74. She's My Summer Lotus & Honorebel feat. Pitbull
  75. Piensas Pitbull feat. Gente De Zona
  76. Back It Up Prince Royce feat. Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull
  77. That's How I'm Feelin' Ciara feat. Pitbull & Missy Elliot
  78. Piensas (Dile la verdad) Pitbull feat. Gente De Zona
  79. Mr. Put It Down Ricky Martin feat. Pitbull
  80. Trees Baby Bash feat. Angel Dust & Pitbull
  81. Have Some Fun DJ Felli Fel feat. Cee-Lo, Pitbull & Juicy J
  82. This Is Not A Drill Pitbull feat. Bebe Rexha
  83. Drive You Crazy Pitbull feat. Jason Derulo & Juicy J
  84. Day Drinking Pitbull feat. Heymous Molly
  85. Sexy Beaches Pitbull feat. Chloe Angelides
  86. Ah Leke Pitbull feat. Sean Paul
  87. Show Me What You Got Astoria feat. Victoria Kern & Pitbull
  88. Celebrate Pitbull
  89. Good Time Inna feat. Pitbull
  90. Booty Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull
  91. Lipstick Sophia Del Carmen feat. Pitbull
  92. El taxi Pitbull feat. Osmani Garcia y Sensato
  93. Oye 2014 Santana feat. Pitbull
  94. Control Wisin feat. Chris Brown & Pitbull
  95. Let Me Be Your Lover Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull
  96. Wild Wild Love Pitbull feat. G*R*L
  97. Cool Me Down Priyanka Chopra feat. Pitbull
  98. Habibi I Love You Chawki feat. Pitbull & Do
  99. Sun In California Pitbull feat. Mohombi & Playb4ck
  100. Do It Pitbull feat. Mayer Hawthorne
  101. That High Pitbull feat. Kelly Rowland
  102. All The Things Pitbull feat. Inna
  103. Meltdown EP Pitbull
  104. Freak (Where I Wanna Be) Hype Active vs. Nile Rodgers feat. Pitbull, Play-N-Skillz & Vonzell Solomon
  105. Kick Up Your Heels Jessica Mauboy feat. Pitbull
  106. Treasure Bruno Mars feat. Pitbull
  107. Love Is Going Nowhere Diva feat. Pitbull, Taboo & Roscoe Umali
  108. Exotic Priyanka Chopra feat. Pitbull
  109. You're Ma Chérie DJ Antoine feat. Pitbull
  110. Same Shit Qwote feat. Pitbull
  111. Pas touché Maître Gims feat. Pitbull
  112. All Night Team Pitbull feat. Pitbull & David Rush
  113. Sexy People (The Fiat Song) Arianna feat. Pitbull
  114. Crazy Lumidee feat. Pitbull vs. Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest
  115. Till The Stars Come Out Estello feat. Pitbull & Roscoe Umali
  116. 11:59 Pitbull feat. Vein
  117. Everybody F**ks Pitbull feat. Akon & David Rush
  118. Echa pa'lla (Manos pa' arriba) Pitbull feat. Papayo
  119. I'm Off That Pitbull
  120. Last Night Pitbull feat. Havana Brown & Afrojack
  121. Tchu tchu tcha Pitbull feat. Enrique Iglesias
  122. Have Some Fun Pitbull feat. The Wanted & Afrojack
  123. Drinks For You (Ladies Anthem) Pitbull feat. J. Lo
  124. Party Ain't Over Pitbull feat. Usher & Afrojack
  125. Hope We Meet Again Pitbull feat. Chris Brown
  126. Global Warming Pitbull feat. Sensato
  127. Ai se eu te pego (If I Get Ya) [Worldwide Remix] Michel Teló feat. Pitbull
  128. Beat On My Drum Belle Perez feat. Gabry Ponte, Pitbull & Sophia Del Carmen
  129. Crazy People Pitbull feat. Sensato, Sak Noel, Pitbull
  130. Hiya hiya Khaled feat. Pitbull
  131. Bad (Afrojack Remix) Michael Jackson feat. Pitbull
  132. Let's Go Get Hadise feat. Pitbull
  133. Letting Go (Cry Just A Little) Qwote feat. Mr. Worldwide
  134. Beat On My Drum Gabry Ponte feat. Pitbull & Sophia Del Carmen
  135. I Like Pitbull feat. Enrique Iglesias & Afrojack
  136. Candy Far * East Movement feat. Pitbull
  137. Name Of Love Jean-Roch feat. Pitbull & Nayer
  138. We Run The Night Havana Brown feat. Pitbull
  139. Raise The Roof Hampenberg & Alexander Brown feat. Pitbull, Fatman Scoop & Nabiha
  140. It's Not You (It's Me) T-Pain vs. Chuckie feat. Pitbull
  141. Danza Kuduro (Throw Your Hands Up) Lucenzo & Qwote feat. Pitbull & Don Omar
  142. Bailando por el mundo Juan Magan feat. Pitbull & El Cata
  143. I Like How It Feels Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull and The WAV.s
  144. Throw Your Hands Up (Dançar kuduro) Qwote feat. Pitbull & Lucenzo
  145. My Kinda Girl Pitbull feat. Nelly
  146. Oye Baby Pitbull vs. Nicola Fasano
  147. Suave (Kiss Me) Nayer feat. Mohombi & Pitbull
  148. Superstar Jump Smokers feat. Qwote & Pitbull
  149. Mr. Right Now Pitbull feat. Akon
  150. Something For The DJs Pitbull
  151. Where Do We Go Pitbull feat. Jamie Foxx
  152. Took My Love Pitbull feat. Red Foo, Vein & David Rush
  153. Castle Made Of Sand Pitbull feat. Kelly Rowland & Jamie Drastik
  154. Shake Senora Pitbull feat. T-Pain, Sean Paul & Ludacris
  155. Come N Go Pitbull feat. Enrique Iglesias
  156. Mr. Worldwide Pitbull feat. Vein
  157. Pause Pitbull
  158. Ven a bailar (On The Floor) Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull
  159. Boomerang DJ Felli Fel feat. Akon, Pitbull & Jermaine Dupri
  160. Bumpy Ride Mohombi feat. Pitbull
  161. Where Do We Go From Here Chris Brown feat. Pitbull
  162. Pitbulls Cuban Rideout Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz feat. Pitbull
  163. Preguntale Pitbull
  164. Orgullo Pitbull
  165. Watagatapitusberry Pitbull feat. Sensato Del Patio, Black Point, El Cata & Lil Jon
  166. Amorosa Pitbull feat. Papayo
  167. Vida 23 Pitbull feat. Nayer
  168. Tu cuerpo Pitbull feat. Jencarlos
  169. Guantanamera Pitbull
  170. Mujeres Pitbull
  171. Spring Love 2010 Stevie B feat. Pitbull
  172. Egoísta Belinda feat. Pitbull
  173. Take Ova Shontelle feat. Pitbull
  174. Give Me A Bottle Pitbull
  175. No te quiero Sophia Del Carmen feat. Pitbull
  176. Holla At Me DJ Khaled feat. Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Rick Ross & Pitbull
  177. Work It Out Lil Jon feat. Pitbull
  178. Game On Pitbull, Tkzee & Dario G
  179. Armada Latina Cypress Hill feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony
  180. Egoísta [English Version] Belinda feat. Pitbull
  181. All Night Long Alexandra Burke feat. Pitbull
  182. Pearly Gates Pitbull
  183. Natural Born Hustler Crookers feat. Pitbull
  184. Maldito alcohol Pitbull
  185. Hotel Room Service (Remix) Pitbull feat. Nicole Scherzinger
  186. Fresh Out The Oven Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull
  187. Helpless Backstreet Boys feat. Pitbull
  188. Now I'm That Chick Livvi Franc feat. Pitbull
  189. Now You See It Honorebel feat. Pitbull & Jump Smokers
  190. Daddy's Little Girl Pitbull feat. Slim
  191. Across The World Pitbull feat. B.o.B
  192. Give Them What They Ask For Pitbull
  193. Call Of The Wild Pitbull
  194. Juice Box Pitbull
  195. Can't Stop Me Now Pitbull feat. The New Royales
  196. Full Of S**t Pitbull feat. Nayer & Bass III Euro
  197. Girls Pitbull
  198. Triumph Pitbull feat. Avery Storm
  199. Outta Control Baby Bash feat. Pitbull
  200. Get Up / Levantate Pitbull
  201. I Don't See 'em Pitbull feat. Cubo & AIM
  202. Feel It DJ Felli Fel feat. T-Pain, Sean Paul, Flo Rida & Pitbull
  203. Back To The Future Pitbull
  204. Now I'm That Bitch Livvi Franc feat. Pitbull
  205. Blanco [The Spanish Version] Pitbull feat. Pharrell
  206. Bad Girls Pitbull feat. Robin Thicke
  207. You Slip, She Grip Pitbull and Tego Calderon
  208. Blanco Pitbull feat. Pharrell
  209. Krazy Pitbull feat. Lil Jon
  210. Defense Machel Montano feat. Lil Jon & Pitbull
  211. Bojangles Pitbull
  212. Un poquito Pitbull feat. Yung Berg
  213. Sticky Icky Pitbull feat. Jim Jones
  214. My Life Pitbull feat. Jason Derulo
  215. Candyman Pitbull feat. Twista
  216. Ying & The Yang Pitbull
  217. Midnight Pitbull feat. Casely
  218. Dukey Love Pitbull feat. Trick Daddy & Fabo of D4L
  219. Go Girl Pitbull feat. Trina & Young Bo$$
  220. Get Low Lil Jon & The East Side Boys feat. Pitbull
  221. Secret Admirer Pitbull feat. Lloyd
  222. Gasolina Daddy Yankee feat. Lil Jon, Pitbull & Noreaga
  223. What U Gon' Do Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz feat. Pitbull & Daddy Yankee
  224. Ay chico Pitbull
  225. Oye PitBull
  226. Shake Ying Yang Twins feat. Pitbull
  227. Back Up Tony Touch feat. Pitbull & Q Unique
  228. Toma Pitbull feat. Lil' Jon
  229. Culo Pitbull feat. Lil' Jon

TOP Alben

  1. Global Warming Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 30.11.2012
    PEAK: 21
  2. Planet Pit Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 01.07.2011
    PEAK: 6
  3. Starring In Rebelution Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 11.09.2009
    PEAK: 34
  4. The Boatlift Pitbull
    CHARTENTRY: 21.08.2009
    PEAK: 96


  1. Gotti Soundtrack / Pitbull & Jorge Gomez
  2. Greatest Hits Pitbull
  3. Climate Change Pitbull
  4. Razor Pitbull
  5. Dale Pitbull
  6. Globalization Pitbull
  7. Sue Me Pitbull
  8. Global Warming - Meltdown Pitbull
  9. Legacy Pitbull
  10. Loco Pitbull
  11. I Am Armando Pitbull
  12. Original Hits Pitbull
  13. It's Party Time Pitbull
  14. Give Me Everything: The Remixes Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer
  15. Armando Pitbull
  16. El Mariel Pitbull
  17. Money Is Still A Major Issue Pitbull
  18. M.I.A.M.I. Pitbull

TOP Titel

  1. No Guidance Chris Brown feat. Drake
    CHARTENTRY: 14.06.2019
    PEAK: 99
  2. Light It Up Marshmello feat. Tyga & Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 03.05.2019
    PEAK: 77
  3. Undecided Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 11.01.2019
    PEAK: 94
  4. Freaky Friday Lil Dicky feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 23.03.2018
    PEAK: 21
  5. Questions Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 25.08.2017
    PEAK: 74
  6. Fun Pitbull feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 05.06.2015
    PEAK: 36
  7. Here It Is Flo Rida feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 24.04.2015
    PEAK: 94
  8. Five More Hours Deorro x Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 27.03.2015
    PEAK: 23
  9. Bitches N Marijuana Chris Brown & Tyga feat. Schoolboy Q
    CHARTENTRY: 20.02.2015
    PEAK: 50
  10. Hotel Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 23.01.2015
    PEAK: 30
  11. Ayo Chris Brown x Tyga
    CHARTENTRY: 16.01.2015
    PEAK: 23
  12. Loyal Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga
    CHARTENTRY: 04.04.2014
    PEAK: 54
  13. Main Chick Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 17.01.2014
    PEAK: 99
  14. Show Me Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 27.09.2013
    PEAK: 36
  15. Love More Chris Brown feat. Nicki Minaj
    CHARTENTRY: 02.08.2013
    PEAK: 48
  16. As Your Friend Afrojack feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 14.06.2013
    PEAK: 67
  17. Don't Judge Me Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 07.12.2012
    PEAK: 38
  18. Don't Wake Me Up Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 22.06.2012
    PEAK: 11
  19. Turn Up The Music Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 20.04.2012
    PEAK: 34
  20. International Love Pitbull feat. Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 24.02.2012
    PEAK: 21
  21. I Can Only Imagine David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne
    CHARTENTRY: 09.09.2011
    PEAK: 32
  22. Next To You Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber
    CHARTENTRY: 02.09.2011
    PEAK: 28
  23. Beautiful People Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi
    CHARTENTRY: 10.06.2011
    PEAK: 30
  24. Yeah 3X Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 11.03.2011
    PEAK: 7
  25. Forever Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 12.09.2008
    PEAK: 20
  26. No Air Jordin Sparks with Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 13.06.2008
    PEAK: 10
  27. With You Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 04.04.2008
    PEAK: 33
  28. Wall To Wall Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 21.09.2007
    PEAK: 59
  29. Gimme That (Remix) Chris Brown feat. Lil' Wayne
    CHARTENTRY: 22.09.2006
    PEAK: 47
  30. Yo (Excuse Me Miss) Chris Brown
    CHARTENTRY: 26.05.2006
    PEAK: 56
  31. Run It! Chris Brown feat. Juelz Santana
    CHARTENTRY: 10.02.2006
    PEAK: 5


  1. February Love Tyga feat. Chris Brown
  2. Haute Tyga feat. J Balvin & Chris Brown
  3. Jealous DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Big Sean
  4. Wobble Up Chris Brown feat. Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy
  5. Back To Love Chris Brown
  6. Flexible Tory Lanez feat. Chris Brown & Lil Baby
  7. Duck My Ex Tory Lanez feat. Chris Brown & 2 Chainz
  8. Drippin Rich The Kid feat. Chris Brown
  9. Whatchamacallit Ella Mai feat. Chris Brown
  10. Blue Jeans Chris Brown
  11. Only 4 Me Chris Brown feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Verse Simmonds
  12. Emotions Chris Brown
  13. Hangover Chris Brown
  14. Reddi Wip Chris Brown
  15. Yellow Tape Chris Brown
  16. This Way Chris Brown
  17. Run Away Chris Brown
  18. Bite My Tongue Chris Brown
  19. If You're Down Chris Brown
  20. Enemy Chris Brown
  21. Frustrated Chris Brown
  22. Tell Me What To Do Chris Brown
  23. On Me Chris Brown
  24. Even Chris Brown
  25. Covered In You Chris Brown
  26. Paradise Chris Brown
  27. Tough Love Chris Brown
  28. Otha N***as Chris Brown
  29. Nowhere Chris Brown
  30. You Like Chris Brown
  31. I Love Her Chris Brown
  32. Hurt The Same Chris Brown
  33. No Exit Chris Brown
  34. Summer Breeze Chris Brown
  35. Sensei Chris Brown feat. A1
  36. Pull Up Chris Brown
  37. This Ain't Chris Brown
  38. Hope You Do Chris Brown
  39. To My Bed Chris Brown
  40. Everybody Knows Chris Brown
  41. Sip Chris Brown
  42. Handle It Chris Brown feat. Dej Loaf & Lil Yachty
  43. Rock Your Body Chris Brown
  44. Confidence Chris Brown
  45. Roses Chris Brown
  46. Heartbreak On A Full Moon Chris Brown
  47. Lost & Found Chris Brown
  48. Juicy Booty Chris Brown feat. Jhené Aiko & R. Kelly
  49. Tempo Chris Brown
  50. High End Chris Brown feat. Future & Young Thug
  51. Pills & Automobiles Chris Brown feat. Yo Gotti, A Boogie wit da Hoodie & Kodak Black
  52. Tone It Down Gucci Mane feat. Chris Brown
  53. PIE Future feat. Chris Brown
  54. African Bad Gyal WizKid feat. Chris Brown
  55. Welcome To My Life Chris Brown feat. Cal Scruby
  56. Privacy Chris Brown
  57. Just As I Am Prince Royce with Spiff TV & Chris Brown
  58. Party Chris Brown feat. Usher & Gucci Mane
  59. Come Home Tonight Chris Brown
  60. Lady In A Glass Dress Chris Brown
  61. Do You Mind DJ Khaled feat. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future and Rick Ross
  62. Grass Ain't Greener Chris Brown
  63. I Love You A$AP Ferg feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign
  64. Waves Kanye West feat. Chris Brown
  65. Paradise Benny Benassi & Chris Brown
  66. Rumorz Tyga feat. Chris Brown
  67. Body On Me (Remix) Rita Ora with Chris Brown & Fetty Wap
  68. Put It Up Chris Brown feat. Rihanna
  69. U Did It Chris Brown feat. Future
  70. Kae Chris Brown
  71. Blow It In The Wind Chris Brown
  72. Day One Chris Brown
  73. Little More (Royalty) Chris Brown
  74. No Filter Chris Brown
  75. Proof Chris Brown
  76. Little Bit Chris Brown
  77. Discover Chris Brown
  78. Who's Gonna (Nobody) Chris Brown
  79. Picture Me Rollin' Chris Brown
  80. Anyway Chris Brown
  81. Make Love Chris Brown
  82. Wrist Chris Brown feat. Solo Lucci
  83. Anyway Chris Brown feat. Tayla Parx
  84. Fine By Me Chris Brown
  85. Drifting G-Eazy feat. Chris Brown & Tory Lanez
  86. Back To Sleep Chris Brown
  87. Sorry Rick Ross feat. Chris Brown
  88. Gold Slugs DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina & Fetty Wap
  89. Player Tinashe feat. Chris Brown
  90. Zero Chris Brown
  91. Body On Me Rita Ora feat. Chris Brown
  92. Liquor Chris Brown
  93. All Eyes On You Meek Mill / Nicki Minaj / Chris Brown
  94. Do It Again Pia Mia feat. Chris Brown & Tyga
  95. You Changed Me Jamie Foxx feat. Chris Brown
  96. How Many Times DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Big Sean
  97. Play No Games Big Sean feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign
  98. Banjo Chris Brown x Tyga
  99. It's Yo S**t Chris Brown x Tyga feat. Wale
  100. Bunkin' Chris Brown x Tyga feat. Jay 305 + T.I.
  101. Wrong In The Right Way Chris Brown x Tyga
  102. She Goin' Up Chris Brown x Tyga
  103. Real One Chris Brown x Tyga feat. Boose Badazz
  104. Lights Out Chris Brown x Tyga feat. Fat Trel
  105. Better Chris Brown x Tyga
  106. D.G.I.F.U. Chris Brown x Tyga feat. Pusha T
  107. I Bet Chris Brown x Tyga feat. 50 Cent
  108. Remember Me Chris Brown x Tyga
  109. Girl You Loud Chris Brown x Tyga
  110. Nothin' Like Me Chris Brown x Tyga feat. Ty Dolla $ign
  111. Westside Chris Brown x Tyga
  112. Post To Be Omarion feat. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko
  113. Waves (Robin Schulz Remix) Mr Probz feat. Chris Brown & T.I.
  114. It's Your Life David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne
  115. Fuck Yo Feelings The Game feat. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown
  116. Only Nicki Minaj feat. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown
  117. Private Show T.I. feat. Chris Brown
  118. No Lights Chris Brown
  119. Lost In Ya Love Chris Brown
  120. Drunk Texting Chris Brown feat. Jhené Aiko
  121. Body Shots Chris Brown
  122. Don't Be Gone Too Long Chris Brown
  123. See You Around Chris Brown
  124. Do Better Chris Brown feat. Brandy
  125. Autumn Leaves Chris Brown feat. Kendrick Lamar
  126. Time For Love Chris Brown
  127. Stereotype Chris Brown
  128. Came To Do Chris Brown feat. Akon
  129. Drown In It Chris Brown feat. R. Kelly
  130. Songs On 12 Play Chris Brown feat. Trey Songz
  131. Add Me In Chris Brown
  132. Hold You Down DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future & Jeremih
  133. X Chris Brown
  134. New Flame Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross
  135. Don't Be Gone Too Long Chris Brown feat. Ariana Grande
  136. Control Wisin feat. Chris Brown & Pitbull
  137. Counterfeit Chris Brown feat. Rihanna & Wiz Khalifa
  138. Loyal Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Too $hort
  139. Wildcat Chris Brown
  140. Loyal Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & French Montana
  141. War For You Chris Brown
  142. I'm Still DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, Wale, Wiz Khalifa & Ace Hood
  143. Sweet Serenade Pusha T feat. Chris Brown
  144. Talkin' Bout Juicy J feat. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa
  145. Bigger Than Life Rich Gang feat. Chris Brown, Tyga, Birdman & Lil Wayne
  146. Don't Think They Know Chris Brown feat. Aaliyah
  147. I Can't Win Chris Brown
  148. Remedy Snoop Lion feat. Busta Rhymes & Chris Brown
  149. Let's Go feat. Chris Brown
  150. For The Road Tyga feat. Chris Brown
  151. Fine China Chris Brown
  152. Beat It Sean Kingston feat. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa
  153. Run It! Chris Brown
  154. Run It! Chris Brown feat. Bow Wow & Jermaine Dupri
  155. Hope We Meet Again Pitbull feat. Chris Brown
  156. Nobody's Perfect Chris Brown
  157. Nobody's Business Rihanna feat. Chris Brown
  158. Celebration Game feat. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa & Lil Wayne
  159. Take It To The Head DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne
  160. Algo me gusta de ti Wisin y Yandel feat. Chris Brown & T-Pain
  161. Marry Go Round Nelly feat. Chris Brown
  162. Do It Again Chris Brown
  163. Key 2 Your Heart Chris Brown
  164. Touch Me Chris Brown feat. Sevyn
  165. Wait For You Chris Brown
  166. Remember My Name Chris Brown feat. Sevyn
  167. Free Run Chris Brown
  168. Tell Somebody Chris Brown
  169. Trumpet Lights Chris Brown feat. Sabrina Antoinette
  170. 4 Years Old Chris Brown
  171. Stuck On Stupid Chris Brown
  172. Biggest Fan Chris Brown
  173. 2012 Chris Brown
  174. Mirage Chris Brown feat. Nas
  175. Bassline Chris Brown
  176. Calypso Chris Brown
  177. Arena B.o.B feat. Chris Brown and T.I.
  178. Put It Down Brandy feat. Chris Brown
  179. Till I Die Chris Brown feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa
  180. Sweet Love Chris Brown
  181. Right By My Side Nicki Minaj feat. Chris Brown
  182. For The Fame Tyga feat. Chris Brown & Wynter Gordon
  183. International (Serious) Estelle feat. Chris Brown & Trey Songz
  184. Turn Up The Music Chris Brown feat. Rihanna
  185. Birthday Cake Rihanna feat. Chris Brown
  186. Strip Chris Brown
  187. Look At Her Go T-Pain feat. Chris Brown
  188. Strip Chris Brown feat. Kevin K-Mac McCall
  189. Another Round Fat Joe feat. Chris Brown
  190. Beg For It Chris Brown
  191. Paper, Scissors, Rock Chris Brown feat. Big Sean & Timbaland
  192. Love The Girls Chris Brown feat. Game
  193. Bomb Chris Brown feat. Wiz Khalifa
  194. Ladies Love Me Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber
  195. Next To You Chris Brown
  196. Luv Me Girl Lloyd feat. Chris Brown & Vega
  197. All About You Chris Brown
  198. Westside Jay Rock feat. Chris Brown
  199. Body 2 Body Ace Hood feat. Chris Brown
  200. Glow In The Dark Chris Brown
  201. Pot Of Gold Game feat. Chris Brown
  202. Better With The Lights Off New Boyz feat. Chris Brown
  203. Best Love Song T-Pain feat. Chris Brown
  204. Should've Kissed You Chris Brown
  205. Oh My Love Chris Brown
  206. Wet The Bed Chris Brown feat. Ludacris
  207. All Back Chris Brown
  208. Say It With Me Chris Brown
  209. Up To You Chris Brown
  210. She Ain't You Chris Brown
  211. Up Justin Bieber feat. Chris Brown
  212. My Last Big Sean feat. Chris Brown
  213. Where Do We Go From Here Chris Brown feat. Pitbull
  214. Ain't Thinkin' 'Bout You Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown
  215. Champion Chipmunk feat. Chris Brown
  216. Number One Chris Brown feat. K-Mac
  217. Look At Me Now Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
  218. One Night Stand Keri Hilson feat. Chris Brown
  219. I Know Diddy Dirty Money feat. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa & Seven Of Rich Girl
  220. Yesterday Diddy Dirty Money feat. Chris Brown
  221. Long Gone Nelly feat. Plies & Chris Brown
  222. Boing Chris Brown
  223. Get Back Up T.I. feat. Chris Brown
  224. Flying Solo Chris Brown
  225. Make A Movie Twista feat. Chris Brown
  226. No Bullshit Chris Brown
  227. Deuces Chris Brown feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall
  228. Graffiti Chris Brown
  229. Chase Our Love Chris Brown
  230. Brown Skin Girl Chris Brown feat. Sean Paul
  231. I Love U Chris Brown
  232. I Need This Chris Brown
  233. For Ur Love Chris Brown
  234. Gotta Be Ur Man Chris Brown
  235. Girlfriend Chris Brown feat. Lupe Fiasco
  236. I'll Go Chris Brown
  237. Fallin Down Chris Brown
  238. Lucky Me Chris Brown
  239. Wait Chris Brown feat. Trey Songz & Game
  240. Pass Out Chris Brown feat. Eva Simons
  241. I.Y.A. Chris Brown
  242. Take My Time Chris Brown feat. Tank
  243. Famous Girl Chris Brown
  244. What I Do Chris Brown feat. Plies
  245. So Cold Chris Brown
  246. Sing Like Me Chris Brown
  247. Back To The Crib Juelz Santana feat. Chris Brown
  248. Crawl Chris Brown
  249. I Can Transform Ya Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz
  250. Drop It Low Ester Dean + Chris Brown
  251. Don't Matter (Leaving With Me) T.I. feat. Chris Brown
  252. Head Of My Class Scooter Smiff feat. Chris Brown
  253. Hologram Dre feat. Chris Brown
  254. Work That Teriyaki Boyz feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown
  255. Bad Girl Rihanna feat. Chris Brown
  256. Turntables Ciara feat. Chris Brown
  257. Shawty Get Loose Lil' Mama feat. Chris Brown and T-Pain
  258. Freeze T-Pain feat. Chris Brown
  259. What Them Girls Like Ludacris co-starring Chris Brown and Sean Garrett
  260. Dreamer Chris Brown
  261. Electric Guitar Chris Brown
  262. Fatal Attraction Chris Brown
  263. M.I.A. Chris Brown
  264. Erased Dre feat. Chris Brown
  265. Back 2 Back Chris Brown
  266. First Day Off Spring Chris Brown
  267. Try A Little Tenderness Chris Brown
  268. Slam Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown & Omarion
  269. Mama Chris Brown
  270. Get At Ya Chris Brown
  271. Which One Chris Brown
  272. Seen The Light Chris Brown feat. Rico Love
  273. Make The World Go Round Nas feat. Chris Brown and The Game
  274. Heart Ain't A Brain Chris Brown
  275. Superhuman Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson
  276. Greatness Chris Brown feat. T-Pain
  277. Feel The Steam Elephant Man feat. Chris Brown
  278. Fallen Angel Chris Brown
  279. This Christmas Chris Brown
  280. Cinderella Under My Umbrella (Remix) Rihanna feat. Jay-Z & Chris Brown
  281. Get Like Me David Banner feat. Chris Brown, Yung Joc & Jim Jones
  282. Down Chris Brown feat. Kanye West
  283. Nice Chris Brown feat. Game
  284. Lottery Chris Brown
  285. I'll Call Ya Chris Brown
  286. Gimme Whatcha Got Chris Brown feat. Lil' Wayne
  287. I Wanna Be Chris Brown
  288. Help Me Chris Brown
  289. Damage Chris Brown
  290. You Chris Brown
  291. Hold Up Chris Brown feat. Big Boi
  292. Picture Perfect Chris Brown feat. Will.I.Am
  293. Take You Down Chris Brown
  294. Throwed Chris Brown
  295. Kiss Kiss Chris Brown feat. T-Pain
  296. Shortie Like Mine Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown and Johntá Austin
  297. Gimme That Chris Brown
  298. Thank You Chris Brown
  299. So Glad Chris Brown
  300. Say Goodbye Chris Brown
  301. Just Fine Chris Brown
  302. Poppin' Chris Brown
  303. Is This Love? Chris Brown
  304. Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me) Chris Brown
  305. Winner Chris Brown
  306. Ya Man Ain't Me Chris Brown
  307. Young Love Chris Brown
  308. I May Never Find Chris Brown

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    CHARTENTRY: 03.03.2006
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  10. Graffiti Chris Brown


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