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Eddie Rabbitt with Crystal Gayle

You And I Single

Jahr: 1982


7" Single Mercury 6000 906 ()

  1. You And I - Eddie Rabbitt with Crystal Gayle   3:58
  2. All My Life, All My Love - Eddie Rabbitt   2:44


  1. You And I Eddie Rabbitt with Crystal Gayle


  1. Ribbon Of Darkness Crystal Gayle
  2. Falling In Love For The Night Crystal Gayle & The Charlie Daniels Band
  3. Someday Crystal Gayle
  4. Three Good Reasons Crystal Gayle
  5. In A Mansion Stands My Love Johnny Russell & Crystal Gayle
  6. A Woman's Heart (Is A Handy Place To Be) Crystal Gayle
  7. Right In The Palm Of Your Hand Crystal Gayle
  8. The Sound Of Goodbye Crystal Gayle
  9. Sweet Baby On My Mind Crystal Gayle
  10. I'm Not So Far Away Crystal Gayle
  11. Take Me To The Dance Crystal Gayle
  12. I'll Be Missing You Crystal Gayle
  13. Tear Crystal Gayle and Nina
  14. It Ain't Gonna Worry My Mind Crystal Gayle
  15. When Love Is New Crystal Gayle
  16. Tennessee Nights Crystal Gayle
  17. Nobody's Angel Crystal Gayle
  18. Silver Bells Crystal Gayle
  19. Only Love Can Save Me Now Crystal Gayle
  20. Straight To The Heart Crystal Gayle
  21. Crazy In The Heart Crystal Gayle
  22. Cry Crystal Gayle
  23. On Our Way To Love Crystal Gayle
  24. You Made A Fool Of Me Crystal Gayle
  25. Victim Or A Fool Crystal Gayle
  26. Me Aginst The Night Crystal Gayle
  27. Turning Away Crystal Gayle
  28. High Time Crystal Gayle
  29. Coming Closer Crystal Gayle
  30. They Come Out At Night Crystal Gayle
  31. Lay Black Lover Crystal Gayle
  32. Sparklin' Look Of Love Crystal Gayle
  33. The Christmas Song Crystal Gayle
  34. Amazing Grace Crystal Gayle
  35. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Crystal Gayle
  36. I'll Be Home For Christmas Crystal Gayle
  37. White Christmas Crystal Gayle
  38. Little Drummer Boy Crystal Gayle
  39. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands Crystal Gayle
  40. One Day At A Time Crystal Gayle
  41. Silent Night Crystal Gayle
  42. Lovin' In These Troubled Times Crystal Gayle
  43. Circus Girl Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  44. The Tango Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  45. I Beg You Pardon Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  46. I Can't Forget You Patsy Cline & Crystal Gayle
  47. Makin' Up For Lost Time (The Dallas Lovers' Song) Crystal Gayle & Gary Morris
  48. What A Little Moonlight Can Do Crystal Gayle
  49. Lover Man (aka Trouble Man) Crystal Gayle
  50. You've Almost Got Me Believin' Crystal Gayle
  51. I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone Crystal Gayle
  52. Take It Easy Crystal Gayle
  53. Help Yourselves To Each Other Crystal Gayle
  54. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City Crystal Gayle
  55. He Is Beautiful To Me Crystal Gayle
  56. Easier Said Than Done Crystal Gayle
  57. Let Your Feelings Show Crystal Gayle
  58. Everything I Own Crystal Gayle
  59. True Love Crystal Gayle
  60. You Bring Out The Lover In Me Crystal Gayle
  61. Deeper In The Fire Crystal Gayle
  62. Lean On Me Crystal Gayle
  63. Love Crazy Love Crystal Gayle
  64. Livin' In These Troubled Times Crystal Gayle
  65. Hollywood Crystal Gayle
  66. Ain't No Sunshine Crystal Gayle
  67. The Woman In Me Crystal Gayle
  68. Keepin' Power Crystal Gayle
  69. Miss The Mississippi And You Crystal Gayle
  70. Danger Zone Crystal Gayle
  71. A Little Bit Of The Rain Crystal Gayle
  72. The Blue Side Crystal Gayle
  73. Don't Go My Love Crystal Gayle
  74. The Other Side Of Me Crystal Gayle
  75. We Should Be Together Crystal Gayle
  76. Too Deep For Tears Crystal Gayle
  77. Through Believing In Love Songs Crystal Gayle
  78. Your Kisses Will Crystal Gayle
  79. Time Will Prove That I'm Right Crystal Gayle
  80. The Best Thing In My Life Crystal Gayle
  81. You'll Be Loved Someday Crystal Gayle
  82. Sneakin' Out The Back Door Crystal Gayle
  83. Put Your Hand In The Hand Crystal Gayle
  84. Oh Lonesome Me Crystal Gayle
  85. Forgettin' 'bout You Crystal Gayle
  86. Room For One More Crystal Gayle
  87. Loving You So Long Now Crystal Gayle
  88. Never Ending Song Of Love Crystal Gayle
  89. Everybody's Reaching Out For Someone Crystal Gayle
  90. Baby, What About You Crystal Gayle
  91. Your Old Cold Shoulder Crystal Gayle
  92. God Bless The Child Crystal Gayle
  93. A New Way To Say I Love You Crystal Gayle
  94. Someone Like You Crystal Gayle
  95. Touch And Go Crystal Gayle
  96. Coming To The Dance Crystal Gayle
  97. Love Does That To Fools Crystal Gayle
  98. Tonight, Tonight Crystal Gayle
  99. Tennessee Crystal Gayle
  100. Half The Way Crystal Gayle
  101. Once Upon A Town/Empty Pockets Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  102. If You Ever Change Your Mind Crystal Gayle
  103. Too Many Lovers Crystal Gayle
  104. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Crystal Gayle
  105. You Where There For Me Crystal Gayle
  106. It's Like We Never Said Goodbye Crystal Gayle
  107. Help Me Make It Through The Night Crystal Gayle
  108. The Trouble With Me (Is You) Crystal Gayle
  109. Till I Gain Control Again Crystal Gayle
  110. A Long And Lasting Love Crystal Gayle
  111. Hands Crystal Gayle
  112. This Is My Year For Mexico Crystal Gayle
  113. Beyond You Crystal Gayle
  114. Wrong Road Again Crystal Gayle
  115. Restless Crystal Gayle
  116. I Hope You're Havin' Better Luck Than Me Crystal Gayle
  117. Everbody Oughta Cry Crystal Gayle
  118. Nobody Wants To Be Alone Crystal Gayle
  119. Candy Apple Red Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  120. Presents Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  121. Take Me Home Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  122. This One's From The Heart Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  123. You Can't Unring A Bell Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  124. Instrumental Montage: The Tango / Circus Girl Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  125. Little Boy Blue Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  126. Broken Bicycles Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  127. Old Boyfriends Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  128. Picking Up After You Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  129. Is There Any Way Out of This Dream? Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  130. Opening Montage: Tom's Piano Intro / Once Upon A Town Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  131. What Child Is This Crystal Gayle
  132. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Crystal Gayle
  133. You Never Gave Up On Me Crystal Gayle
  134. I've Cried (The Blue Right Out Of My Eyes) Crystal Gayle
  135. I'll Get Over You Crystal Gayle
  136. Gone At Last Crystal Gayle
  137. Someday Soon Crystal Gayle
  138. Too Good To Throw Away Crystal Gayle
  139. Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger Crystal Gayle
  140. Paintin' This Old Town Blue Crystal Gayle
  141. Hello I Love You Crystal Gayle
  142. Heart Mender Crystal Gayle
  143. We Must Believe In Magic Crystal Gayle
  144. Funny Crystal Gayle
  145. Green Door Crystal Gayle
  146. All I Wanna Do In Life Crystal Gayle
  147. Going Down Slow Crystal Gayle
  148. River Road Crystal Gayle
  149. I Wanna Come Back To You Crystal Gayle
  150. You And I Eddie Rabbitt with Crystal Gayle
  151. Crying In The Rain Crystal Gayle
  152. You Never Miss A Real Good Thing Crystal Gayle
  153. Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For Crystal Gayle
  154. One More Time Crystal Gayle
  155. Oh My Soul Crystal Gayle
  156. I'll Do It All Over Again Crystal Gayle
  157. Somebody Loves You Crystal Gayle
  158. Make A Dream Come True Crystal Gayle
  159. It's All Right With Me Crystal Gayle
  160. Dreaming My Dreams With You Crystal Gayle
  161. Wayward Wind Crystal Gayle
  162. I Still Miss Someone Crystal Gayle
  163. When I Dream Crystal Gayle
  164. Cry Me A River Crystal Gayle
  165. Ready For The Times To Get Better Crystal Gayle
  166. Let's Do It Right Crystal Gayle
  167. Our Love Is On The Faultline Crystal Gayle
  168. Talking In Your Sleep Crystal Gayle
  169. Dancing The Night Away Crystal Gayle
  170. Same Old Story (Same Old Song) Crystal Gayle
  171. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Crystal Gayle


  1. You Don't Know Me Crystal Gayle
  2. Brown Eyes Blue - The Best Of Crystal Gayle Crystal Gayle
  3. Icon Crystal Gayle
  4. 20 Love Songs Crystal Gayle
  5. Live In Tennessee Crystal Gayle
  6. Live In Tenessee [DVD] Crystal Gayle
  7. Christmas With Crystal Gayle Crystal Gayle
  8. 100 Hits Legends Crystal Gayle
  9. Top 10 Country Hits Crystal Gayle
  10. One From The Heart Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  11. I've Cried The Blue Right Out Of My Eyes Crystal Gayle
  12. Crystal Gayle Crystal Gayle
  13. Somebody Loves You Crystal Gayle
  14. Nobody's Angel Crystal Gayle
  15. A Crystal Christmas Crystal Gayle
  16. The Best Of Crystal Gayle Crystal Gayle
  17. What If We Fall In Love? Crystal Gayle & Gary Morris
  18. Straight To The Heart Crystal Gayle
  19. Cage The Songbird Crystal Gayle
  20. Crystal Gayle's Greatest Hits Crystal Gayle
  21. A Woman's Heart Crystal Gayle
  22. These Days Crystal Gayle
  23. True Love Crystal Gayle
  24. Hollywood, Tennessee Crystal Gayle
  25. Favorites Crystal Gayle
  26. Miss The Mississippi Crystal Gayle
  27. We Should Be Together Crystal Gayle
  28. Nobody Wants To Be Alone Crystal Gayle
  29. Greatest Hits Crystal Gayle
  30. Talking In Your Sleep Crystal Gayle
  31. When I Dream Crystal Gayle
  32. Classic Crystal Crystal Gayle
  33. The Country Store Collection Crystal Gayle
  34. Crystal Crystal Gayle
  35. We Must Believe In Magic Crystal Gayle


  1. Que pasa Eddie Rabbitt
  2. Nothing Like Falling In Love Eddie Rabbitt
  3. Six Nights And Seven Days Eddie Rabbitt
  4. Holding On Eddie Rabbitt
  5. The Bed Eddie Rabbitt
  6. You Put The Beat In My Heart Eddie Rabbitt
  7. Sleepy Deepy Do Eddie Rabbitt
  8. Can You Tell Me A Story? Eddie Rabbitt
  9. Friend Eddie Rabbitt
  10. All The Little Animals Eddie Rabbitt
  11. Puppy Eddie Rabbitt
  12. Andrew The Squirrel Eddie Rabbitt
  13. You Can Do Anything Eddie Rabbitt
  14. Who's That Pullin' On Me? Eddie Rabbitt
  15. Why, Why, Why Eddie Rabbitt
  16. Come With Me (Rabbittland) Eddie Rabbitt
  17. I'm Here Eddie Rabbitt
  18. Love May Never Pass This Way Again Eddie Rabbitt
  19. You've Come To The Right Heart Eddie Rabbitt
  20. I'll Make Everything Alright Eddie Rabbitt
  21. It's Me I'm Runnin' From Eddie Rabbitt
  22. Wish I Had Somebody To Love Eddie Rabbitt
  23. Will We Ever Love Again Eddie Rabbitt
  24. Destiny Eddie Rabbitt
  25. You Are Everything To Me Eddie Rabbitt
  26. Country Rap Eddie Rabbitt
  27. Sorry That I'm Sorry Again Eddie Rabbitt
  28. Hang Up The Phone Eddie Rabbitt
  29. I'll Get Along With You Eddie Rabbitt
  30. You Look Like An Angel Eddie Rabbitt
  31. Only One Love In My Life Eddie Rabbitt
  32. Jersey Boy Eddie Rabbitt
  33. It's Lonely Out Tonite Eddie Rabbitt
  34. Feel Like A Stranger Eddie Rabbitt
  35. Hold On To Me (The Rain Song) Eddie Rabbitt
  36. They're Tearin' My Little Town Down Eddie Rabbitt
  37. I Don't Worry 'Bout You Eddie Rabbitt
  38. Workin' Out Eddie Rabbitt
  39. Rhonda Eddie Rabbitt
  40. He's A Cheater Eddie Rabbitt
  41. That's Why I Fell in Love With You Eddie Rabbitt
  42. We Must Be Doin' Something Right Eddie Rabbitt
  43. She's An Old Cadillac Eddie Rabbitt
  44. A World Without Love Eddie Rabbitt
  45. This Moment Eddie Rabbitt
  46. Singing In The Subway Eddie Rabbitt
  47. Threw It Away Eddie Rabbitt
  48. Little Change Pending Eddie Rabbitt
  49. Letter From Home Eddie Rabbitt
  50. When We Make Love Eddie Rabbitt
  51. Repetitive Regret Eddie Rabbitt
  52. Gotta Have You Eddie Rabbitt
  53. Go To Sleep, Big Bertha Eddie Rabbitt
  54. Over There Eddie Rabbitt
  55. Big Brown Eyes Eddie Rabbitt
  56. Every Night I Fall In Love With You Eddie Rabbitt
  57. Dial That Telephone Eddie Rabbitt
  58. Could've Been Somebody Else Eddie Rabbitt
  59. Laughing On The Outside Eddie Rabbitt
  60. Bedroom Eyes Eddie Rabbitt
  61. Stranger In Your Eyes Eddie Rabbitt
  62. Our Love Will Survive Eddie Rabbitt
  63. Good Night For Falling In Love Eddie Rabbitt
  64. My Only Wish Eddie Rabbitt
  65. Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby Eddie Rabbitt
  66. Rivers Eddie Rabbitt
  67. Dim Dim The Lights Eddie Rabbitt
  68. Skip A Beat Eddie Rabbitt
  69. Bring Back The Sunshine Eddie Rabbitt
  70. It's Always Like the First Time Eddie Rabbitt
  71. Amazing Love Eddie Rabbitt
  72. I Will Never Let You Go Again Eddie Rabbitt
  73. So Fine Eddie Rabbitt
  74. One And Only One Eddie Rabbitt
  75. Loveline Eddie Rabbitt
  76. She Loves Me Like She Means It Eddie Rabbitt
  77. Is There A Country Song On The Jukebox Eddie Rabbitt
  78. Jewelry Store Eddie Rabbitt
  79. Sure Thing Eddie Rabbitt
  80. You Make Love Beautiful Eddie Rabbitt
  81. Girl On My Mind Eddie Rabbitt
  82. Stop, Look And Listen Eddie Rabbitt
  83. I'm A Little Bit Lonesome Eddie Rabbitt
  84. Could You Love a Poor Boy, Dolly Eddie Rabbitt
  85. There's Someone She Lies To (To Lay Here with Me) Eddie Rabbitt
  86. Ain't I Something Eddie Rabbitt
  87. Tullahoma Dancing Pizza Man Eddie Rabbitt
  88. I Just Got To Have You Eddie Rabbitt
  89. I Can't Get This Ring Off My Finger Eddie Rabbitt
  90. It Just Ain't Hit Me Yet Eddie Rabbitt
  91. You Get To Me Eddie Rabbitt
  92. Sweet Janine Eddie Rabbitt
  93. I Should Have Married You Eddie Rabbitt
  94. Savin' My Love For My Baby Eddie Rabbitt
  95. When I Was Young Eddie Rabbitt
  96. Pure Love Eddie Rabbitt
  97. Long Gone Eddie Rabbitt
  98. Forgive And Forget Eddie Rabbitt
  99. Love Me To Sleep Eddie Rabbitt
  100. Song Of Ireland Eddie Rabbitt
  101. Caroline Eddie Rabbitt
  102. Kentucky Rain Eddie Rabbitt
  103. Hurtin' For You Eddie Rabbitt
  104. Plain As The Pain On My Face Eddie Rabbitt
  105. Crossin' The Mississippi Eddie Rabbitt
  106. The Room At The Top Of The Stairs Eddie Rabbitt
  107. Just The Way It Is Eddie Rabbitt
  108. What Will I Write Eddie Rabbitt
  109. So Deep In Your Love Eddie Rabbitt
  110. I Need To Fall In Love Again Eddie Rabbitt
  111. Rockin' With Me Baby Eddie Rabbitt
  112. 747 Eddie Rabbitt
  113. I Don't Wanna Make Love (With Anyone Else But You) Eddie Rabbitt
  114. Under The Double Eagle Eddie Rabbitt
  115. American Boy Eddie Rabbitt
  116. You Got Me Now Eddie Rabbitt
  117. Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight Eddie Rabbitt
  118. I Just Want To Love You Eddie Rabbitt
  119. You Don't Love Me Anymore Eddie Rabbitt
  120. We Can't Go On Living Like This Eddie Rabbitt
  121. Both To Each Other (Friends & Lovers) Eddie Rabbitt & Juice Newton
  122. I Can't Help Myself Eddie Rabbitt
  123. I Don't Know Where To Start Eddie Rabbitt
  124. The Wanderer Eddie Rabbitt
  125. Tennessee Born And Bred Eddie Rabbitt
  126. All My Life, All My Love Eddie Rabbitt
  127. Short Road To Love Eddie Rabbitt
  128. I Wanna Dance With You Eddie Rabbitt
  129. Bye Bye Love Lacy J. Dalton & Eddie Rabbitt
  130. Do You Right Tonight Eddie Rabbitt
  131. Early In The Morning Eddie Rabbitt
  132. Great Old American Town Eddie Rabbitt
  133. Every Which Way But Loose Eddie Rabbitt
  134. B-B-Burnin' 'Up With Love Eddie Rabbitt
  135. You Can't Run From Love Eddie Rabbitt
  136. She's Comin' Back To Say Goodbye Eddie Rabbitt
  137. The Best Year Of My Life Eddie Rabbitt
  138. Warning Sign Eddie Rabbitt
  139. You And I Eddie Rabbitt with Crystal Gayle
  140. Years After You Eddie Rabbitt
  141. Hearts On Fire Eddie Rabbitt
  142. Pretty Lady Eddie Rabbitt
  143. Drinkin' My Baby (Off My Mind) Eddie Rabbitt
  144. Gone Too Far Eddie Rabbitt
  145. Pour Me Another Tequila Eddie Rabbitt
  146. Two Dollars In The Jukebox Eddie Rabbitt
  147. Drivin' My Life Away Eddie Rabbitt
  148. On Second Thought Eddie Rabbitt
  149. Runnin' With The Wind Eddie Rabbitt
  150. Lonely Out Tonight Eddie Rabbitt
  151. Step By Step Eddie Rabbitt
  152. Suspicions Eddie Rabbitt
  153. I Love A Rainy Night Eddie Rabbitt
  154. Rocky Mountain Music Eddie Rabbitt


  1. 13 Original #1 Hits Eddie Rabbitt
  2. The Best Of Eddie Rabbitt Eddie Rabbitt
  3. Songs From Rabbittland Eddie Rabbitt
  4. Beatin' The Odds Eddie Rabbitt
  5. Ten Rounds Eddie Rabbitt
  6. Jersey Boy Eddie Rabbitt
  7. I Wanna Dance With You Eddie Rabbitt
  8. Rabbitt Trax Eddie Rabbitt
  9. The Best Year Of My Life Eddie Rabbitt
  10. Radio Romance Eddie Rabbitt
  11. Step By Step Eddie Rabbitt
  12. Loveline Eddie Rabbitt
  13. Rabbitt Eddie Rabbitt
  14. Eddie Rabbitt Eddie Rabbitt
  15. Variations Eddie Rabbitt
  16. Rocky Mountain Music Eddie Rabbitt
  17. Horizon Eddie Rabbitt
  18. All Time Greatest Hits Eddie Rabbitt
  19. The Platinum Collection Eddie Rabbitt
  20. Ten Years Of Greatest Hits Eddie Rabbitt
  21. Greatest Hits Volume II Eddie Rabbitt


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