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Céline Dion with the Bee Gees

Immortality Single

Chartentry: 22.06.1998 (17)
Letzte Chartposition: 28.06.2013 (87)
Höchstposition: 2 (3 Wochen)
Anzahl Wochen: 33
Jahr: 1997


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CD-Maxi Columbia COL 665720 2 (Sony) / EAN 5099766572024

  1. Immortality - Céline Dion with the Bee Gees   4:11
  2. My Heart Will Go On - Céline Dion   4:40 play stop
  3. My Heart Will Go On - Céline Dion (Tony Moran's Anthem Vocal)  9:41
  4. My Heart Will Go On - Céline Dion (Soul Solution Percappella)  4:16

CD-Maxi Epic / 550 665540-2 (Sony) / EAN 9399700051070

  1. Immortality - Céline Dion with the Bee Gees   4:12
  2. To Love You More - Céline Dion with Kryzler & Kompany   5:30
  3. My Heart Will Go On - Céline Dion (Richie Jones Mix)  4:17
  4. My Heart Will Go On - Céline Dion (Tony Moran Mix)  4:21

TOP Titel

  1. Immortality Céline Dion with the Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 22.06.1998
    PEAK: 2

TOP Titel

  1. If I Can't Have You Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 16.11.2007
    PEAK: 71
  2. This Is Where I Came In Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 19.03.2001
    PEAK: 25
  3. Immortality Céline Dion with the Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 22.06.1998
    PEAK: 2
  4. Still Waters (Run Deep) Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 17.11.1997
    PEAK: 79
  5. I Could Not Love You More Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 09.06.1997
    PEAK: 88
  6. Alone Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 03.03.1997
    PEAK: 6
  7. Kiss Of Life Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 18.04.1994
    PEAK: 51
  8. For Whom The Bell Tolls Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 13.12.1993
    PEAK: 52
  9. Paying The Price Of Love Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 06.09.1993
    PEAK: 36
  10. The Only Love Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 17.06.1991
    PEAK: 31
  11. Secret Love Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 18.03.1991
    PEAK: 2
  12. One Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 10.07.1989
    PEAK: 37
  13. Ordinary Lives Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 03.04.1989
    PEAK: 8
  14. Angela Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 28.03.1988
    PEAK: 52
  15. E.S.P. Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 14.12.1987
    PEAK: 13
  16. You Win Again Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 28.09.1987
    PEAK: 1
  17. Someone Belonging To Someone Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 10.10.1983
    PEAK: 55
  18. The Woman In You Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 11.07.1983
    PEAK: 23
  19. Living Eyes Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 21.12.1981
    PEAK: 58
  20. He's A Liar Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 23.11.1981
    PEAK: 68
  21. Love You Inside Out Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 21.05.1979
    PEAK: 21
  22. Tragedy Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 26.02.1979
    PEAK: 2
  23. Too Much Heaven Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 25.12.1978
    PEAK: 10
  24. How Deep Is Your Love Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 22.05.1978
    PEAK: 21
  25. Night Fever Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.05.1978
    PEAK: 2
  26. Stayin' Alive Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 27.02.1978
    PEAK: 2
  27. Love So Right Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 13.12.1976
    PEAK: 38
  28. You Should Be Dancing Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 23.08.1976
    PEAK: 16
  29. Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 08.03.1976
    PEAK: 42
  30. Nights On Broadway Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 15.12.1975
    PEAK: 17
  31. Jive Talkin' Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 25.08.1975
    PEAK: 23
  32. My World Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 13.03.1972
    PEAK: 41
  33. Lonely Days Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 04.01.1971
    PEAK: 25
  34. I.O.I.O. Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.05.1970
    PEAK: 6
  35. Don't Forget To Remember Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.10.1969
    PEAK: 9
  36. Tomorrow Tomorrow Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.07.1969
    PEAK: 6
  37. First Of May Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.04.1969
    PEAK: 3
  38. I've Gotta Get A Message To You Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.09.1968
    PEAK: 3
  39. Jumbo Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.05.1968
    PEAK: 5
  40. Words Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.03.1968
    PEAK: 1
  41. World Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.01.1968
    PEAK: 1
  42. Massachusetts Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.11.1967
    PEAK: 1
  43. To Love Somebody Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 15.08.1967
    PEAK: 19
  44. Spicks & Specks Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.08.1967
    PEAK: 28
  45. New York Mining Disaster 1941 Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.07.1967
    PEAK: 10


  1. And I'll Be Happy Trevor Gordon and The Bee Gees
  2. House Without Windows Trevor Gordon And The Bee Gees
  3. We're The Bunburys Bee Gees
  4. Extended Bee Gees
  5. Bunbury Afternoon Bee Gees
  6. You Should Be Dancing The Bee Gees feat. Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Taio Cruz
  7. Out Of Time Bee Gees
  8. Edge Of The Universe [Live] Bee Gees
  9. Turn Around, Look At Me Barry Gibb and The Bee Gees
  10. Glasshouse Bee Gees
  11. Here I Am Trevor Gordon And The Bee Gees
  12. The Three Kisses Of Love Bee Gees
  13. Little Miss Rhythm And Blues Trevor Gordon And The Bee Gees
  14. The Bridge Bee Gees
  15. Angel Of Mercy Bee Gees
  16. (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away Bee Gees
  17. Gena's Theme Bee Gees
  18. Come Some Christmas Eve Or Halloween Bee Gees
  19. Completely Unoriginal Bee Gees
  20. Bridges Crossing Rivers Bee Gees
  21. Chocolate Symphony Bee Gees
  22. Medley: Silent Night/Hark The Herald Angels Sing Bee Gees
  23. Thank You For Christmas Bee Gees
  24. All My Christmases Came At Once Bee Gees
  25. Deeply, Deeply Me Bee Gees
  26. Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator Bee Gees
  27. Ring My Bell Bee Gees
  28. Out Of Line Bee Gees
  29. Mr. Wallor's Wailing Wall Bee Gees
  30. All Around My Clock Bee Gees
  31. I've Got To Learn Bee Gees
  32. House Of Lords Bee Gees
  33. Gilbert Green Bee Gees
  34. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight Peter Frampton, Bee Gees
  35. Polythene Pam / She Came In Through The Bathroom Window / Nowhere Man / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Peter Frampton, Bee Gees
  36. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / With A Little Help From My Friends Bee Gees, Paul Nicholas, Peter Frampton
  37. Pity Bee Gees
  38. Nobody's Someone Bee Gees
  39. Barbara Came To Stay Bee Gees
  40. With All Nations (International Anthem) Bee Gees
  41. Warm Ride Bee Gees
  42. Love Never Dies Bee Gees
  43. She's Leaving Home Bee Gees, Jay MacIntosh & John Wheeler
  44. I Want You (She's So Heavy) Bee Gees, Dianne Steinberg, Paul Nicholas, Donald Pleasence & Stargard
  45. Good Morning, Good Morning Bee Gees feat. Paul Nicholas & Peter Frampton
  46. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite Maurice Gibb, Peter Frampton, George Burns, Bee Gees
  47. Because Alice Cooper feat. The Bee Gees
  48. Getting Better Peter Frampton & The Bee Gees
  49. Ellan Vannin Bee Gees
  50. King And Country Bee Gees
  51. Chiquitita / Too Much Heaven ABBA / Bee Gees
  52. Country Woman Bee Gees
  53. You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You Bee Gees
  54. You're A Reason Bee Gees
  55. Yesterday's Gone Bee Gees
  56. Top Hat Bee Gees
  57. Ticket To Ride Bee Gees
  58. The Twelfth Of Never Bee Gees
  59. The End Bee Gees
  60. Somewhere Bee Gees
  61. Paperback Writer Bee Gees
  62. Lum-De-Loo Bee Gees
  63. Just One Look Bee Gees
  64. I Love You Because Bee Gees
  65. I'll Know What To Do Bee Gees
  66. Hallelujah I Love Her So Bee Gees
  67. From Me To You Bee Gees
  68. Forever Bee Gees
  69. Don't Say Goodbye Bee Gees
  70. Daydream Bee Gees
  71. Can't You See That She's Mine Bee Gees
  72. All Of My Life Bee Gees
  73. Promise The Earth Bee Gees
  74. You Won't See Me Bee Gees
  75. Theme From Jamie McPheeters Barry Gibb and The Bee Gees
  76. Terrible Way To Treat Your Baby Bee Gees
  77. The Storm Bee Gees
  78. Lonely Winter Bee Gees
  79. Like Nobody Else Bee Gees
  80. Morning Of My Life (AKA In The Morning) Bee Gees
  81. Exit Stage Right Bee Gees
  82. Coalman Bee Gees
  83. Cherry Red Bee Gees
  84. Butterfly Bee Gees
  85. All By Myself Bee Gees
  86. Sun King Bee Gees
  87. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Bee Gees
  88. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight Bee Gees
  89. Immortality Bee Gees
  90. A Day In The Life Barry Gibb, Bee Gees
  91. Will You Love Me Tomorrow Bee Gees
  92. Shape Of Things To Come Bee Gees
  93. 855 7019 Bee Gees
  94. I Love You Too Much Bee Gees feat. David Sanborn
  95. Sun In My Morning Bee Gees
  96. Guilty Bee Gees
  97. Heartbreaker Bee Gees
  98. To Be Or Not To Be Bee Gees
  99. Could It Be I'm In Love With You Bee Gees
  100. Take Hold Of That Star Barry Gibb And The Bee Gees
  101. Everyday I Have To Cry Barry Gibb And The Bee Gees
  102. Claustrophobia Bee Gees
  103. Follow The Wind Bee Gees
  104. I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men Bee Gees
  105. Voice In The Wilderness Bee Gees
  106. The Extra Mile Bee Gees
  107. Embrace Bee Gees
  108. Loose Talk Costs Lives Bee Gees
  109. Technicolor Dreams Bee Gees
  110. Déjà Vu Bee Gees
  111. Sacred Trust Bee Gees
  112. She Keeps On Coming Bee Gees
  113. Decadance Bee Gees
  114. Fallen Angel Bee Gees
  115. Above And Beyond Bee Gees
  116. Blue Island Bee Gees
  117. Anything For You Bee Gees
  118. Heart Like Mine Bee Gees
  119. Haunted House Bee Gees
  120. Omega Man Bee Gees
  121. How To Fall In Love Part 1 Bee Gees
  122. Will You Ever Let Me Bee Gees
  123. House Of Shame Bee Gees
  124. Tokyo Nights Bee Gees
  125. Tears Bee Gees
  126. It's My Neighborhood Bee Gees
  127. Bodyguard Bee Gees
  128. Nothing Could Be Good Bee Gees
  129. Wildflower Bee Gees
  130. Soldiers Bee Gees
  131. Had A Lot Of Love Last Night Bee Gees
  132. Heavy Breathing Bee Gees
  133. I Can't Let You Go Bee Gees
  134. Dogs Bee Gees
  135. Give A Hand, Take A Hand Bee Gees
  136. Voices Bee Gees
  137. Down The Road Bee Gees
  138. Throw A Penny Bee Gees
  139. Method To My Madness Bee Gees
  140. Come Home Johnny Bridie Bee Gees
  141. While I Play Bee Gees
  142. South Dakota Morning Bee Gees
  143. Sweet Song Of Summer Bee Gees
  144. You Know It's For You Bee Gees
  145. Bad Bad Dreams Bee Gees
  146. Sea Of Smiling Faces Bee Gees
  147. Please Don't Turn Out The Lights Bee Gees
  148. I Held A Party Bee Gees
  149. I Can Bring Love Bee Gees
  150. Paper Mache, Cabbages & Kings Bee Gees
  151. Never Been Alone Bee Gees
  152. Walking Back To Waterloo Bee Gees
  153. Lion In Winter Bee Gees
  154. When Do I Bee Gees
  155. Trafalgar Bee Gees
  156. Somebody Stop The Music Bee Gees
  157. Remembering Bee Gees
  158. It's Just The Way Bee Gees
  159. The Greatest Man In The World Bee Gees
  160. I'm Weeping Bee Gees
  161. Every Second, Every Minute Bee Gees
  162. Lay It On Me Bee Gees
  163. Tell Me Why Bee Gees
  164. Alone Again Bee Gees
  165. The 1st Mistake I Made Bee Gees
  166. Back Home Bee Gees
  167. Sincere Relation Bee Gees
  168. Man For All Seasons Bee Gees
  169. Portrait Of Louise Bee Gees
  170. 2 Years On Bee Gees
  171. Turning Tide Bee Gees
  172. The Chance Of Love Bee Gees
  173. My Thing Bee Gees
  174. Bury Me Down By The River Bee Gees
  175. I Lay Down And Die Bee Gees
  176. I Was The Child Bee Gees
  177. Then You Left Me Bee Gees
  178. If I Only Had My Mind On Something Else Bee Gees
  179. The British Opera Bee Gees
  180. Never Say Never Again Bee Gees
  181. I Laugh In Your Face Bee Gees
  182. Seven Seas Symphony Bee Gees
  183. Give Your Best Bee Gees
  184. Sound Of Love Bee Gees
  185. Whisper Whisper Bee Gees
  186. Suddenly Bee Gees
  187. Melody Fair Bee Gees
  188. Edison Bee Gees
  189. Marley Purt Drive Bee Gees
  190. Black Diamond Bee Gees
  191. You'll Never See My Face Again Bee Gees
  192. Odessa (City On The Black Sea) Bee Gees
  193. Horizontal Bee Gees
  194. The Change Is Made Bee Gees
  195. The Earnest Of Being George Bee Gees
  196. Day Time Girl Bee Gees
  197. Harry Braff Bee Gees
  198. With The Sun In My Eyes Bee Gees
  199. Birdie Told Me Bee Gees
  200. Really And Sincerely Bee Gees
  201. Lemons Never Forget Bee Gees
  202. Please Read Me Bee Gees
  203. I Close My Eyes Bee Gees
  204. Cucumber Castle Bee Gees
  205. Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts Bee Gees
  206. In My Own Time Bee Gees
  207. One Minute Woman Bee Gees
  208. Red Chair Fade Away Bee Gees
  209. Turn Of The Century Bee Gees
  210. Cryin' Every Day Bee Gees
  211. Paradise Bee Gees
  212. Peace Of Mind Bee Gees
  213. Timber! Barry Gibb And The Bee Gees
  214. I Want Home Bee Gees
  215. You Wouldn't Know Barry Gibb And The Bee Gees
  216. And The Children Laughing Bee Gees
  217. How Love Was True Bee Gees
  218. The Battle Of The Blue And The Grey Bee Gees
  219. I Don't Think It's Funny Bee Gees
  220. Wine And Women Bee Gees
  221. Don't Fall In Love With Me Bee Gees
  222. Living In Chicago Bee Gees
  223. I Don't Wanna Be The One Bee Gees
  224. We Lost The Road Bee Gees
  225. Losers And Lovers Bee Gees
  226. Be Who You Are Bee Gees
  227. Wish You Were Here Bee Gees
  228. Charade Bee Gees
  229. Lost In Your Love Bee Gees
  230. Shadow Dancing Bee Gees
  231. Wing And A Prayer Bee Gees
  232. I Still Love You Bee Gees
  233. I Will Be There Bee Gees
  234. Just In Case Bee Gees
  235. Rings Around The Moon Bee Gees
  236. My Destiny Bee Gees
  237. Life Goes On Bee Gees
  238. Breakout Bee Gees
  239. It Doesn't Matter Much To Me Bee Gees
  240. I Am The World Bee Gees
  241. My Life Has Been A Song Bee Gees
  242. Road To Alaska Bee Gees
  243. Elisa Bee Gees
  244. Born A Man Bee Gees
  245. Jingle Jangle Bee Gees
  246. Tint Of Blue Bee Gees
  247. Monday's Rain Bee Gees
  248. I Don't Know Why I Bother With Myself Bee Gees
  249. Secondhand People Bee Gees
  250. How Many Birds Bee Gees
  251. Big Chance Bee Gees
  252. Playdown Bee Gees
  253. Where Are You Bee Gees
  254. I'm Satisfied Bee Gees
  255. Living Together Bee Gees
  256. Stop (Think Again) Bee Gees
  257. Search, Find Bee Gees
  258. Reaching Out Bee Gees
  259. Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You Bee Gees
  260. The Lord Bee Gees
  261. Close Another Door Bee Gees
  262. Barker Of The U.F.O. Bee Gees
  263. On Time Bee Gees
  264. Sweetheart Bee Gees
  265. Sinking Ships Bee Gees
  266. Sir Geoffrey Saved The World Bee Gees
  267. Evolution Bee Gees
  268. True Confessions Bee Gees
  269. Human Sacrifice Bee Gees
  270. Dimensions Bee Gees
  271. Ghost Train Bee Gees
  272. Party With No Name Bee Gees
  273. Happy Ever After Bee Gees
  274. When He's Gone Bee Gees
  275. High Civilization Bee Gees
  276. Smoke And Mirrors Bee Gees
  277. Miracles Happen Bee Gees
  278. Obsessions Bee Gees
  279. I Will Bee Gees
  280. Irresistible Force Bee Gees
  281. With My Eyes Closed Bee Gees
  282. My Lover's Prayer Bee Gees
  283. I Surrender Bee Gees
  284. Backtafunk Bee Gees
  285. Crazy For Your Love Bee Gees
  286. Overnight Bee Gees
  287. This Is Your Life Bee Gees
  288. The Longest Night Bee Gees
  289. Giving Up The Ghost Bee Gees
  290. Dearest Bee Gees
  291. Children Of The World Bee Gees
  292. The Way It Was Bee Gees
  293. Subway Bee Gees
  294. Boogie Child Bee Gees
  295. Can't Keep A Good Man Down Bee Gees
  296. Lovers Bee Gees
  297. Emotion Bee Gees
  298. Love Me Bee Gees
  299. Swan Song Bee Gees
  300. Kilburn Towers Bee Gees
  301. I Have Decided To Join The Airforce Bee Gees
  302. Idea Bee Gees
  303. Such A Shame Bee Gees
  304. Down To Earth Bee Gees
  305. Indian Gin And Whisky Dry Bee Gees
  306. In The Summer Of His Years Bee Gees
  307. Kitty Can Bee Gees
  308. Baby As You Turn Away Bee Gees
  309. Edge Of The Universe Bee Gees
  310. Come On Over Bee Gees
  311. Country Lanes Bee Gees
  312. All This Making Love Bee Gees
  313. Songbird Bee Gees
  314. Closer Than Close Bee Gees
  315. Man In The Middle Bee Gees
  316. Live Or Die (Hold Me Like A Child) Bee Gees
  317. I Can't See Nobody Bee Gees
  318. And The Sun Will Shine Bee Gees
  319. Walking On Air Bee Gees
  320. Wedding Day Bee Gees
  321. You Stepped Into My Life Bee Gees
  322. Islands In The Stream Bee Gees
  323. More Than A Woman Bee Gees
  324. Spirits (Having Flown) Bee Gees
  325. Mr. Natural Bee Gees
  326. Wouldn't I Be Someone Bee Gees
  327. Saw A New Morning Bee Gees
  328. Alive Bee Gees
  329. Run To Me Bee Gees
  330. Israel Bee Gees
  331. Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself Bee Gees
  332. When The Swallows Fly Bee Gees
  333. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart Bee Gees
  334. Let There Be Love Bee Gees
  335. Holiday Bee Gees
  336. Flesh And Blood Bee Gees
  337. Until Bee Gees
  338. Rest Your Love On Me Bee Gees
  339. Wind Of Change Bee Gees
  340. Lamplight Bee Gees
  341. I Started A Joke Bee Gees
  342. The Singer Sang His Song Bee Gees

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  1. One For All Tour - Live In Australia 1989 [DVD] Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 09.02.2018
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  2. Mythology Bee Gees
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  3. The Ultimate Bee Gees Bee Gees
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  6. The Record - Their Greatest Hits Bee Gees
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  7. This Is Where I Came In Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 16.04.2001
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  8. One Night Only Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 21.09.1998
    PEAK: 5
  9. Still Waters Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 24.03.1997
    PEAK: 2
  10. Size Isn't Everything Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 27.09.1993
    PEAK: 12
  11. High Civilization Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.04.1991
    PEAK: 2
  12. The Very Best Of The Bee Gees Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 10.12.1990
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  13. One Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.05.1989
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  14. E.S.P. Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 05.10.1987
    PEAK: 1
  15. Staying Alive Soundtrack / Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 08.08.1983
    PEAK: 8
  16. Gold & Diamonds Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 21.03.1983
    PEAK: 4
  17. Living Eyes Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 30.11.1981
    PEAK: 37
  18. Bee Gees Greatest Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 26.11.1979
    PEAK: 43
  19. Spirits Having Flown Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 19.02.1979
    PEAK: 1
  20. 20 Greatest Hits Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.04.1978
    PEAK: 4
  21. Here At Last ...Live Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 01.08.1977
    PEAK: 44
  22. Children Of The World Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 15.12.1976
    PEAK: 36
  23. Main Course Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 15.09.1975
    PEAK: 29
  24. Cucumber Castle Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 15.07.1970
    PEAK: 36
  25. Best Of Bee Gees Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 15.01.1970
    PEAK: 26
  26. Odessa Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 15.05.1969
    PEAK: 4
  27. Idea Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 15.09.1968
    PEAK: 3
  28. Rare, Precious & Beautiful Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 15.08.1968
    PEAK: 15
  29. Horizontal Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 15.03.1968
    PEAK: 1
  30. Bee Gees' 1st Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 15.08.1967
    PEAK: 4


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  72. To Whom It May Concern Bee Gees
  73. Trafalgar Bee Gees
  74. 2 Years On Bee Gees
  75. The Early Days Vol.1 Bee Gees
  76. The Early Days Bee Gees

TOP Titel

  1. Loved Me Back To Life Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 15.11.2013
    PEAK: 38
  2. Pour que tu m'aimes encore Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 02.12.2011
    PEAK: 39
  3. Taking Chances Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 16.11.2007
    PEAK: 25
  4. Tout l'or des hommes Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 03.11.2003
    PEAK: 77
  5. One Heart Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 23.06.2003
    PEAK: 56
  6. I Drove All Night Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 24.03.2003
    PEAK: 22
  7. Goodbye's (The Saddest Word) Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 16.12.2002
    PEAK: 56
  8. I'm Alive Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 26.08.2002
    PEAK: 4
  9. A New Day Has Come Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 25.03.2002
    PEAK: 6
  10. That's The Way It Is Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 15.11.1999
    PEAK: 8
  11. Treat Her Like A Lady Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 05.04.1999
    PEAK: 64
  12. I'm Your Angel Céline Dion & R. Kelly
    CHARTENTRY: 23.11.1998
    PEAK: 14
  13. Immortality Céline Dion with the Bee Gees
    CHARTENTRY: 22.06.1998
    PEAK: 2
  14. My Heart Will Go On Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 05.01.1998
    PEAK: 1
  15. Tell Him Barbra Streisand & Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 17.11.1997
    PEAK: 25
  16. It's All Coming Back To Me Now Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 31.03.1997
    PEAK: 62
  17. All By Myself Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 02.12.1996
    PEAK: 55
  18. Because You Loved Me Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 20.05.1996
    PEAK: 13
  19. Falling Into You Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 08.04.1996
    PEAK: 71
  20. Think Twice Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 06.03.1995
    PEAK: 19
  21. Misled Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 27.06.1994
    PEAK: 83
  22. The Power Of Love Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 21.02.1994
    PEAK: 57
  23. Love Can Move Mountains Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 25.01.1993
    PEAK: 61


  1. Hymn Céline Dion
  2. Ashes Céline Dion
  3. Would I See Céline Dion
  4. How Does A Moment Last Forever Céline Dion
  5. Recovering Céline Dion
  6. Ma force Céline Dion
  7. À vous Céline Dion
  8. À la plus haute branche Céline Dion
  9. Le bonheur en face Céline Dion
  10. Toutes ces choses Céline Dion
  11. Tu sauras Céline Dion
  12. Ordinaire Céline Dion
  13. Si c'était à refaire Céline Dion
  14. Les yeux au ciel Céline Dion
  15. Je nous veux Céline Dion
  16. Ma faille Céline Dion
  17. L'étoile Céline Dion
  18. Plus qu'ailleurs Céline Dion
  19. Encore un soir Céline Dion
  20. The Show Must Go On Céline Dion feat. Lindsey Stirling
  21. Petit papa Noël Céline Dion
  22. Can't Live With You, Can't Live Without You Billy Newton-Davis feat. Céline Dion
  23. Je sais pas (Live) Céline Dion
  24. Something So Right Miss Piggy, Kermit, Celine Dion and The Muppets
  25. Cry Just A Little Céline Dion
  26. The Prayer (Live) Céline Dion & Josh Groban
  27. Open Arms Céline Dion
  28. When I Fall In Love Céline Dion
  29. Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) Céline Dion
  30. How Do You Keep The Music Playing Céline Dion
  31. Unfinished Songs Céline Dion
  32. Always Be Your Girl Céline Dion
  33. At Seventeen Céline Dion
  34. Thankful Céline Dion
  35. Overjoyed Céline Dion with Stevie Wonder
  36. Thank You Céline Dion
  37. Didn't Know Love Céline Dion
  38. Save Your Soul Céline Dion
  39. Breakaway Céline Dion
  40. Incredible Céline Dion with Ne-Yo
  41. Somebody Loves Somebody Céline Dion
  42. Et puis un jour Céline Dion
  43. Water And A Flame Céline Dion
  44. Les jours comme ça Céline Dion
  45. Ne me quitte pas Céline Dion
  46. Les petits pieds de Léa Céline Dion
  47. Tant de temps Céline Dion & Henri Salvador
  48. Que toi au monde Céline Dion
  49. Si je n'ai rien de toi Céline Dion
  50. Je n'ai pas besoin d'amour Céline Dion
  51. Celle qui m'a tout appris Céline Dion
  52. Moi quand je pleure Céline Dion
  53. La mer et l'enfant Céline Dion
  54. Une chance qu'on s'a Céline Dion & Jean-Pierre Ferland
  55. Attendre Céline Dion
  56. L'amour peut prendre froid Céline Dion & Johnny Hallyday
  57. Qui peut vivre sans amour? Céline Dion
  58. Le miracle Céline Dion
  59. Parler à mon père Céline Dion
  60. If I Ruled The World Tony Bennett with Celine Dion
  61. Sainte nuit Céline Dion
  62. Un enfant Céline Dion
  63. Voler Michel Sardou avec Céline Dion
  64. Fais ce que tu voudras Céline Dion
  65. Une colombe Céline Dion
  66. Mélanie Céline Dion
  67. I Knew I Loved You (Deborah's Theme) Céline Dion
  68. Love You Blind Céline Dion
  69. The Reason Céline Dion & Carole King
  70. You've Got A Friend Céline Dion / Gloria Estefan / Shania Twain / Carole King
  71. You And Me Charles Aznavour & Céline Dion
  72. Toi et moi Charles Aznavour & Céline Dion
  73. God Bless America Céline Dion
  74. There Comes A Time Céline Dion
  75. Ma chambre Céline Dion
  76. I Want To Know What Love Is Arena, Hallyday, Lââm, Dion, Lara, Petits chanteurs de Strasbourg
  77. A World To Believe In Céline Dion & Ito Yuna
  78. The Reason I Go On Céline Dion
  79. Skies Of L.A. Céline Dion
  80. Fade Away Céline Dion
  81. Right Next To The Right One Céline Dion
  82. I Got Nothin' Left Céline Dion
  83. Can't Fight The Feelin' Céline Dion
  84. A World To Believe In Céline Dion
  85. A Song For You Céline Dion
  86. New Dawn Céline Dion
  87. This Time Céline Dion
  88. Surprise Surprise Céline Dion
  89. Shadow Of Love Céline Dion
  90. My Love Céline Dion
  91. Eyes On Me Céline Dion
  92. Map To My Heart Céline Dion
  93. That's Just The Woman In Me Céline Dion
  94. Alone Céline Dion
  95. Les roses blanches Céline Dion
  96. Tire l'aiguille Céline Dion
  97. Seul un oiseau blanc Céline Dion
  98. Grand Maman Céline Dion
  99. Autour de moi Céline Dion
  100. L'amour viendra Céline Dion
  101. Au secours Céline Dion
  102. Berceuse Céline Dion
  103. On s'est aimé à cause Céline Dion
  104. Lettre de George Sand à Alfred de Musset Céline Dion
  105. Le temps qui compte Céline Dion
  106. Je ne suis pas celle Céline Dion
  107. Si j'étais quelqu'un Céline Dion
  108. Femme comme chacune Céline Dion
  109. La diva Céline Dion
  110. Les paradis Céline Dion
  111. Je cherche l'ombre Céline Dion
  112. À cause Céline Dion
  113. Immensité Céline Dion
  114. Et s'il n'en restait qu'une (je serais celle-là) Céline Dion
  115. Je sais pas (Live) / J'attendais Céline Dion
  116. Plus haut que moi Mario Pelchat & Céline Dion
  117. It's Hard To Say Goodbye Paul Anka & Céline Dion
  118. Pour que tu m'aimes encore Les 500 Choristes avec Céline Dion
  119. Sous le vent Les 500 Choristes avec Garou & Céline Dion
  120. Je ne vous oublie pas Les 500 Choristes avec Céline Dion
  121. Love Lights The World David Foster feat. Celine Dion, Peabo Bryson & Color Me Badd
  122. Dance With My Father Céline Dion
  123. Mon ami, geh nicht fort Céline Dion
  124. Let Your Heart Decide Céline Dion
  125. I Believe In You (Je crois en toi) Il Divo and Céline Dion
  126. Medley Starmania Céline Dion
  127. À Paris Les 500 Choristes avec Céline Dion
  128. Comme un cœur froid Céline Dion
  129. Delivre-moi Céline Dion
  130. D'abord, c'est quoi l'amour? Céline Dion
  131. Jours de fièvre Céline Dion
  132. Partout je te vois Céline Dion
  133. On traverse un miroir Céline Dion
  134. Lolita (Trop jeune pour aimer) Céline Dion
  135. Incognito Céline Dion
  136. Sous le vent Céline Dion avec Les 500 Choristes
  137. Ma nouvelle France Céline Dion
  138. J'irai où tu iras Céline Dion avec Jean-Jacques Goldman
  139. Tous les secrets Céline Dion
  140. Je ne vous oublie pas Céline Dion
  141. You Shook Me All Night Long Céline Dion & Anastacia
  142. All Because Of You Céline Dion
  143. Was bedeute ich dir Céline Dion
  144. Hand in Hand Céline Dion
  145. Sola otra vez Céline Dion
  146. Here, There And Everywhere Céline Dion
  147. Benjamin Céline Dion
  148. La voix du bon Dieu Céline Dion
  149. Paul et Virginie Céline Dion
  150. Trop jeune à dix-sept ans Céline Dion
  151. Trois heures vingt Céline Dion
  152. Hello Mister Sam Céline Dion
  153. Les chemins de ma maison Céline Dion
  154. Ne me plaignez pas Céline Dion
  155. Hymne à l'amitié Céline Dion
  156. La dodo la do Céline Dion
  157. All The Way Céline Dion with Frank Sinatra
  158. If Walls Could Talk Céline Dion
  159. Little Bit Of Love Céline Dion
  160. Oxygène Céline Dion
  161. Les uns contre les autres Céline Dion
  162. Quelqu'un que j'aime, quelqu'un qui m'aime Céline Dion
  163. Piaf chanterait du rock Céline Dion
  164. Le blues du businessman Céline Dion
  165. Le fils de Superman Céline Dion
  166. J'ai besoin d'un chum Céline Dion
  167. Des mots qui sonnent Céline Dion
  168. À quatre pas d'ici Céline Dion
  169. The Prayer Céline Dion & Andrea Bocelli
  170. In Some Small Way Céline Dion
  171. Beautiful Boy Céline Dion
  172. Le loup, la biche et le chevalier (une chanson douce) Céline Dion
  173. Come To Me Céline Dion
  174. Baby Close Your Eyes Céline Dion
  175. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Céline Dion
  176. A Mother's Prayer Céline Dion
  177. My Precious One Céline Dion
  178. What A Wonderful World Céline Dion
  179. Sleep Tight Céline Dion
  180. If I Could Céline Dion
  181. Brahms' Lullaby Céline Dion
  182. Miracle Céline Dion
  183. Aún existe amor Céline Dion
  184. Then You Look At Me Céline Dion
  185. Be The Man Céline Dion
  186. Quand on s'aime Céline Dion & René Simard
  187. If You Asked Me To Céline Dion
  188. If Love Is Out Of The Question Céline Dion
  189. Le monde est stone Céline Dion
  190. Des milliers de baisers Céline Dion
  191. Rien n'est vraiment fini Céline Dion
  192. Mon homme Céline Dion
  193. Je lui dirai Céline Dion
  194. Retiens-moi Céline Dion
  195. Tu nages Céline Dion
  196. Ne bouge pas Céline Dion
  197. Le vol d'un ange Céline Dion
  198. I Know What Love Is Céline Dion
  199. Reveal Céline Dion
  200. In His Touch Céline Dion
  201. Tous les blues sont écrits pour toi Céline Dion
  202. Sur le même bateau Céline Dion
  203. L'abandon Céline Dion
  204. Papillon Céline Dion
  205. En attendant ses pas Céline Dion
  206. Je chanterai Céline Dion
  207. The Colour Of My Love Céline Dion
  208. Bewitched Céline Dion
  209. Just Walk Away Céline Dion
  210. Lovin' Proof Céline Dion
  211. I Remember L.A. Céline Dion
  212. Refuse To Dance Céline Dion
  213. Love Doesn't Ask Why Céline Dion
  214. When I Fall In Love Céline Dion & Clive Griffin
  215. Stand By Your Side Céline Dion
  216. Naked Céline Dion
  217. Next Plane Out Céline Dion
  218. Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down Céline Dion
  219. Forget Me Not Céline Dion
  220. Faith Céline Dion
  221. L'amour existe encore Céline Dion
  222. Ce n'était qu'un rêve Céline Dion
  223. To Love You More Céline Dion with Kryzler & Kompany
  224. Real Emotion Céline Dion
  225. No Living Without Loving You Céline Dion
  226. Je danse dans ma tête Céline Dion
  227. Have A Heart Céline Dion
  228. If We Could Start Over Céline Dion
  229. I Feel Too Much Céline Dion
  230. Love By Another Name Céline Dion
  231. I'm Loving Every Moment With You Céline Dion
  232. The Last To Know Céline Dion
  233. Ain't Gonna Look The Other Way Céline Dion
  234. (If There Was) Any Other Way Céline Dion
  235. Nature Boy Céline Dion
  236. Sorry For Love Céline Dion
  237. Super Love Céline Dion
  238. At Last Céline Dion
  239. I Surrender Céline Dion
  240. Ten Days Céline Dion
  241. Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable) Céline Dion
  242. Have You Ever Been In Love Céline Dion
  243. Right In Front Of You Céline Dion
  244. I Hate You Then I Love You Céline Dion & Luciano Pavarotti
  245. Where Is The Love Céline Dion
  246. Just A Little Bit Of Love Céline Dion
  247. Miles To Go (Before I Sleep) Céline Dion
  248. Love Is On The Way Céline Dion
  249. Why Oh Why Céline Dion
  250. Quand on n'a que l'amour Céline Dion
  251. S'il suffisait d'aimer Céline Dion
  252. Terre Céline Dion
  253. Je crois toi Céline Dion
  254. Dans un autre monde Céline Dion
  255. Let's Talk About Love Céline Dion
  256. Only One Road Céline Dion
  257. Amar haciendo el amor Céline Dion
  258. Ziggy (Un garçon pas comme les autres) Céline Dion
  259. River Deep, Mountain High Céline Dion
  260. If That's What It Takes Céline Dion
  261. I Don't Know Céline Dion
  262. Fly Céline Dion
  263. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman Céline Dion
  264. Declaration Of Love Céline Dion
  265. I Met An Angel (On Christmas Day) Céline Dion
  266. Prière païenne Céline Dion
  267. Destin Céline Dion
  268. La mémoire d'Abraham Céline Dion
  269. C'est pour vivre Céline Dion
  270. Je ne veux pas Céline Dion
  271. Comment t'aimer Céline Dion
  272. Billy Céline Dion
  273. The Power Of The Dream Céline Dion
  274. Un amour pour moi Céline Dion
  275. Du soleil au cœur Céline Dion
  276. Mon rêve de toujours Céline Dion
  277. Avec toi Céline Dion
  278. You And I Céline Dion
  279. Mon ami m'a quittée Céline Dion
  280. C'est pour toi Céline Dion
  281. La religieuse Céline Dion
  282. Tellement j'ai d'amour... Céline Dion
  283. Les oiseaux du bonheur Céline Dion
  284. En amour Céline Dion
  285. Visa pour les beaux jours Céline Dion
  286. D'amour ou d'amitié Céline Dion
  287. Les derniers seront les premiers Céline Dion
  288. Regarde-moi Céline Dion
  289. Le ballet Céline Dion
  290. Us Céline Dion
  291. The Greatest Reward Céline Dion
  292. Coulda Woulda Shoulda Céline Dion
  293. Contre nature Céline Dion
  294. On ne change pas Céline Dion
  295. Nothing Broken But My Heart Céline Dion
  296. Water From The Moon Céline Dion
  297. With This Tear Céline Dion
  298. I Love You, Goodbye Céline Dion
  299. If I Were You Céline Dion
  300. Did You Give Enough Love Céline Dion
  301. Halfway To Heaven Céline Dion
  302. If You Could See Me Now Céline Dion
  303. Show Some Emotion Céline Dion
  304. Love Is All We Need Céline Dion
  305. Unison Céline Dion
  306. Call The Man Céline Dion
  307. When I Need You Céline Dion
  308. Apprends-moi Céline Dion
  309. When The Wrong One Loves You Right Céline Dion
  310. J'attendais Céline Dion
  311. Your Light Céline Dion
  312. Dreamin' Of You Céline Dion
  313. I Love You Céline Dion
  314. Make You Happy Céline Dion
  315. Seduces Me Céline Dion
  316. Les cloches du hameau Céline Dion
  317. Feliz Navidad Céline Dion
  318. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Céline Dion
  319. These Are The Special Times Céline Dion
  320. Christmas Eve Céline Dion
  321. Prayer Céline Dion
  322. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) Céline Dion
  323. Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful) Céline Dion
  324. Ave Maria Céline Dion
  325. The Magic Of Christmas Day (God Bless Us Everyone) Céline Dion
  326. Another Year Has Gone By Céline Dion
  327. Blue Christmas Céline Dion
  328. Don't Save It All For Christmas Day Céline Dion
  329. O Holy Night Céline Dion
  330. The Reason Céline Dion
  331. Cherche encore Céline Dion
  332. Vole Céline Dion
  333. Beauty And The Beast Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson
  334. Where Does My Heart Beat Now Céline Dion
  335. Je sais pas Céline Dion
  336. Et je t'aime encore Céline Dion
  337. Sous le vent Garou & Céline Dion
  338. I Want You To Need Me Céline Dion
  339. Live (For The One I Love) Céline Dion
  340. Zora sourit Céline Dion
  341. Ne partez pas sans moi Céline Dion

TOP Alben

  1. Encore un soir Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 02.09.2016
    PEAK: 16
  2. Céline - une seule fois / Live 2013 Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 30.05.2014
    PEAK: 56
  3. Loved Me Back To Life Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 15.11.2013
    PEAK: 9
  4. Sans attendre Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 16.11.2012
    PEAK: 44
  5. My Love - Essential Collection Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 14.11.2008
    PEAK: 24
  6. Live In Las Vegas - A New Day... [DVD] Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 21.12.2007
    PEAK: 64
  7. Taking Chances Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 23.11.2007
    PEAK: 5
  8. D'elles Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 15.06.2007
    PEAK: 52
  9. On ne change pas Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 17.10.2005
    PEAK: 72
  10. Miracle Céline Dion & Anne Geddes
    CHARTENTRY: 25.10.2004
    PEAK: 34
  11. A New Day... Live In Las Vegas Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 28.06.2004
    PEAK: 20
  12. 1 fille & 4 types Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 27.10.2003
    PEAK: 26
  13. One Heart Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 07.04.2003
    PEAK: 6
  14. A New Day Has Come Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 08.04.2002
    PEAK: 2
  15. The Collector's Series Vol. 1 Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 06.11.2000
    PEAK: 28
  16. All The Way... A Decade Of Song Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 29.11.1999
    PEAK: 1
  17. Au cœur du Stade Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 13.09.1999
    PEAK: 37
  18. These Are Special Times Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 16.11.1998
    PEAK: 3
  19. VH-1 Divas Live Celine / Gloria / Aretha / Shania / Mariah
    CHARTENTRY: 16.11.1998
    PEAK: 39
  20. S'il suffisait d'aimer Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 21.09.1998
    PEAK: 11
  21. Let's Talk About Love Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 01.12.1997
    PEAK: 1
  22. Live à Paris Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 18.11.1996
    PEAK: 63
  23. Falling Into You Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 25.03.1996
    PEAK: 5
  24. D'eux Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 17.07.1995
    PEAK: 69
  25. The Colour Of My Love Céline Dion
    CHARTENTRY: 21.03.1994
    PEAK: 16


  1. The Best So Far - 2018 Tour Edition Céline Dion
  2. Un peu de nous Céline Dion
  3. On ne change pas [DVD] Céline Dion
  4. Sous le vent Céline Dion
  5. Live à Paris + S'il suffisait d'aimer Céline Dion
  6. On ne change pas + My Love - Essential Collection Céline Dion
  7. A New Day Has Come + Loved Me Back To Life Céline Dion
  8. Collection Céline Dion
  9. Céline Dion Collection Céline Dion
  10. The Best Of [1988] Céline Dion
  11. Les oiseaux du bonheur Céline Dion
  12. Chants et contes de Noël Céline Dion
  13. Céline Dion chante Noël Céline Dion
  14. 1 fille & 4 types + Sans attendre Céline Dion
  15. The Best Of Celine Dion [2014] Céline Dion
  16. La collection Céline Dion
  17. Avec toi - The Very Best Of The Early Years Céline Dion
  18. Original Album Classics [2012] Céline Dion
  19. The Essential Céline Dion
  20. Les chansons en or Céline Dion
  21. En concert Céline Dion
  22. Les plus grands succès de Céline Dion Céline Dion
  23. Tellement j'ai d'amour Céline Dion
  24. Les chemins de ma maison Céline Dion
  25. Mélanie Céline Dion
  26. Au cœur du Stade [DVD] Céline Dion
  27. The French Love Album Céline Dion
  28. Ne partez pas sans moi Céline Dion
  29. Tout en amour Céline Dion
  30. Original Album Classics Céline Dion
  31. Taking Chances World Tour - The Concert Céline Dion
  32. Taking Chances World Tour - The Concert [DVD] Céline Dion
  33. Tournée mondiale Taking Chances - Le spectacle Céline Dion
  34. Through The Eyes Of The World [DVD] Céline Dion
  35. The French Collection [2007] Céline Dion
  36. The Colour Of My Love Concert [DVD] Céline Dion
  37. Best Of - 3 CD Céline Dion
  38. Let's Talk About Love + A New Day Has Come Céline Dion
  39. Live à Québec [DVD] Céline Dion
  40. D'eux + D'elles Céline Dion
  41. Du soleil au coeur Céline Dion
  42. The Solid Gold Collection Céline Dion
  43. The Collection 1982-1988 Céline Dion
  44. Let's Talk About Love / Falling Into You / A New Day Has Come Céline Dion
  45. Premiers succès Céline Dion
  46. Les premières chansons vol. 1 - Gold Céline Dion
  47. C'est pour vivre Céline Dion
  48. Live à Paris [DVD] Céline Dion
  49. All The Way - A Decade Of Song & Video [DVD] Céline Dion
  50. Ihre schönsten Weihnachtslieder Céline Dion
  51. La voix du bon Dieu Céline Dion
  52. The Best Of The Early Years - The French Years Céline Dion
  53. Incognito Céline Dion
  54. Dion chante Plamondon Céline Dion
  55. C'est pour toi Céline Dion
  56. The French Collection Céline Dion
  57. Les premières années - The Very Best Of The Early Years Céline Dion
  58. À l'Olympia Céline Dion
  59. Des mots qui sonnent Céline Dion
  60. Unison Céline Dion
  61. Les premières années Céline Dion
  62. Celine Dion Céline Dion
  63. Divas Las Vegas Céline Dion, Cher, Dixie Chicks, Shakira


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