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Lupe Fiasco feat. Jay-Z

Pressure Single

Jahr: k.A.


  1. Pressure Lupe Fiasco feat. Jay-Z

TOP Titel

  1. Talk Up Drake feat. Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 06.07.2018
    PEAK: 83
  2. Top Off DJ Khaled feat. Jay Z, Future & Beyoncé
    CHARTENTRY: 09.03.2018
    PEAK: 98
  3. Drunk In Love Beyoncé feat. Jay Z
    CHARTENTRY: 10.01.2014
    PEAK: 70
  4. Holy Grail Jay-Z feat. Justin Timberlake
    CHARTENTRY: 19.07.2013
    PEAK: 24
  5. Suit & Tie Justin Timberlake feat. Jay Z
    CHARTENTRY: 01.02.2013
    PEAK: 25
  6. Niggas In Paris Jay-Z / Kanye West
    CHARTENTRY: 22.06.2012
    PEAK: 40
  7. Empire State Of Mind Jay-Z + Alicia Keys
    CHARTENTRY: 27.11.2009
    PEAK: 11
  8. Run This Town Jay-Z / Rihanna / Kanye West
    CHARTENTRY: 18.09.2009
    PEAK: 18
  9. Umbrella Rihanna feat. Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 08.06.2007
    PEAK: 1
  10. Déjà Vu Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 01.09.2006
    PEAK: 9
  11. Numb / Encore Jay-Z / Linkin Park
    CHARTENTRY: 13.12.2004
    PEAK: 4
  12. 99 Problems Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 05.07.2004
    PEAK: 67
  13. Change Clothes Jay-Z feat. Pharrell
    CHARTENTRY: 26.01.2004
    PEAK: 54
  14. Frontin' Pharrell Williams feat. Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 11.08.2003
    PEAK: 61
  15. Excuse Me Miss Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 12.05.2003
    PEAK: 67
  16. '03 Bonnie And Clyde Jay-Z feat. Beyoncé Knowles
    CHARTENTRY: 27.01.2003
    PEAK: 6
  17. Girls, Girls, Girls Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 07.01.2002
    PEAK: 86
  18. Fiesta (Remix) R. Kelly feat. Jay-Z and Boo & Gotti
    CHARTENTRY: 25.06.2001
    PEAK: 8
  19. I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 15.01.2001
    PEAK: 75
  20. Can I Get A... Jay-Z feat. Amil & Ja Rule
    CHARTENTRY: 29.03.1999
    PEAK: 12
  21. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 14.12.1998
    PEAK: 5
  22. The City Is Mine Jay-Z feat. Blackstreet
    CHARTENTRY: 22.06.1998
    PEAK: 28
  23. Wishing On A Star Jay-Z feat. Gwen Dickey
    CHARTENTRY: 16.02.1998
    PEAK: 56
  24. Sunshine Jay-Z feat. Foxy Brown & Babyface
    CHARTENTRY: 03.11.1997
    PEAK: 18
  25. I'll Be Foxy Brown feat. Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 16.06.1997
    PEAK: 48


  1. Bath Salts DMX feat. Jay-Z & Nas
  2. Sorry Not Sorry DJ Khaled feat. Nas, Jay-Z & James Fauntleroy
  3. Entrepreneur Pharrell Williams feat. Jay-Z
  4. Mood 4 Eva Beyoncé, Jay-Z & Childish Gambino
  5. What's Free Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross & Jay-Z
  6. Lovehappy The Carters
  7. Black Effect The Carters
  8. Heard About Us The Carters
  9. Friends The Carters
  10. 713 The Carters
  11. Nice The Carters
  12. Boss The Carters
  13. Apeshit The Carters
  14. Summer The Carters
  15. Girls' Best Friend Jay-Z
  16. Jigga My Nigga Jay-Z
  17. Love For Free Rell feat. Jay-Z
  18. ManyFacedGod Jay-Z feat. James Blake
  19. Blue's Freestyle / We Family Jay-Z
  20. Adnis Jay-Z
  21. Legacy Jay-Z
  22. Marcy Me Jay-Z
  23. Moonlight Jay-Z
  24. Bam Jay-Z feat. Damian Marley
  25. Family Feud Jay-Z feat. Beyoncé
  26. Caught In Their Eyes Jay-Z feat. Frank Ocean
  27. Smile Jay-Z
  28. Kill Jay-Z Jay-Z
  29. 4:44 Jay-Z
  30. The Story Of O.J. Jay-Z
  31. Biking Frank Ocean feat. Jay Z & Tyler, The Creator
  32. Shining DJ Khaled feat. Beyoncé & Jay Z
  33. I Got The Keys DJ Khaled feat. Jay-Z & Future
  34. Guess Who's Back Scarface feat. Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel
  35. Pop Style Drake feat. The Throne
  36. Movin' Bass Rick Ross feat. Jay Z
  37. Seen It All Young Jeezy feat. Jay Z
  38. Computerized Daft Punk feat. Jay Z
  39. The Devil Is A Lie Rick Ross feat. Jay Z
  40. Intro [Roc La Familia] Jay-Z
  41. Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2 Drake feat. Jay-Z
  42. Higher Just Blaze & Baauer feat. Jay-Z
  43. Murder Justin Timberlake feat. Jay Z
  44. Nickels And Dimes Jay-Z
  45. La familia Jay-Z
  46. Jay Z Blue Jay-Z
  47. BBC Jay-Z
  48. Part II (On The Run) Jay-Z feat. Beyoncé
  49. Heaven Jay-Z
  50. Crown Jay-Z
  51. F.U.T.W. Jay-Z
  52. Oceans Jay-Z feat. Frank Ocean
  53. F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt Jay-Z feat. Rick Ross
  54. Tom Ford Jay-Z
  55. Picasso Baby Jay-Z
  56. Somewhere In America Jay-Z
  57. High Art The-Dream feat. Jay Z
  58. 100$ Bill Jay-Z
  59. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix) Kendrick Lamar feat. Jay-Z
  60. I Love Da Doe The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Jay-Z
  61. Brooklyn Bitch The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Jay-Z, Shyne & Lil Kim
  62. Ride The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Jay-Z, Kool G Rap & Fabulous
  63. Can I Get Open Original Flavor feat. Jay-Z
  64. Clique Kanye West, Jay-Z & Big Sean
  65. 3 Kings Rick Ross feat. Dr. Dre & Jay Z
  66. Glory Jay-Z feat. Blue Ivy Carter
  67. I Do Young Jeezy feat. Jay-Z & Andre 3000
  68. Talk That Talk Rihanna feat. Jay-Z
  69. Mr. Nice Watch J. Cole feat. Jay-Z
  70. Boongie Drop Lenny Kravitz feat. Jay-Z & DJ Military
  71. Why I Love You Jay-Z / Kanye West feat. Mr Hudson
  72. Made In America Jay-Z / Kanye West feat. Frank Ocean
  73. Murder To Excellence Jay-Z / Kanye West
  74. Who Gon Stop Me Jay-Z / Kanye West
  75. Welcome To The Jungle Jay-Z / Kanye West
  76. That's My B**tch Jay-Z / Kanye West
  77. New Day Jay-Z / Kanye West
  78. Gotta Have It Jay-Z / Kanye West
  79. Lift Off Jay-Z / Kanye West feat. Beyoncé
  80. No Church In The Wild Jay-Z / Kanye West feat. Frank Ocean
  81. The Joy Kanye West & Jay-Z feat. Curtis Mayfield
  82. Primetime Kanye West & Jay-Z
  83. Illest Motherf**ker Alive Kanye West & Jay-Z
  84. Otis Jay-Z & Kanye West feat. Otis Redding
  85. The Moon And The Sky Sade feat. Jay-Z
  86. H•A•M Kanye West & Jay-Z
  87. This Life Forever Jay-Z
  88. Young, Gifted And Black Jay-Z
  89. So Appalled Kanye West feat. Swizz Beatz, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Prynce Cy Hi & The RZA
  90. Power (Remix) Kanye West feat. Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz
  91. Monster Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver
  92. Hot Tottie Usher feat. Jay-Z
  93. Free Mason Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z
  94. Light Up Drake feat. Jay-Z
  95. Hey Papi Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek & Amil
  96. Who You Wit Jay-Z
  97. Stranded (Haiti mon amour) Jay-Z, Bono, The Edge & Rihanna
  98. Excuse Me Miss Again Jay-Z feat. Kanye West
  99. Encore Sunrise Jay-Z
  100. Meiplé Robin Thicke with Jay-Z
  101. Jockin' Jay-Z Jay-Z
  102. Bonnie & Clyde Part II Foxy Brown feat. Jay-Z
  103. Young Forever Jay-Z + Mr Hudson
  104. So Ambitious Jay-Z + Pharrell
  105. Reminder Jay-Z
  106. Hate Jay-Z + Kanye West
  107. Already Home Jay-Z + Kid Cudi
  108. Venus vs. Mars Jay-Z
  109. A Star Is Born Jay-Z + J. Cole
  110. Off That Jay-Z + Drake
  111. On To The Next One Jay-Z + Swizz Beatz
  112. Real As It Gets Jay-Z + Young Jeezy
  113. Thank You Jay-Z
  114. What We Talkin' About Jay-Z + Luke Steele
  115. Money Goes, Honey Stay Fabolous feat. Jay-Z
  116. D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune) Jay-Z
  117. What If We Cry Coldplay feat. Jay-Z
  118. My President Is Black Jay-Z
  119. Cold Success Coldplay feat. Jay-Z
  120. Oh Girl Raphael Saadiq feat. Jay-Z
  121. Brooklyn Go Hard Jay-Z feat. Santogold
  122. Heartbreaker Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z
  123. I Do It For Hip Hop Ludacris co-starring Nas and Jay-Z
  124. One Minute Man (Remix) Missy Misdemeanor Elliott feat. Jay-Z
  125. Lost! Coldplay feat. Jay-Z
  126. History Jay-Z
  127. Swagga Like Us T.I. and Jay-Z feat. Kanye West and Lil' Wayne
  128. Jockin' Jay-Z Jay-Z feat. Kanye West
  129. Hold Up R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  130. Come To Daddy R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  131. 99 Problems / Dirt Off Your Shoulder Jay-Z
  132. Mr. Carter Lil Wayne feat. Jay-Z
  133. We Ride R. Kelly feat. Cam'Ron, Noreaga, Jay-Z and Vegas Cats
  134. Best Thing Usher feat. Jay-Z
  135. Ain't I Jay-Z
  136. You're All Welcome Jay-Z feat. Mary J Blige & Swizz Beatz
  137. 3000 Something Outkast feat. Jay-Z
  138. Maybach Music Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z
  139. Pressure Lupe Fiasco feat. Jay-Z
  140. Ain't No Nigga Jay-Z feat. Foxy Brown
  141. Cinderella Under My Umbrella (Remix) Rihanna feat. Jay-Z & Chris Brown
  142. Makin' Millions Jay-Z feat. Young Jeezy
  143. American Gangster Jay-Z
  144. Blue Magic Jay-Z
  145. Fallin' Jay-Z
  146. Success Jay-Z feat. Nas
  147. Say Hello Jay-Z
  148. Ignorant Sh*it Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel
  149. Party Life Jay-Z
  150. I Know Jay-Z
  151. Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)... Jay-Z
  152. No Hook Jay-Z
  153. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 Jay-Z feat. Lil Wayne
  154. American Dreamin' Jay-Z
  155. Pray Jay-Z
  156. Sweet Jay-Z
  157. Keep It Real Jon B. feat. Coko & Jay-Z
  158. Big Momma Thang Lil' Kim feat. Jay-Z & Lil' Cease
  159. Blue Magic Jay-Z feat. Pharrell
  160. 4 Alarm Blaze M.O.P. feat. Teflon & Jay-Z
  161. Party People Timbaland & Magoo feat. Jay-Z & Twista
  162. It's Murda Ja Rule feat. DMX & Jay-Z
  163. Kill 'Em All Ja Rule feat. Jay-Z
  164. Anything / Jigga My Nigga / Girls Best Friend Jay-Z
  165. It's Alright Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek
  166. It's Like That Jay-Z feat. Kid Capri
  167. Reservoir Dogs Jay-Z feat. The L.O.X., Beanie Siegel & Sauce Money
  168. Paper Chase Jay-Z feat. Foxy Brown
  169. Coming Of Age (Da Sequel) Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek
  170. Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99) Jay-Z feat. Amil & Big Jaz
  171. Ride Or Die Jay-Z
  172. If I Should Die Jay-Z feat. Da Ranjahz
  173. Intro - Hand It Down Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek
  174. Where Have You Been Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel
  175. Squeeze 1st Jay-Z
  176. Soon You'll Understand Jay-Z
  177. The R.O.C. Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek
  178. 1-900-Hustler Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel & Freeway
  179. Parking Lot Pimpin' Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel & Lil' Mo
  180. Stick 2 The Script Jay-Z feat. DJ Clue & Beanie Sigel
  181. Get Your Mind Right Mami Jay-Z feat. Snoop Dogg
  182. This Can't Be Life Jay-Z feat. Scarface & Beanie Sigel
  183. Streets Is Talking Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel
  184. Change The Game Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek & Beanie Sigel
  185. Can't Knock The Hustle (Fool's Paradise Remix) Jay-Z feat. Meli'sa Morgan
  186. You Must Love Me Jay-Z feat. Kelly Price
  187. Where I'm From Jay-Z
  188. Rap Game / Crack Game Jay-Z
  189. Real Niggaz Jay-Z feat. Too Short
  190. Face Off Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money
  191. Who You Wit II Jay-Z
  192. Lucky Me Jay-Z feat. Karen Anderson
  193. Friend Or Foe '98 Jay-Z
  194. Streets Is Watching Jay-Z
  195. Song Cry Jay-Z
  196. Never Change Jay-Z
  197. Heart Of The City (Ain't No Love) Jay-Z
  198. Hola' Hovito Jay-Z
  199. U Don't Know Jay-Z
  200. Jigga That Nigga Jay-Z
  201. Takeover Jay-Z
  202. The Ruler's Back Jay-Z
  203. What They Gonna Do Part II Jay-Z
  204. Bitches & Sisters Jay-Z
  205. Show You How Jay-Z
  206. As One Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek, Freeway, Young Guns, Peddi Crakk, Sparks & Rell
  207. Nigga Please Jay-Z feat. Young Chris & Pharrell Williams
  208. Blueprint 2 Jay-Z
  209. Some People Hate Jay-Z
  210. Some How Some Way Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel & Scarface
  211. Meet The Parents Jay-Z
  212. Guns & Roses Jay-Z feat. Lenny Kravitz
  213. Diamond Is Forever Jay-Z
  214. I Did It My Way Jay-Z
  215. Fuck All Nite Jay-Z feat. Pharrell Williams
  216. Poppin' Tags Jay-Z feat. Big Boi, Killer Mike & Twista
  217. What They Gonna Do Jay-Z feat. Sean Paul
  218. The Watcher 2 Jay-Z feat. Dr. Dre, Rakim & Truth Hurts
  219. Hovi Baby Jay-Z
  220. A Dream Jay-Z feat. Faith Evans & Notorious B. I. G.
  221. Blackout DMX feat. The L.O.X. & Jay-Z
  222. Why We Die Busta Rhymes feat. DMX & Jay-Z
  223. Jigga What, Jigga Who Jay-Z
  224. Watch What You Say To Me T.I. feat. Jay-Z
  225. Brooklyn Fabolous feat. Jay-Z & Uncle Murda
  226. Laff At Em Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z
  227. What You Think Of That Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z
  228. Crazy Ne-Yo feat. Jay-Z
  229. Lobster & Scrimp Timbaland feat. Jay-Z
  230. Black Republican Nas feat. Jay-Z
  231. Beach Chair Jay-Z feat. Chris Martin
  232. Minority Report Jay-Z feat. Ne-Yo
  233. Dig A Hole Jay-Z feat. Sterling Simms
  234. Trouble Jay-Z
  235. Hollywood Jay-Z feat. Beyoncé
  236. Anything Jay-Z feat. Usher & Pharrell
  237. I Made It Jay-Z
  238. 30 Something Jay-Z
  239. Do U Wanna Ride Jay-Z feat. John Legend
  240. Lost One Jay-Z feat. Chrisette Michele
  241. Oh My God Jay-Z
  242. The Prelude Jay-Z
  243. Young G's Puff Daddy & The Family feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Jay-Z
  244. Kingdom Come Jay-Z
  245. Show Me What You Got Jay-Z
  246. Mi Amor Angie Martinez feat. Jay-Z
  247. Upgrade U Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z
  248. Make Her Feel Good Teairra Mari feat. Kanye West & Jay-Z
  249. Young Girl Pharrell feat. Jay-Z
  250. Cheat On You Mase feat. Lil' Cease & Jay-Z
  251. Regrets Jay-Z
  252. Bring It On Jay-Z feat. Big Jaz & Sauce Money
  253. Cashmere Thoughts Jay-Z
  254. Coming Of Age Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek
  255. Friend Or Foe Jay-Z
  256. Can I Live Jay-Z
  257. D'Evils Jay-Z
  258. Brooklyns Finest Jay-Z feat. Notorious B.I.G.
  259. Politics As Usual Jay-Z
  260. Nymp Jay-Z
  261. Come And Get Me Jay-Z
  262. Is That Yo Bitch Jay-Z feat. Twista and Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott)
  263. Pop 4 Roc Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek and Amil
  264. S. Carter Jay-Z feat. Amil
  265. Snoopy Track Jay-Z feat. Juvenile
  266. It's Hot (Some Like It Hot) Jay-Z
  267. Things That U Do Jay-Z feat. Mariah Carey
  268. Dope Man Jay-Z feat. Serena Altschul
  269. So Ghetto Jay-Z
  270. Whatchu Want The Comission feat. Jay-Z and the Notorious B.I.G.
  271. Can't Hide From Luv Mary J Blige feat. Jay-Z
  272. Diamonds From Sierra Leone Kanye West feat. Jay-Z
  273. Be Alone No More Another Level feat. Jay-Z
  274. Do You Like It... Do You Want It... Puff Daddy feat. Jay-Z
  275. Welcome To New York City Cam'Ron feat. Jay-Z & Juelz Santana
  276. Hustler Cassidy feat. Petey Pablo & Jay-Z
  277. You Got Me Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z and Freeway
  278. Anything Jay-Z
  279. U Don't Know Jay-Z feat. M.O.P.
  280. Sukyaki R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  281. Don't Let Me Die R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  282. Break Up (That's All We Do) R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  283. Pretty Girls R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  284. Mo' Money R. Kelly & Jay-Z feat. Twista
  285. Stop R. Kelly & Jay-Z feat. Foxy Brown
  286. Feelin' You In Stereo R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  287. She's Coming Home With Me R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  288. We Got 'Em Goin' R. Kelly & Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek
  289. Big Chips R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  290. The Ruler's Back R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  291. La Di Da Di R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  292. The Show R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  293. Award Show R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  294. The Return R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  295. Love & Life Intro Mary J Blige feat. Jay-Z & P. Diddy
  296. P***y R. Kelly & Jay-Z feat. Devin The Dude
  297. Honey R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  298. Shorty R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  299. Get This Money R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  300. Somebody's Girl R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  301. Shake Ya Body R. Kelly & Jay-Z feat. Lil' Kim
  302. Naked R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  303. Green Light R. Kelly & Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel
  304. The Streets R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  305. It Ain't Personal R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  306. Break Up To Make Up R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  307. Take You Home With Me A.K.A. Body R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  308. The Best Of Both Worlds R. Kelly & Jay-Z
  309. Points Of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer Jay-Z / Linkin Park
  310. Izzo / In The End Jay-Z / Linkin Park
  311. Jigga What / Faint Jay-Z / Linkin Park
  312. Big Pimpin' / Papercut Jay-Z / Linkin Park
  313. Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lying From You Jay-Z / Linkin Park
  314. Storm Lenny Kravitz feat. Jay-Z
  315. All Of My Days Changing Faces feat. Jay-Z
  316. The Bounce Jay-Z feat. Kanye West
  317. Hey Papi Jay-Z
  318. Parking Lot Pimpin Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel and Memphis Bleek
  319. Flip Flop Rock Outkast feat. Killer Mike & Jay-Z
  320. That's How You Like It Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z
  321. What More Can I Say Jay-Z feat. Pharrell
  322. Dead Presidents II Jay-Z
  323. Feelin' It Jay-Z feat. Mecca
  324. I Know What Girls Like Jay-Z feat. Puff Daddy & Lil' Kim
  325. Money, Cash, Hoes Jay-Z feat. DMX
  326. Imaginary Player Jay-Z
  327. Can't Knock The Hustle Jay-Z feat. Mary J Blige
  328. Lollipop Snoop Dogg feat. Jay-Z, Soopafly, Nate Dogg
  329. Guilty Until Proven Innocent Jay-Z feat. R. Kelly
  330. You, Me, Him And Her Jay-Z
  331. Is That Your Chick Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z & Missy Elliott
  332. Back In The Day Missy Elliott feat. Jay-Z
  333. Money Ain't A Thang Jay-Z feat. Jermaine Dupri
  334. Big Pimpin' Jay-Z feat. UGK
  335. Public Service Announcement (Interlude) Jay-Z
  336. All I Need Jay-Z
  337. All Around The World Jay-Z feat. LaToiya Williams
  338. A Week Ago Jay-Z feat. Too $hort
  339. 22 Two's Jay-Z
  340. My 1st Song Jay-Z
  341. Allure Jay-Z
  342. Lucifer Jay-Z
  343. Justify My Thug Jay-Z
  344. Moment Of Clarity Jay-Z
  345. Threat Jay-Z
  346. Dirt Off Your Shoulder Jay-Z
  347. Encore Jay-Z
  348. What More Can I Say Jay-Z
  349. December 4th Jay-Z
  350. Ain't No Playa Jay-Z feat. Foxy Brown
  351. A Ballad For The Fallen Soldiers Jay-Z
  352. 8 Miles And Runnin' Jay-Z feat. Freeway
  353. Do It Again (Put Your Hands Up) Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel and Amil
  354. 2 Many Hoes Jay-Z feat. Timbaland
  355. Beware Of The Boys (Mundian to bach ke) Panjabi MC feat. Jay-Z
  356. Renegade Eminem feat. Jay-Z
  357. Wake up Missy Elliott feat. Jay-Z
  358. La-La-La Jay-Z
  359. Izzo (H.O.V.A.) Jay-Z

TOP Alben

  1. Everything Is Love The Carters
    CHARTENTRY: 22.06.2018
    PEAK: 23
  2. 4:44 Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 14.07.2017
    PEAK: 15
  3. Magna Carta... Holy Grail Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 19.07.2013
    PEAK: 9
  4. Watch The Throne Jay-Z / Kanye West
    CHARTENTRY: 26.08.2011
    PEAK: 2
  5. The Hits Collection - Volume One Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 26.11.2010
    PEAK: 89
  6. The Blueprint 3 Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 25.09.2009
    PEAK: 22
  7. American Gangster Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 23.11.2007
    PEAK: 99
  8. Kingdom Come Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 08.12.2006
    PEAK: 76
  9. Collision Course Jay-Z / Linkin Park
    CHARTENTRY: 13.12.2004
    PEAK: 5
  10. Unfinished Business R. Kelly & Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 08.11.2004
    PEAK: 77
  11. The Black Album Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 08.12.2003
    PEAK: 47
  12. The Blueprint 2 - The Gift & The Curse Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 02.12.2002
    PEAK: 61
  13. The Best Of Both Worlds R. Kelly & Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 01.04.2002
    PEAK: 22
  14. The Blueprint Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 01.10.2001
    PEAK: 55
  15. The Dynasty - Roc La Familia 2000 Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 20.11.2000
    PEAK: 98
  16. Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life Jay-Z
    CHARTENTRY: 11.01.1999
    PEAK: 76


  1. 04:44 Jay-Z
  2. Run The Map Jay-Z
  3. Battle 4 Tha Throne Jay Z vs. Kanye West
  4. Throne 2 Jay-Z & Kanye West
  5. The Hova Takeova Jay-Z
  6. Live At Coachella Jay-Z
  7. The Throne 2 Kanye West & Jay-Z
  8. MTV Unplugged Jay-Z
  9. All Black Everything Jay-Z
  10. The Best Of Jay-Z Jay-Z
  11. Original Album Classics Jay-Z
  12. The Black Album + Kingdom Come Jay-Z
  13. New York Shit Busta Rhymes & Jay-Z
  14. The Colour Of Money 50 Cent & Jay-Z
  15. Blueprint 2.1 Jay-Z
  16. Street Phenomenon Jay-Z, Sabotawj & Nas
  17. Reasonable Doubt + Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life Jay-Z
  18. The Carter Show Lil Wayne & Jay-Z
  19. Chapter One Jay-Z
  20. In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 Jay-Z
  21. Greatest Hits Jay-Z
  22. Reasonable Doubt Jay-Z
  23. Vol. 3: Life And Times Of S. Carter Jay-Z

TOP Titel

  1. Superstar Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos
    CHARTENTRY: 07.03.2008
    PEAK: 39
  2. Touch The Sky Kanye West feat. Lupe Fiasco
    CHARTENTRY: 26.05.2006
    PEAK: 97


  1. Makin' Papers Chuckie feat. Lupe Fiasco, Too $hort, Snow Tha Pro
  2. Hey Lupe Lupe Fiasco
  3. Run Game Lupe Fiasco
  4. Still Speedin' (Reloaded) Sway feat. Lupe Fiasco
  5. Pick Up The Phone Lupe Fiasco
  6. They. Resurrect. Over. New. Lupe Fiasco feat. AB-Soul & Troi
  7. Adoration Of The Magi Lupe Fiasco feat. Crystal Torres
  8. Madonna (And Other Mothers In The Hood) Lupe Fiasco feat. Nikki Jean
  9. Deliver Lupe Fiasco
  10. Chopper Lupe Fiasco feat. Billy Blue, Buk Of Psychodrama, Trouble, Trae Tha Truth, Fam-Lay & Glasses Malone
  11. No Scratches Lupe Fiasco feat. Nikki Jean
  12. Little Death Lupe Fiasco feat. Nikki Jean
  13. Body Of Work Lupe Fiasco feat. Troi & Terrace Martin
  14. Prisoner 1 & 2 Lupe Fiasco feat. Ayesha Jaco
  15. Dots & Lines Lupe Fiasco
  16. Blur My Hands Lupe Fiasco feat. Guy Sebastian
  17. Mural Lupe Fiasco
  18. Linger Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco
  19. Perservere Robert Glasper Experiment feat. Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco & Luke James
  20. Old School Love Lupe Fiasco feat. Ed Sheeran
  21. Things We Must Do For Others Lupe Fiasco
  22. Unforgivable Youth Lupe Fiasco feat. Jason Evigan
  23. Cold War Lupe Fiasco feat. Jane $$$
  24. Form Follow Function Lupe Fiasco
  25. Brave Heart Lupe Fiasco feat. Poo Bear
  26. Heart Donor Lupe Fiasco feat. Poo Bear
  27. Put Em Up Lupe Fiasco
  28. Audubon Ballroom Lupe Fiasco
  29. Ital (Roses) Lupe Fiasco
  30. Strange Fruition Lupe Fiasco feat. Casey Benjamin
  31. How Dare You Lupe Fiasco feat. Bilal
  32. Bitch Bad Lupe Fiasco
  33. Lamborghini Angels Lupe Fiasco
  34. Battle Scars Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco
  35. LightWork Lupe Fiasco feat. Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar
  36. The End of the World Lupe Fiasco
  37. Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free) Lupe Fiasco
  38. Always Shine Robert Glasper Experiment feat. Lupe Fiasco and Bilal
  39. I'm On Trae Tha Truth feat. MDMA, Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi, Wale & Wiz Khalifa
  40. This City Patrick Stump feat. Lupe Fiasco
  41. Wait For Me Big Sean feat. Lupe Fiasco
  42. I'm Beamin' Lupe Fiasco
  43. All Black Everything Lupe Fiasco
  44. Break The Chain Lupe Fiasco feat. Eric Turner & Sway
  45. State Run Radio Lupe Fiasco feat. Matt Mahaffey
  46. Coming Up Lupe Fiasco feat. MDMA
  47. Till I Get There Lupe Fiasco
  48. Letting Go Lupe Fiasco feat. Sarah Green
  49. If You Want To Travis Barker feat. Pharrell & Lupe Fiasco
  50. Out Of My Head Lupe Fiasco feat. Trey Songz
  51. Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways) Lupe Fiasco feat. MDMA
  52. I Don't Wanna Care Right Now Lupe Fiasco feat. MDMA
  53. Words I Never Said Lupe Fiasco feat. Skylar Grey
  54. Never Forget You Lupe Fiasco feat. John Legend
  55. The Show Goes On Lupe Fiasco
  56. Just The Way You Are Bruno Mars feat. Lupe Fiasco
  57. Past My Shades B.o.B feat. Lupe Fiasco
  58. Solar Midnight Lupe Fiasco
  59. Girlfriend Chris Brown feat. Lupe Fiasco
  60. Shining Down Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos
  61. Me And My Sneakers A-Trak feat. Lupe Fiasco
  62. My Sneakers Lupe Fiasco
  63. Go Baby Lupe Fiasco feat. Gemstones
  64. Fighters Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos
  65. Put You On Game Lupe Fiasco
  66. The Die Lupe Fiasco feat. Gemstones
  67. Hello/Goodbye (Uncool) Lupe Fiasco feat. Unkle
  68. Dumb It Down Lupe Fiasco feat. Gemstones and Graham Burris
  69. Gotta Eat Lupe Fiasco
  70. Little Weapon Lupe Fiasco feat. Bishop G and Nikki Jean
  71. Streets On Fire Lupe Fiasco
  72. Intruder Alert Lupe Fiasco feat. Sarah Green
  73. Hip-Hop Saved my Life Lupe Fiasco feat. Nikki Jean
  74. Gold Watch Lupe Fiasco
  75. Hi-Definition Lupe Fiasco feat. Snoop Dogg and Pooh Bear
  76. Paris, Tokyo Lupe Fiasco
  77. The Coolest Lupe Fiasco
  78. Go Go Gadget Flow Lupe Fiasco
  79. Free Chilly Lupe Fiasco feat. Sarah Green and Gemstones
  80. Baba Says Cool For Thought Lupe Fiasco
  81. Kick, Push II Lupe Fiasco
  82. American Terrorist Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos
  83. Pressure Lupe Fiasco feat. Jay-Z
  84. Hurt Me Soul Lupe Fiasco
  85. The Cool Lupe Fiasco
  86. Sunshine Lupe Fiasco
  87. Just Might Be OK Lupe Fiasco
  88. Real Lupe Fiasco
  89. Walk In My Shoes Emily King feat. Lupe Fiasco
  90. Tilted Lupe Fiasco
  91. We All Want The Same Thing Kevin Michael feat. Lupe Fiasco
  92. Dumb It Down Lupe Fiasco
  93. The Emperor's Soundtrack Lupe Fiasco
  94. I Gotcha Lupe Fiasco
  95. Switch Lupe Fiasco
  96. Trials And Tribulations Lupe Fiasco
  97. Ghetto Story Lupe Fiasco
  98. Daydreamin' Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill Scott
  99. Change Joy Denalane feat. Lupe Fiasco
  100. Kick Push Lupe Fiasco
  101. Be Somebody Fort Minor feat. Lupe Fiasco, Holly Brook and Tak of Styles Of Beyond


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