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Working My Way Back To You Single

Chartentry: 19.05.1980 (19)
Letzte Chartposition: 08.09.1980 (61)
Höchstposition: 12 (1 Wochen)
Anzahl Wochen: 17
Jahr: 1979


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7" Single Atlantic ATL 11 432 ()


7" Single Atlantic K 11432 ()


7" Single Atlantic 3637 ()

  1. Working My Way Back To You - Spinners   4:01 play stop
  2. Disco Ride - Spinners   6:23

7" Single Atlantic AT 3637 ()


7" Single Atlantic 45-1953 ()


7" Single Atlantic 45 3637 ()


7" Single Atlantic P-543A ()


12" Maxi Atlantic ATL 20 205 ()


12" Maxi Atlantic K 11432 (T) ()

  1. Working My Way Back To You - Spinners   6:00 play stop
  2. Disco Ride - Spinners   6:23

Promo 12" Maxi Atlantic DSKO 221 ()

  1. Working My Way Back To You - Spinners   6:00
  2. Working My Way Back To You - Spinners   6:00

TOP Titel

  1. Cupid / I've Loved You For A Long Time Spinners
    CHARTENTRY: 18.08.1980
    PEAK: 34
  2. Working My Way Back To You Spinners
    CHARTENTRY: 19.05.1980
    PEAK: 12


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  156. Since I Been Gone Spinners
  157. We Belong Together Spinners
  158. I Could Never (Repay Your Love) Spinners
  159. Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You Spinners
  160. Just You And Me, Baby Spinners
  161. What More Could A Boy Ask For The Detroit Spinners
  162. I'll Always Love You Spinners
  163. The Rubberband Man The Spinners
  164. I Don't Need Another Love Dionne Warwick & The Detroit Spinners
  165. Show Me Your Magic Spinners
  166. Put Us Together Again The Spinners
  167. Spaceballs The Detroit Spinners
  168. Once You Fall In Love Spinners
  169. Are You Ready For Love Spinners
  170. Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music Spinners
  171. Body Language Detroit Spinners
  172. I'll Be Around Rappin' 4-Tay feat. The Spinners
  173. They Just Can't Stop It (The Games People Play) Spinners
  174. Pipedream Spinners
  175. Be My Love Spinners
  176. (Medley) Yesterday Once More/Nothing Remains The Same Spinners
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  190. Ghetto Child Spinners
  191. One Of A Kind (Love Affair) Spinners
  192. Then Came You Dionne Warwicke & The Detroit Spinners


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