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Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar

Give It 2 U Single

Chartentry: 23.08.2013 (82)
Letzte Chartposition: 08.11.2013 (87)
Höchstposition: 36 (1 Wochen)
Anzahl Wochen: 12
Jahr: 2013


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Promo Digital Star Trak / Interscope 00602537477456 (UMG) / EAN 0602537477456

  1. Give It 2 U - Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar   3:50 play stop

TOP Titel

  1. Give It 2 U Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 23.08.2013
    PEAK: 36

TOP Titel

  1. I Don't Like It, I Love It Flo Rida feat. Robin Thicke & Verdine White
    CHARTENTRY: 12.06.2015
    PEAK: 19
  2. Give It 2 U Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 23.08.2013
    PEAK: 36
  3. Blurred Lines Robin Thicke feat. T.I. + Pharrell
    CHARTENTRY: 26.04.2013
    PEAK: 1
  4. When I Get You Alone Thicke
    CHARTENTRY: 21.04.2003
    PEAK: 55


  1. Smile For Me Charlie Wilson feat. Robin Thicke
  2. One Shot Robin Thicke feat. Juicy J
  3. Bad Man Pitbull feat. Robin Thicke, Joe Perry & Travis Barker
  4. Fuck Me Back Together Robin Thicke
  5. Back Together Robin Thicke feat. Nicki Minaj
  6. Morning Sun Robin Thicke
  7. Forever Love (Afrojack Remix) Robin Thicke
  8. Forever Love Robin Thicke
  9. Time Of Your Life Robin Thicke
  10. The Opposite Of Me Robin Thicke
  11. Something Bad Robin Thicke
  12. Tippy Toes Robin Thicke
  13. Too Little Too Late Robin Thicke
  14. Black Tar Cloud Robin Thicke
  15. Love Can Grow Back Robin Thicke
  16. Living In New York City Robin Thicke
  17. Whatever I Want Robin Thicke
  18. Lock The Door Robin Thicke
  19. Still Madly Crazy Robin Thicke
  20. You're My Fantasy Robin Thicke
  21. Get Her Back Robin Thicke
  22. Feel Good Robin Thicke feat. Vitaa
  23. Calling All Hearts DJ Cassidy feat. Robin Thicke & Jessie J
  24. Go Stupid 4 U Robin Thicke
  25. Put Your Lovin On Me Robin Thicke
  26. Pressure Robin Thicke
  27. Give It 2 U (Remix) Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar & 2 Chainz
  28. Angels Robin Thicke
  29. Lonely World Robin Thicke
  30. Cocaine Robin Thicke
  31. All Night Long Robin Thicke feat. Lil Wayne
  32. Ask Myself Robin Thicke
  33. Would That Make U Love Robin Thicke
  34. I'm Not Loving You Robin Thicke
  35. Cherry Blue Skies Thicke
  36. Lazy Bones Thicke
  37. She's Gangsta Thicke
  38. Make A Baby Thicke
  39. Flex Thicke
  40. Vengas Conmigo Thicke
  41. Brand New Jones Thicke
  42. Stupid Things Thicke
  43. Flowers In Bloom Thicke
  44. Suga Mama Thicke
  45. A Beautiful World Thicke
  46. Oh Shooter Thicke
  47. Wanna Love You Girl Robin Thicke
  48. The Good Life Robin Thicke
  49. Top Of The World Robin Thicke
  50. 4 The Rest Of My Life Robin Thicke
  51. Feel Good Robin Thicke
  52. Get In My Way Robin Thicke
  53. Ain't No Hat 4 That Robin Thicke
  54. Ooo La La Robin Thicke
  55. Take It Easy On Me Robin Thicke
  56. Exhale (Shoop Shoop) Robin Thicke
  57. This Is Like Tyga feat. Robin Thicke
  58. We A Family Robin Thicke
  59. Compass Or Map Robin Thicke
  60. Stupid Things Robin Thicke
  61. What Would I Be? Robin Thicke
  62. The Lil' Things Robin Thicke
  63. Cloud 9 Robin Thicke
  64. I Don't Know How It Feels To Be U Robin Thicke
  65. Full Time Believer Robin Thicke
  66. Dangerous Robin Thicke
  67. Lovely Lady Robin Thicke
  68. Boring Robin Thicke
  69. Teras On My Tuxedo Robin Thicke
  70. Mission Robin Thicke
  71. All Tied Up Robin Thicke
  72. The New Generation Robin Thicke
  73. Never Give Up Robin Thicke
  74. An Angel On Each Arm Robin Thicke
  75. Pretty Lil' Heart Robin Thicke feat. Lil Wayne
  76. Love After War Robin Thicke
  77. I'm An Animal Robin Thicke
  78. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) Quincy Jones feat. T-Pain and Robin Thicke
  79. Secret Garden Quincy Jones feat. Usher, Robin Thicke, Tyrese Gibson, LL Cool J, Tevin Campbell and Barry White
  80. My Life Robin Thicke
  81. Fall Again Kenny G feat. Robin Thicke
  82. Brand New Luv Robin Thicke
  83. Mona Lisa Robin Thicke
  84. I Got U Robin Thicke
  85. Pregnant R. Kelly feat. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The-Dream
  86. Diamonds Robin Thicke feat. Game
  87. Jus Right Robin Thicke
  88. 2 Luv Birds Robin Thicke
  89. Million Dolla Baby Robin Thicke
  90. Rollacoasta Robin Thicke with Estelle
  91. Elevatas Robin Thicke with Kid Cudi
  92. Shakin' It 4 Daddy Robin Thicke with Nicki Minaj
  93. It's In The Mornin Robin Thicke with Snoop Dogg
  94. Make U Love Me Robin Thicke
  95. Meiplé Robin Thicke with Jay-Z
  96. Mrs. Sexy Robin Thicke
  97. Sex Therapy Robin Thicke
  98. Somebody To Love Leighton Meester feat. Robin Thicke
  99. Bad Girls Pitbull feat. Robin Thicke
  100. Cry No More Robin Thicke
  101. Shadow Of Doubt Robin Thicke
  102. Something Else Robin Thicke
  103. The Sweetest Love Robin Thicke
  104. Hard On My Love Robin Thicke
  105. Loverman Robin Thicke
  106. Dreamworld Robin Thicke
  107. Ms. Harmony Robin Thicke
  108. You're My Baby Robin Thicke
  109. Sidestep Robin Thicke
  110. Magic Robin Thicke
  111. Tie My Hands Lil Wayne feat. Robin Thicke
  112. Things You Make Me Do Ashanti feat. Robin Thicke
  113. I Need Love Robin Thicke
  114. Against The World Robin Thicke
  115. Follow My Lead 50 Cent feat. Robin Thicke
  116. Shooter Lil Wayne feat. Robin Thicke
  117. Complicated Robin Thicke
  118. Teach U A Lesson Robin Thicke
  119. Everything I Can't Have Robin Thicke
  120. 2 The Sky Robin Thicke
  121. Look At Me Robin Thicke
  122. Can U Believe Robin Thicke
  123. Got 2 Be Down Robin Thicke feat. Faith Evans
  124. Lost Without U Robin Thicke
  125. Wanna Love U Girl Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell
  126. Switch Will Smith feat. Robin Thicke
  127. I'm 'A Be Alright Thicke

TOP Alben

  1. Blurred Lines Robin Thicke
    CHARTENTRY: 26.07.2013
    PEAK: 2


  1. Paula Robin Thicke
  2. Album Collection Robin Thicke
  3. Love After War Robin Thicke
  4. Sex Therapy: The Experience Robin Thicke
  5. Something Else Robin Thicke
  6. A Beautiful World Thicke
  7. The Evolution Of Robin Thicke Robin Thicke

TOP Titel

  1. Pray For Me The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 09.02.2018
    PEAK: 24
  2. All The Stars Kendrick Lamar & SZA
    CHARTENTRY: 12.01.2018
    PEAK: 27
  3. Love. Kendrick Lamar feat. Zacari
    CHARTENTRY: 21.04.2017
    PEAK: 86
  4. Feel. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 21.04.2017
    PEAK: 82
  5. Yah. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 21.04.2017
    PEAK: 100
  6. Element. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 21.04.2017
    PEAK: 67
  7. DNA. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 21.04.2017
    PEAK: 37
  8. Loyalty. Kendrick Lamar feat. Rihanna
    CHARTENTRY: 21.04.2017
    PEAK: 53
  9. Humble. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 07.04.2017
    PEAK: 11
  10. Sidewalks The Weeknd feat. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 02.12.2016
    PEAK: 89
  11. Don't Wanna Know Maroon 5 feat. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 21.10.2016
    PEAK: 33
  12. The Greatest Sia feat. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 09.09.2016
    PEAK: 3
  13. Bad Blood Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 22.05.2015
    PEAK: 29
  14. It's On Again Alicia Keys feat. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 02.05.2014
    PEAK: 95
  15. Give It 2 U Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 23.08.2013
    PEAK: 36
  16. F**kin' Problems A$AP Rocky feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 23.11.2012
    PEAK: 86


  1. The Mantra Mike Will Made-It feat. Pharrell Williams & Kendrick Lamar
  2. Tints Anderson .Paak feat. Kendrick Lamar
  3. Mona Lisa Lil Wayne feat. Kendrick Lamar
  4. Wow Freestyle Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar
  5. Cut You Off (To Grow Closer) Kendrick Lamar
  6. Ignorance Is Bliss Kendrick Lamar
  7. Black Panther Kendrick Lamar
  8. Big Shot Kendrick Lamar & Travis Scott
  9. King's Dead Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future & James Blake
  10. Kites N.E.R.D., Kendrick Lamar & M.I.A.
  11. Don't Don't Do It! N.E.R.D. & Kendrick Lamar
  12. Get Out Of Your Own Way U2 feat. Kendrick Lamar
  13. New Freezer Rich The Kid feat. Kendrick Lamar
  14. Doves In The Wind SZA feat. Kendrick Lamar
  15. Perfect Pint Mike Will Made-It feat. Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane & Rae Sremmurd
  16. Now Or Never Kendrick Lamar feat. Mary J Blige
  17. Black Boy Fly Kendrick Lamar
  18. God. Kendrick Lamar
  19. Duckworth. Kendrick Lamar
  20. Fear. Kendrick Lamar
  21. Pride. Kendrick Lamar
  22. Blood. Kendrick Lamar
  23. Lust. Kendrick Lamar
  24. XXX. Kendrick Lamar feat. U2
  25. Walk On By Thundercat feat. Kendrick Lamar
  26. The Heart Part 4 Kendrick Lamar
  27. Ronald Reagan Era Kendrick Lamar
  28. Goosebumps Travis Scott feat. Kendrick Lamar
  29. Really Doe Danny Brown feat. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt
  30. God Is Fair, Sexy, Nasty Mac Miller feat. Kendrick Lamar
  31. Holy Key DJ Khaled feat. Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and Betty Wright
  32. Freedom Beyoncé feat. Kendrick Lamar
  33. Untitled 08 - 09.06.2014 Kendrick Lamar
  34. Untitled 07 - 2014 - 2016 Kendrick Lamar
  35. Untitled 06 - 06.30.2014 Kendrick Lamar
  36. Untitled 05 - 09.21.2014 Kendrick Lamar
  37. Untitled 04 - 08.14.2014 Kendrick Lamar
  38. Untitled 03 - 05.28.2013 Kendrick Lamar
  39. Untitled 02 - 06.23.2014 Kendrick Lamar
  40. Untitled 01 - 08.19.2014 Kendrick Lamar
  41. No More Parties In LA Kanye West feat. Kendrick Lamar
  42. God Is Gangsta Kendrick Lamar
  43. LA Ty Dolla $ign feat. Kendrick Lamar, Brandy & James Fauntleroy
  44. On Me The Game feat. Kendrick Lamar
  45. Deep Water Dr. Dre feat. Kendrick Lamar, Justus & Anderson .Paak
  46. Darkside / Gone Dr. Dre feat. King Mez, Marsha Ambrosius & Kendrick Lamar
  47. Genocide Dr. Dre feat. Kendrick Lamar, Marsha Ambrosius & Candice Pillay
  48. For Free? [Interlude] Kendrick Lamar
  49. Money Over Love Bilal feat. Kendrick Lamar
  50. I'm Ya Dogg Snoop Dogg feat. Kendrick Lamar & Rick Ross
  51. Mortal Man Kendrick Lamar
  52. You Ain't Gotta Lie (Momma Said) Kendrick Lamar
  53. Complexion (A Zulu Love) Kendrick Lamar feat. Rapsody
  54. How Much A Dollar Cost Kendrick Lamar feat. James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley
  55. Hood Politics Kendrick Lamar
  56. Momma Kendrick Lamar
  57. Alright Kendrick Lamar
  58. U Kendrick Lamar
  59. These Walls Kendrick Lamar feat. Bilal, Anna Wise & Thundercat
  60. Institutionalized Kendrick Lamar feat. Bilal, Anna Wise & Snoop Dogg
  61. Wesley's Theory Kendrick Lamar feat. George Clinton & Thundercat
  62. King Kunta Kendrick Lamar
  63. The Blacker The Berry Kendrick Lamar
  64. i Kendrick Lamar
  65. Autumn Leaves Chris Brown feat. Kendrick Lamar
  66. Never Catch Me Flying Lotus feat. Kendrick Lamar
  67. A.D.H.D Kendrick Lamar
  68. Babylon SZA feat. Kendrick Lamar
  69. Really Be (Smokin & Drinkin) YG feat. Kendrick Lamar
  70. Backwards Tame Impala & Kendrick Lamar
  71. Radioactive Imagine Dragons feat. Kendrick Lamar
  72. Collard Greens Schoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar
  73. Love Game Eminem feat. Kendrick Lamar
  74. Nosetalgia Pusha T feat. Kendrick Lamar
  75. Give It 2 U (Remix) Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar & 2 Chainz
  76. 100 Favors Rich Gang feat. Detail, Birdman & Kendrick Lamar
  77. Crime Mayer Hawthorne with Kendrick Lamar
  78. Forbidden Fruit J. Cole feat. Kendrick Lamar
  79. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (International Remix) Kendrick Lamar feat. Emeli Sandé
  80. Memories Back Then T.I., Kendrick Lamar & B.o.B feat. Kris Stephens
  81. How Many Drinks? Miguel feat. Kendrick Lamar
  82. Solo Dolo Part II Kid Cudi feat. Kendrick Lamar
  83. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix) Kendrick Lamar feat. Jay-Z
  84. We Up 50 Cent feat. Kendrick Lamar
  85. YOLO The Lonely Island feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar
  86. 1 Train A$AP Rocky feat. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T.
  87. Blessed Schoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar
  88. See No Evil The Game feat. Kendrick Lamar & Tank
  89. Let Us Move On Dido feat. Kendrick Lamar
  90. Cryin Wolf ZZ Ward feat. Kendrick Lamar
  91. Compton Kendrick Lamar feat. Dr. Dre
  92. Real Kendrick Lamar feat. Anna Wise of Sonnymoon
  93. Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst Kendrick Lamar
  94. M.A.A.D City Kendrick Lamar feat. MC Eiht
  95. Good Kid Kendrick Lamar
  96. Poetic Justice Kendrick Lamar feat. Drake
  97. Money Trees Kendrick Lamar feat. Jay Rock
  98. Backseat Freestyle Kendrick Lamar
  99. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe Kendrick Lamar
  100. Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter's Daughter Kendrick Lamar
  101. The Art Of Peer Pressure Kendrick Lamar
  102. They Ready DJ Khaled feat. J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T. & Kendrick Lamar
  103. Swimming Pools (Drank) Kendrick Lamar
  104. The Recipe Kendrick Lamar feat. Dr. Dre
  105. The City Game feat. Kendrick Lamar
  106. Hood Gone Love It Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar

TOP Alben

  1. Black Panther - The Soundtrack Album Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 16.02.2018
    PEAK: 12
  2. Damn. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 21.04.2017
    PEAK: 6
  3. Untitled Unmastered. Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 11.03.2016
    PEAK: 45
  4. To Pimp A Butterfly Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 27.03.2015
    PEAK: 7
  5. Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City Kendrick Lamar
    CHARTENTRY: 02.11.2012
    PEAK: 74


  1. Revolution Music Kendrick Lamar
  2. Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar
  3. Overly Dedicated Kendrick Lamar
  4. Section.80 Kendrick Lamar
  5. Bloody BarZ - The Come Up Kendrick Lamar
  6. Dedicated Kendrick Lamar
  7. Live At Melkweg (Amsterdam) Kendrick Lamar
  8. C4 Kendrick Lamar


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