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TOP Titel

  1. Same Bitches Post Malone feat. G-Eazy & YG
    CHARTENTRY: 04.05.2018
    PEAK: 74
  2. No Limit G-Eazy feat. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B
    CHARTENTRY: 05.01.2018
    PEAK: 63
  3. Him & I G-Eazy & Halsey
    CHARTENTRY: 08.12.2017
    PEAK: 6
  4. Good Life G-Eazy & Kehlani
    CHARTENTRY: 07.04.2017
    PEAK: 15
  5. You & Me Marc E. Bassy feat. G-Eazy
    CHARTENTRY: 07.10.2016
    PEAK: 91
  6. Make Me... Britney Spears feat. G-Eazy
    CHARTENTRY: 22.07.2016
    PEAK: 71
  7. Me, Myself & I G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha
    CHARTENTRY: 08.01.2016
    PEAK: 7


  1. Love Her Too Marc E. Bassy feat. G-Eazy
  2. Motto David Guetta & Steve Aoki feat. Lil Uzi Vert, G-Eazy & Mally Mall
  3. 1942 G-Eazy feat. Yo Gotti & YBN Nahmir
  4. Eazy G-Eazy
  5. Fly Away G-Eazy feat. Ugochi
  6. Mama Always Told Me G-Eazy feat. Madison Love
  7. No Less G-Eazy with SG Lewis & Louis Mattrs
  8. Charles Brown G-Eazy feat. E-40 & Jay Ant
  9. Crash & Burn G-Eazy feat. Kehlani
  10. Leviathan G-Eazy
  11. Gotdamn G-Eazy
  12. Pick Me Up G-Eazy feat. Anna Of The North
  13. That's A Lot G-Eazy
  14. Legend G-Eazy
  15. But A Dream G-Eazy
  16. Pray For Me G-Eazy
  17. The Beautiful & Damned G-Eazy feat. Zoe Nash
  18. Love Is Gone G-Eazy feat. Drew Love
  19. Sober G-Eazy feat. Charlie Puth
  20. Summer In December G-Eazy
  21. The Plan G-Eazy
  22. Love A Loser Cassie feat. G-Eazy
  23. Get A Bag G-Eazy feat. Jadakiss
  24. Special Love G-Eazy feat. Dakari
  25. F.F.F. Bebe Rexha feat. G-Eazy
  26. Mercedez Riff Raff feat. G-Eazy & J.Doe
  27. Saw It Coming G-Eazy X Jeremih
  28. Give It Up Nathan Sykes feat. G-Eazy
  29. Nothing To Me G-Eazy feat. Keyshia Cole & E-40
  30. For This G-Eazy feat. Iamnobodi
  31. Everything Will Be OK G-Eazy feat. Kehlani
  32. Think About You G-Eazy feat. Quiñ
  33. Some Kind Of Drug G-Eazy feat. Marc E. Bassy
  34. Sad Boy G-Eazy
  35. What If G-Eazy feat. Gizzle
  36. You Got Me G-Eazy
  37. Don't Let Me Go G-Eazy feat. Grace
  38. Calm Down G-Eazy
  39. Of All Things G-Eazy feat. Too $hort
  40. One Of Them G-Eazy feat. Big Sean
  41. Random G-Eazy
  42. Drifting G-Eazy feat. Chris Brown & Tory Lanez
  43. Order More G-Eazy feat. Starrah
  44. You Don't Own Me Grace feat. G-Eazy
  45. F**k With U Pia Mia feat. G-Eazy
  46. Just Believe G-Eazy
  47. Remember You G-Eazy feat. Blackbear
  48. Been On G-Eazy
  49. Shoot Me Down G-Eazy feat. Anthony Stewart
  50. Let's Get Lost G-Eazy feat. Devon Baldwin
  51. Complete G-Eazy
  52. Downtown Love G-Eazy feat. John Michael Rouchell
  53. Almost Famous G-Eazy
  54. Opportunity Cost G-Eazy
  55. Far Alone G-Eazy feat. E-40 & Jay Ant
  56. These Things Happen G-Eazy
  57. I Mean It G-Eazy feat. Remo
  58. Lotta That G-Eazy feat. A$AP Ferg & Danny Seth
  59. Tumblr Girls G-Eazy feat. Christoph Andersson
  60. Far Alone G-Eazy feat. E-40

TOP Alben

  1. The Beautiful & Damned G-Eazy
    CHARTENTRY: 22.12.2017
    PEAK: 56


  1. When It's Dark Out G-Eazy
  2. The Outsider G-Eazy
  3. These Things Happen G-Eazy
  4. Must Be Nice G-Eazy


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